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1-Flouridation Of Water. Flouride is a very toxic byproduct of the manufacturing of aluminum. It does not prevent and may actually increase the incidence of tooth decay.Most people think we need flouride,False!

2-Genetically Modified Foods. These dangerous foods have never been studied for safety as they are unnatural and surely cause disease (immune system dysfunction, cancer, allergies etc.). They are not labeled so you are eating them without any ability to protect your health. Wheat - 80% GMO, Corn - 65% GMO, Soy - 80% GMO, etc. Dr. W. Lee Cowden reports that nearly every person with a chronic illness is allergic to soy.[1]

3- Vaccination Programs For Children. The escalating rates of autism, autoimmune illnesses and cancer appear to be at least partially related to mandated vaccines which supply immature immune systems with toxic serum and adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign cell proteins, infectious organisms). Religious beliefs may allow your children to escape the 35 mandatory vaccines. Vaccines represent a lucrative no risk source of profits as Congress has exempted vaccine manufacturers from liability in the event of adverse reactions which are common.

4- Pharmaceutical Drugs. More than 325,000 persons die annually in the U.S. from adverse reactions to correctly prescribed medicines.Iatroginc illness is a major factor for whats ailing us today.

5-Chemotherapy For Malignancies. The survival rates for chemotherapy are not improving after many years of use. These drugs are quite toxic and result in death if not stopped at an appropriate time. Effective alternative therapies for cancer have been suppressed or vilified for more than 100 years (Homeopathy,Coley’s toxins, Rife’s electronic invention, Koch’s substances, Essiac tea, antineoplaston, etc.)

6-Mandatory Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen Fertilizer. Requiring U.S. farmers to use NPP fertilizer guaranteed poor health. The critical nutrient sulfur and trace minerals are lacking in this fertilizer. Lack of trace minerals impairs enzyme function.

7-Advocacy Of Dangerous Dietary Programs And Unwillingness To Remove Dangerous Food Substances. Recommended general diets ignore the danger of sugar excess to pacify the sugar cartel. Hospital heart diets often include the very transfats that cause arteriosclerosis. These synthetic transfats have never been exposed for the health menaces they are. Monosodium glutamate, chlorine containing sugar substitutes and Aspartame (Nutrasweet) have been largely ignored by health agencies established to protect public health.

8-Codex Alimentaris. This diabolic creation of the pharmaceutical industry will possibly soon convert all vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and nutritional supplements into drugs requiring a physician’s prescription to permit you to pay 10 times more for the ability to continue to take these substances. This is operational in Norway and Germany and all these basic health substances cost 10 times more than in the days prior to Codex.

9-Aluminum Is Everywhere In Our Society (water treatment facilities use alum, foil, deodorants, antacids, cooking utensils, baking compounds) There is considerable evidence that aluminum plays a significant role in causing Alzheimer’s Disease along with mercury.

10-Mercury Contamination. Dental amalgams, fish, vaccines, fluorescent light bulbs, coal power plants, sewage treatment, hospital waste disposal, crematoriums, plastic casings, batteries, paint, shoe light bulbs and thermostats all provide mercury that can reach human beings. The ADA denies amalgams are a health risk yet a broken thermometer bulb requires a detailed cleansing protocol. Mercury is the only metal that easily vaporizes making inhalation a big problem.
Please add to the list..............................................................

11. Cell Phone Radiation - PDF Document NaidenkoTestimony.pdf

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Thanks Anna for the addition.

If I may add also
EMF radiation

Hi Anna,

Appreciate if you could lead me to the link where Geopathic stress is mentioned in the Organon.

