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1-Flouridation Of Water. Flouride is a very toxic byproduct of the manufacturing of aluminum. It does not prevent and may actually increase the incidence of tooth decay.Most people think we need flouride,False!

2-Genetically Modified Foods. These dangerous foods have never been studied for safety as they are unnatural and surely cause disease (immune system dysfunction, cancer, allergies etc.). They are not labeled so you are eating them without any ability to protect your health. Wheat - 80% GMO, Corn - 65% GMO, Soy - 80% GMO, etc. Dr. W. Lee Cowden reports that nearly every person with a chronic illness is allergic to soy.[1]

3- Vaccination Programs For Children. The escalating rates of autism, autoimmune illnesses and cancer appear to be at least partially related to mandated vaccines which supply immature immune systems with toxic serum and adjuvants (mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, foreign cell proteins, infectious organisms). Religious beliefs may allow your children to escape the 35 mandatory vaccines. Vaccines represent a lucrative no risk source of profits as Congress has exempted vaccine manufacturers from liability in the event of adverse reactions which are common.

4- Pharmaceutical Drugs. More than 325,000 persons die annually in the U.S. from adverse reactions to correctly prescribed medicines.Iatroginc illness is a major factor for whats ailing us today.

5-Chemotherapy For Malignancies. The survival rates for chemotherapy are not improving after many years of use. These drugs are quite toxic and result in death if not stopped at an appropriate time. Effective alternative therapies for cancer have been suppressed or vilified for more than 100 years (Homeopathy,Coley’s toxins, Rife’s electronic invention, Koch’s substances, Essiac tea, antineoplaston, etc.)

6-Mandatory Phosphorus, Potassium, Nitrogen Fertilizer. Requiring U.S. farmers to use NPP fertilizer guaranteed poor health. The critical nutrient sulfur and trace minerals are lacking in this fertilizer. Lack of trace minerals impairs enzyme function.

7-Advocacy Of Dangerous Dietary Programs And Unwillingness To Remove Dangerous Food Substances. Recommended general diets ignore the danger of sugar excess to pacify the sugar cartel. Hospital heart diets often include the very transfats that cause arteriosclerosis. These synthetic transfats have never been exposed for the health menaces they are. Monosodium glutamate, chlorine containing sugar substitutes and Aspartame (Nutrasweet) have been largely ignored by health agencies established to protect public health.

8-Codex Alimentaris. This diabolic creation of the pharmaceutical industry will possibly soon convert all vitamins, minerals, aminoacids and nutritional supplements into drugs requiring a physician’s prescription to permit you to pay 10 times more for the ability to continue to take these substances. This is operational in Norway and Germany and all these basic health substances cost 10 times more than in the days prior to Codex.

9-Aluminum Is Everywhere In Our Society (water treatment facilities use alum, foil, deodorants, antacids, cooking utensils, baking compounds) There is considerable evidence that aluminum plays a significant role in causing Alzheimer’s Disease along with mercury.

10-Mercury Contamination. Dental amalgams, fish, vaccines, fluorescent light bulbs, coal power plants, sewage treatment, hospital waste disposal, crematoriums, plastic casings, batteries, paint, shoe light bulbs and thermostats all provide mercury that can reach human beings. The ADA denies amalgams are a health risk yet a broken thermometer bulb requires a detailed cleansing protocol. Mercury is the only metal that easily vaporizes making inhalation a big problem.
Please add to the list..............................................................

11. Cell Phone Radiation - PDF Document NaidenkoTestimony.pdf

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HEALTH EFFECTS: Skeletal Fluorosis
more on this at;
DIRECTORY: FAN > Health > Bone > Fluorosis > Index
Summation - Skeletal Fluorosis: (Click for more detail)

Excessive exposure to fluoride causes an arthritic bone disease called skeletal fluorosis. According to UNICEF, skeletal fluorosis is endemic in at least 25 countries, with millions of people impacted.

Skeletal fluorosis, especially in its early stages, is a difficult disease to diagnose, and can be readily confused with various forms of arthritis including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

In the advanced stages, fluorosis can resemble a multitude of bone/joint diseases, including: osteosclerosis, renal osteodystrophy, DISH, spondylosis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, and secondary hyperparathyroidism.

