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Dear Colleagues

I am happy to share you that as most prestigious International Conference were held in Country where Homoeopathy is second number of system of medicine practiced and used by peoples of India.

I agree more than 2400 delegates including BHMS students, PG students, Doctors, Academicians, Principles of Colleges, Govt Medical officers, research officers & scientist, Overseas delegates were present to attend this conference.

Even more than 70 overseas delegates were also present to attend this event.

But I have question in my mind of, ‘What we learned from LIGA 2011’ ?

Was our congress a success?

If successful, then what’s the criteria for judging it successful?

Reasons should include excellent interaction between delegates & speaker, feedback received from homeopaths in all sessions with good and scientific discussion.

OR as commonly, we say, ‘NUMBER OF PARTICIPANT’.

If number of participant judges the success then you might be right, as more than 2400 delegates were present. But really are they all practicing Homeopaths?

But, what I observed is the number of participants were BHMS students then PG students,  Principles of colleges, and Homoeopathic leaders, then Clinicians.

Another thing I noticed, how many participants were attending the scientific sessions or E-posters?

When we say LIGA was successful, then response from the participants in various halls should be seen.

I think the Conference is not just the platform for meeting our old friends, having photos with them, enjoying ‘GALA Dinner’ with beautiful dances even though our culture goes at back foot.

I think there should be positive interaction between Delegates & Speakers, Participants  and E-poster presenters.

I am surprised to see there was more excellent interaction in E-poster Hall than Scientific session for Oral Speakers.

Cases in the Poster Hall had excellent scientific base, scientific evidence like before & after photos, video, pathological reports etc.

So there was good rush of ideas and positive interactions.

But then why rush was decreasing in Scientific session Hall from 2nd day – Delegates were busy in sight seeing, taking photos or may be ‘TOPICS in scientific session was not up to mark to attract the participants in the HALL'?

If it is the unique platform to unite all different thoughts, methods and theories together, then why did not the different schools of Homoeopathy or their main Speakers present their thoughts and works in LIGA ?

Have they not been invited or are they not interested?

Another thing we should appreciate was the rush to view the Exhibition stalls.

Many Exhibition stalls were educating participants through demonstration, LCD display about their work, products and participants attending their exhibitions interestingly.

300 papers were selected for this conference and at the last moment some papers has gone for E-poster, some gone for Oral poster sessions. There were some posters which was not in the list but at last moment had come in the list of ‘ORAL Posters’.

Yes, some papers can be exceptions but what about that papers who were absent in the seminar at last moment change of papers from E-poster to ORAL or vice versa? I don’t want to give any individual names and its my personal opinion so you please don’t mind about it. I'm just curious.

At last, these are the questions that came to mind about what we learned from attending the LIGA conference.

But now its your turn to think, express and share your thoughts. Please go through the topics, subjects and papers who were divided into ORAL/Poster.

Please express your observations so that in the future people will know who and what types of homeopaths participate in this conference.

I apologize if i have made a mistake. I have not said anyone’s with individual name, but just what came to my heart about this conference.


Yours truly,

Dr Pawan S Chandak

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Thank you for starting this discussion.

LIGA was a wonderful experience for me. Due to overlapping of sessions at different halls, i missed some of my favourite topics. Apart from gaining knowledge, it was also a social get together. We could interact with homeopaths allover the world.

I am also happy that I could interact with so many HWC members at LIGA. Infact, HWC was an identity for many among us :)

You just made me smile •ღƸ̵̡Ʒღ• Wow! Should have had badges or buttons. 

Dear Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

I aggree with you that i can meet HWC members especially you. AS we have conversation going on since last 3 years I came to Kerala 3-4 times but we couldn't met. So Anyway i am happy to meet you in LIGA & liked your & Dr Ajay yadav's case. Also liked eposter presentation of many young & budding homeopaths like Dr Abhay Talwalkar, Dr Ajay Yadav, Dr Anil Singhal, Dr Venkatraman, Dr Nimish Mehta. Also liked Oral presentation   basedon scientific research Dr Jayesh Bellare, DR Chaturbhuj Nayak, DR Mahendra Gaushal, Dr Dr Herman Jeggeles, Dr Piter Fisher, Dr Muralidharan on HIV,  Evidence based case of Diabetic gangrene by Dr Prabhakar shetty. But not happy that very less time given to some of the excellent presentation as just 10 minutes. As due to number of papers some good papers has given eposter hall. As it should be in Main hall.

Anyway Thanks

I was lucky to get 25 minutes for my presentation at Saxena hall, because one speaker was absent!

Really? The presentations were given only 10 minutes? That's crazy.

See this scientific program u will come to know Prejudiced mind of whom ?????

There are lots of thing which raise questions. When you have made review score system for selection of paper by scientific committee then it should be transparent & it should be shown to everyone on website not individually after logging into account.

There were some papers who were not in the list 10-12 days before conference that has been came in list of Oral papers directly.
Is it was Research paper where final result has came at last time of date of conference.
Here is scientific paper schedule

Here is list of paper grouped into oral/ poster

You can tally here & question / doubt raised transparency



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