Dowsing is easy to do yourself,I have bee doing this for over 10yrs now.
Some are just naturals at it,with others it takes some practice.
I made my own dowsing rods at first before buying a copper set.
The pair i made(out of wire coathangers and toilet paper tubes) actually worked better than the pro-set.
I aso use my pendulum for this same sort of work.
This you can make yourself,no need to buy crystal one's.I used a fishing-lure weight on a string.
thanks for the link
Great website Thanks!
Shame there is not so much info on Asia
Here is another interesting story about this subject.
About ten years ago, 1200 drivers licences had to be returned to convicted drink driving offenders in my native county.
The story was that: One person who held onto the second sample got it analysed independently in 3 different universities. All 3 came back well below the limit, only the one done at the state laboratory came back positive.
POn this he won his apeal case and got his licence back.
They investigated this subject and found out, that the machines were working correct, but when used in this location measured positively wrong 20%. A crossing of underground water lines was found, which was to be blamed, that the blood samples behaved differently. Another 1200 got their licenses back + compensation. (cost a few millions)
We did experiments with the BS test, which is a general screen test for inflamatory activity in the blood and is done with fresh blood.
Placing samples on the water line gave false positive results.
My aunt, who was retired head of blood laboratory in Stuttgart confirmed this to be so.
Wow! This could open up a can of worms. I love on E.R. when they investigate the patient's home and living space for any kind of contamination, whether it be mold, bacteria, metals, seepage, leaky pipes, neighbor's home concoctions, lighting, animals [rat droppings], air quality, poisoning in foods, drug mixtures or overdoses, etc.
This also opens up the possibility of feng-shui and other energetic forces where we live.

In a recent hubpages article, I just learned that Balsamic Vinegar contains lead. Who knew? I wrote this article after reading Heidi's excellent article on the relationship of Salt and Lead.

You can also add Flouridated Salt to the list|QUOTE FROM HEIDI'S ARTICLE
Unless the public campaigns against it, you can assume that salt fluoridation will become a requirement within the next few months or years. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO), actively supports the application. In this day of so-called harmonization of rules regarding foods and supplements, what is pushed by WHO is rapidly becoming law in all countries. The United States, through the FDA, is an active participant.
This discussion goes very well with Hans' discussion on OBSTACLES TO CURE

A large field, indeed, and what Gina tells us here is a startingpoint for experiments like the Weleda leaflet on homeopathy.
And there is much more to it, and its not on the net for free, as those who hold the knowledge know about its possible abuse.

So much can be said, that i had a job finding cracks in highway bridges, finding rare metals. Others are out searching the dessert for oil with helikopters (well paid!), and i did some research on holy places here in ireland.

If anyone is interested in that end of things here is a brilliant book:
Jeorg Purner: Radiaestesie - ein weg zum Licht M+T Edition Astroterra
Manmade sources of electromagnetic radiation which has polluted the environment thoroughly and interferes with the body's intrinsic electromagnetic field.
This said I keep a copper vessel and a rose-quartz stone near my laptop its good for anti- EMF radiation
Mercury Contamination.
from Dental amalgams, fish, vaccines.
Is a bigger problem than most homeopaths might think
It may be the "maintaining causefactor" in your case
It may be the onset of the symptoms in your case
a few links;
a dutch article on the most powerfull poison'mercury'.
Did your dentist show you the warning label on your mercury dental fillings before he placed them in your mouth? Amalgam Warnings Oh, he didn't? Then why do you continue going to a mercury poisoning dentist?

Mercury Resolution Now in Committee

Expressing the need for enhanced public awareness of potential health affects posed by mercury,
House Resolution 648, was signed by 29 members of the House of Representatives on July 14, 2009, but later
two members withdrew their support. It has been referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

FDA Warnings on Mercury Tooth Fillings Expected Today--July 28, 2009

New Regulation Result of Lawsuit Settled Last Year, but will it be enough?? Will amalgam be banned? Will it be classifed as a Class II device with limited warnings? Or will it be classifed as a Class III device that would require the FDA to PROVE its safety before leaving amalgam on the market? Google News on FDA and amalgam

FDA turns against promises to Charlie Brown, pulls warnings off their web site about possible neurological damage to children and unborn children when the mother is exposed to mercury. FDA classifies amalgam as Class II, with few meaningful warnings. FDA Calls for Stricter Controls on Mercury Fillings. What controls? Dentists are still free to tell patients they have allergies when patients are actually poisoned, and dentist still don't know how to safely remove mercury fillings. Dr. Susan Runner, of the FDA, lying, reports the FDA has reports of only 140 adverse events from amalgam in 20 years, when victims have written the FDA with THOUSANDS of reports of MERCURY POISONING over the YEARS. Here are comments before and after the 2006 FDA hearings. The FDA only posted a few of the 2,500 comments
Hi Gina. All this dental stuff would have gone well at this blog on DENTISTRY


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