The risk of developing fluorosis, and the course the disease will take, is influenced by the presence of ceratin predisposing factors, including impaired kidney function; dietary deficiencies; gastric acidity; and repetitive stress.

In individuals with kidney disease, fluoride exposure can contribute to, and/or exacerbate, renal osteodystrophy.

While only a limited number of studies have documented the disease in the U.S., it is almost certain that cases of the disease have occurred but escaped detection.

'The Dose Factor' - Skeletal Fluorosis: (Click for more detail)

The minimum daily doses capable of producing the various stages of fluorosis are still poorly understood.

In India and China, skeletal fluorosis has repeatedly been documented in field surveys among communities with 1.0 to 1.5 ppm fluoride in water. In the U.S., there has been extremely little systematic research to assess the prevalence of fluorosis. Case reports, however, have documented fluorosis among susceptible individuals drinking water with as little as 1.7 ppm.

Research Gaps - Skeletal Fluorosis:

1) No systematic research exploring the incidence of skeletal fluorosis among susceptible subsets of the population including heavy tea-drinkers and people with kidney disease.

2) Other than small, limited studies from the 1950s-1960s (Steinberg 1955, 1958; Ansell 1965), no research exploring the relationship between fluoride exposure and arthritis in the west.

3) No comprehensive research exploring the doses of fluoride capable of producing the early stages of skeletal fluorosis, and how such doses vary based on the presence or absence of predisposing factors.

4) No research exploring how genetics may influence the risk and nature of skeletal fluorosis in the general population.
CONTENTS of DATABASE - Skeletal Fluorosis:

Data Compilation:

Index Page
The Difficulty of Diagnosis
"Pre-skeletal" Fluorosis
X-Ray Diagnosis of Skeletal Fluorosis
Skeletal Fluorosis in the U.S.
Skeletal Fluorosis in India & its Relevance to the West
High Individual Variability in Skeletal Response to Fluoride
Factors which may increase susceptibility to fluorosis
Variability in Radiographic Appearance of Fluorosis
Variable Length of Exposure Producing Fluorosis
Estimated "Threshold" Doses for Skeletal Fluorosis
Water Fluoride Levels Associated with Skeletal Fluorosis
Fluoridation, Dialysis, & Osteomalacia
Fluoride & Renal Osteodystrophy
Fluoride & Osteomalacia
Fluoride & Rickets
Fluoride & Osteoid
Fluoride & Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
Fluoride & Osteopetrosis
Fluoride & Spinal Cord Compression
Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis
Full-text, or Excerpted Papers, of Papers:

Johnson W, et al. (1979). Fluoridation and bone disease in renal patients. In: E Johansen, DR Taves, TO Olsen, Eds. Continuing Evaluation of the Use of Fluorides. AAAS Selected Symposium. Westview Press, Boulder, Colorado. pp. 275-293.

Cook HA. (1971). Fluoride studies in a patient with arthritis. The Lancet 1: 817.

Teotia SPS, et al. (1976). Symposium on the non-skeletal phase of chronic fluorosis: The joints. Fluoride 9: 19-24.
: Dental fluorosis on the rise according to new US survey - FAN Science Watch, August 25, 2005

Dental Fluorosis: A Cosmetic Effect? more on this

"It is a toxic effect and a cosmetic effect. These are not mutually exclusive. It's toxic and it's cosmetic."
- Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine/Physiology (2000).

"it is illogical to assume that tooth enamel is the only tissue affected by low daily doses of fluoride ingestion."
- Dr. Hardy Limeback, Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto. (2000). Why I am now Officially Opposed to Adding Fluoride to Drinking Water.

"Common sense should tell us that if a poison circulating in a child's body can damage the tooth-forming cells, then other harm also is likely."
- Colquhoun J. (1997). Why I changed my mind about Fluoridation. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 41:29-44.

"Like bones, a child's teeth are alive and growing. Flourosis is the result of fluoride rearranging the crystalline structure of a tooth's enamel as it is still growing. It is evidence of fluoride's potency and ability to cause physiologic changes within the body, and raises concerns about similar damage that may be occurring in the bones."
- Environmental Working Group, "National Academy Calls for Lowering Fluoride Limits in Tap Water", March 22, 2006.

