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Creating Waves of Awareness

Colors and what they have to with healing,having a healthy outlook on life? Do you surround yourself with color? Do you like whites/muted tones/grey's. What makes you tick,What colors makes you depressed,What colors do you wear? What colors are your office/your living quarters?
I surround myself with ALL colors,All the time.
My Homeopathic office is a warm earthtone orange. My house is Emerauld Green on the outside,Each room a different color. The first color I see when I wake up is Red walls.
My least favorite color is Grey+white- Its depressing to me,seems like a day without sun.My favorite color has always been green,all shades of glorious green.Thus my choice on my personal HWC page.

Please post your favorites and why-
RED - The color of power, vitality, motivation, strength

ORANGE - The color of confidence, energy, joy, warmth

YELLOW - The color of strength, intelligence, joy, happiness, optimism

GREEN - The color of balance, harmony, caring, tenacious self-reliance, and healing

BLUE - The color of calmness, concentration, healing, relaxation, loyalty, and trust

INDIGO - The color of soothing, power, connection with knowledge, idealism, introversion.....and martyrdom?

VIOLET - The color of creativity, intuition, spirituality, self-awareness

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It is so cool that more people are jumping in to this conversation on color. All the colors of the rainbow "color" our lives. G-d has made them for us to find pleasure and wonder in our world. Remember Black and White TV? What if we lived in such a world?
thanks dr. andy for your comment
perhaps your desire for purple foods have something to do with the 'signature' of colors
wow........ some one thinks like me... thnx...
tell me.. colors emit.. refractive index.or wave lengths... do blind people feel colors....??
"Every passion and affection of the mind has its appropriate tint; and colouring, if properly adapted, lends its aid, with powerful effect, in the just discrimination and forcible expression of them; it heightens joy. warms love, inflames anger, deepens sadness, and adds coldness to the cheek of death itself."
black denotes mourning or sorrow; grey, fear, etc.; red is the colour of joy and love; blue, of constancy; yellow, of jealousy; green, by a physical analogy, of youth and hope; and white, by a moral analogy, of innocence and purity.
Dear Dr. Maulik
You said Black denotes mourning or sorrow.
My reply:
Sorry I Respectfully disagree with you on the color black.

Black is all colors combined
black is no color Absent off color
Black in neutrality

Not everyone who loves to wear black is in sorrow.
I wear black 80% of the year,No sorrow going on in my head.
Far from it.
To wear black while seeing patients is to be the neutral factor in the consultation room,all attention is then only on the patient.

May i ask a question:
Are these statements your personal statements or indicate the general gist of what the 'world understands regards colors?"
dear gina,
i explained only a expression of black color ,not general list .each color has many expression and each person has individual expression regarding color has many expression and in different mythology and religion its important is india black cat is sign of adversity and unfortunate happening while in miser culture cat is god.

i am mentioning one article-

Color in Religious Symbolism

* White: Symbol of light; signifies purity; joy and glory
* Red: Symbol of fire and blood; signifies charity
* Blue: Symbol of heaven; signifies truth
* Green: Symbol of nature; signifies hope of eternal life
* Purple: Signifies sorrow and suffering
* Black: Signifies death

Color in Heraldry

* Yellow or Gold: Honor and loyalty
* Silver or White: Faith and purity
* Red: Bravery and courage
* Black: Grief and sorrow
* Green: Youth and hope
* Purple: High rank and royalty
* Orange: Strength and endurance
* Red-purple: Sacrifice

we are only giving a expression of color more precisely important in our life.may be it different in another person and different in any particular significant for particular color.

one another article from color psychology.


Black is the color of authority and power. It is popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It is also stylish and timeless. Black also implies submission. Priests wear black to signify submission to God. Some fashion experts say a woman wearing black implies submission to men. Black outfits can also be overpowering, or make the wearer seem aloof or evil. Villains, such as Dracula, often wear black.

so all color has different expression in different individual like our homeopathy.

Maulik Mahendrabhai Joshi
Maulik posted:"Some fashion experts say a woman wearing black implies submission to men......................................"

my reply: Oh that's funny Maulik!

I wear black 80% of the time (wearing black as we speak) And I am exactly the opposite of being submissive to men. LOL :)
Thanks for the added post!
Dear Gina & members,

Something interesting about colours :

some times it happens that we see most people wearing the same color as we are wearing that day.. is it that.. something in the cosmos, atmosphere decides the mood of the day or is it that we notice it more... ????

i mean just a passing is.. :)))))))
this happens to me all the time with certain persons.... it´s kind of communication.... i find it funny;)
DR. ARINDAM -Verry interesting about the pill colors,Did not even think about the connection. Yes Marketing protocal values colors in how they interact with consumers.Thanks for posting this


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