"It seems prudent at present to assume that the ameloblasts are not the only cells in the body whose function may be disturbed by the physiological concentrations of fluoride which result from drinking water containing 1 ppm"
- Groth, E. (1973), Two Issues of Science and Public Policy: Air Pollution Control in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Fluoridation of Community Water Supplies. Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Biological Sciences, Stanford University, May 1973.

"The safety of the use of fluorides ultimately rests on the assumption that the developing enamel organ is most sensitive to the toxic effects of fluoride. The results from this study suggest that the pinealocytes may be as susceptible to fluoride as the developing enamel organ."
- Luke J. (1997). The Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland. Ph.D. Thesis. University of Surrey, Guildford. p. 176.

"A linear correlation between the Dean index of dental fluorosis and the frequency of bone fractures was observed among both children and adults."
- Alarcon-Herrera MT, et al. (2001). Well Water Fluoride, Dental fluorosis, Bone Fractures in the Guadiana Valley of Mexico. Fluoride 34(2): 139-149.


Dental Fluorosis: What is it? (Back to top)

Dental fluorosis is an irreversible condition caused by excessive ingestion of fluoride during the tooth forming years. It is the first visible sign that a child has been overexposed to fluoride.

Fluoride causes dental fluorosis by damaging the enamel-forming cells, called ameloblasts. The damage to these cells results in a mineralization disorder of the teeth, whereby the porosity of the sub-surface enamel is increased.

While the dental profession claims that dental fluorosis is solely a 'cosmetic' effect, and not a health effect, this statement is an assumption and not a fact. Certainly, dental fluorosis represents a toxic effect on tooth cells. The question is whether tooth cells are the only cells in the body that are impacted.

As noted by former proponent of fluoridation, Dr. John Colquhoun, "Common sense should tell us that if a poison circulating in a child's body can damage the tooth-forming cells, then other harm also is likely."

As noted by Dr. Hardy Limeback, former President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research, "it is illogical to assume that tooth enamel is the only tissue affected by low daily doses of fluoride ingestion."

Over the past 50 years, the prevalence of dental fluorosis has increased quite dramatically in the United States and other fluoridated countries.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, dental fluorosis now impacts 32% of American children. (In the 1940s, dental fluorosis rates in fluoridated areas averaged 10%.)

Not only is the prevalence of fluorosis increasing, but so to is its severity. As noted by Dr. Gary Whitford:

"There is a growing body of evidence which indicates that the prevalence and, in some cases, the severity of dental fluorosis is increasing in both fluoridated and non-fluoridated regions in the U.S... This trend is undesirable for several reasons: (1) It increases the risk of esthetically objectionable enamel defects; (2) in more severe cases, it increases the risk of harmful effects to dental function; (3) it places dental professionals at an increased risk of litigation; and (4) it jeopardizes the perception of the safety and, therefore, the public acceptance of the use of fluorides."

According to recent estimates from the U.S. and British Governments, 2 to 12% of children living in fluoridated communities have dental fluorosis of "esthetic concern" (Griffin 2002; York Review 2000).

Dental fluorosis, of esthetic concern, is an expensive condition to treat. If left untreated, it can cause embarrassment for school-aged children, resulting in psychological stress and damaged self-esteem.

There is also mounting evidence that dental fluorosis in its more advanced stages can leave teeth more susceptible to cavities. As noted by pro-fluoridation dental researcher, Dr. Steven Levy, "With more severe forms of fluorosis, caries risk increases because of pitting and loss of the outer enamel" (Levy 2003).


Q & A on Dental Fluorosis:

"My child has dental fluorosis. What can we do to fix it?"

The damage that dental fluorosis causes to the internal matrix of the teeth is permanent. There is no way to reverse this damage.

However, there are ways to 'hide the damage' -- to treat the surface of the teeth so as to hide the discoloration.

Treatment options for fluorosis vary and will depend in part on the severity of the fluorosis and what you can afford (some of the treatments are very expensive). Some of the more common treatments include:

- Abrasion: Abrasion involves finely sanding off the outer layer of the enamel. It is a common approach when the fluorosis is mild. However, if the fluorosis is of a more advanced severity, abrasion is probably not a good idea as it can bring to the surface of the teeth a highly-porous enamel that will be prone to attrition.

- Composite bonding: Composite bonding first involves lightly roughening the area of the damaged enamel. After etching the enamel, a composite resin (with a color matching your teeth) is "glued" on to the exterior of the tooth.

- Porcelain veneers/laminates: Made out of porcelain, veneers form a ceramic shell over the surface of the tooth. Veneers may need to be replaced after several years, however, which can become quite expensive.

To determine which method of treating fluorosis will be best for you, contact your local dentist. If your dentist doesn't specialize in cosmetic dentistry, he/she should be able to refer you to a nearby dentist who does.


News Articles on Dental Fluorosis:

Fluorosis: Too much of a good thing - Times Herald-Record; December 28, 2005
Health Tip: Too Much Fluoride Can Harm Young Children - US Department of Health and Human Services, October 14, 2005
Look what fluoride did to my girl's teeth - Evening Times; August 19, 2004
Dental Makeover - Detroit Now; August 4, 2003
Fluoride Harmed Our Son - Derby Evening Telegraph; July 25, 2003
The Toxic Toothpaste - The Times of London; May 15, 2001
Don't Swallow Your Toothpaste - UK Channel 4; June 19, 1997
Colgate pay-out stirs up fluoride row - The Telegraph; November 25, 1996
Fluoride's Revenge - The Progressive; December 1990

Excessive ingestion of fluoride(using fluoride TOOTHPASTE) during the early childhood years may result in a disorder of the enamel known as dental fluorosis.
In its "moderate" and severe forms, fluoride causes a marked increase in the porosity of the enamel.

After eruption into mouth, the porous enamel of moderate to severe fluorosis readily takes up stain, creating permanent brown and black discolorations of the teeth.

In addition to extensive staining, teeth with moderate to severe fluorosis are more prone to attrition and wear - leading to pitting, chipping, and decay.

As a result of the staining and crumbling of enamel, children with moderate to severe dental fluorosis can suffer a great deal of social embarrassment and pyschological stress - with a corresponding loss in self-esteem.

all these symptoms are CAUSED BY USING FLUORIDE toothpaste(and of course Fluoride in water) Secondly the adverse effects of Fluoride containing prescription drugs,Thats a whole other page-
More on the subject of what makes us sick;
I say to all my patients-
Many are brainwashed to think that cow milk is good for you,Its NOT.
use another form of milk- ricemilk,almond milk,not cow milk

Gandhi's Greatest Personal Tragedy

Mahatma Gandhi's namesake, Maneka Gandhi, today leads the 'Notmilk' movement in India. Dr. Gandhi began the modern-day animal rights movement in India, and once served in the Indian government as the Minister of Animal Welfare. Her rescue work has resulted in liberating thousands of abused animals after uncovering accounts of animal torture and abuse in 590 so-called research facilities. Today, she is India's single most powerful anti-dairy voice, and her 'Notmilk' movement is growing.

In 1891, 22-year-old Mohandas Gandhi passed the bar exam and earned his law degree. His passive activism was developed 23 years later while helping his countrymen attain rights under an apartheid policy applied to Indians living in South Africa.

In 1914, Gandhi returned to India with a lung disease, pleurisy. His doctors advised that he drink cow's milk, but India's spiritual leader-to-be refused. The same advice was offered to Gandhi in 1918 after he developed a serious case of dysentery accompanied by high fever.

Although Gandhi had made a lifelong vow to never drink cow's milk, the illness nearly took his life, and he made a compromise by drinking goat's milk. In his autobiography, Gandhi admitted that his habit of drinking goat's milk "has been the tragedy of my life."

At age 71, Gandhi reflected upon his NOTMILK philosophy by writing the following (p. 381) in his autobiography:

"I had long realized that milk was not necessary for supporting the body, but it was not easy to give it up. While the necessity for avoiding milk in the interests of self-restraint was growing upon me, I happened to come across some literature from Calcutta, describing the tortures to which cows and buffaloes were subjected by their keepers. This had a wonderful effect on me."

At 21 years of age, Gandhi vacationed at the farm of fellow vegetarian, Leo Tolstoy. At Tolstoy Farm, Gandhi came to understand that milk from cows was not the perfect food for humans. On page 382 of his autobiography, Gandhi wrote:

"It was during this time that we had the discussion about milk. Mr. Kallenbach said, 'We constantly talk about the harmful effects of milk. Why then do not we give it up? It is certainly not necessary.' I was agreeably surprised at the suggestion, which I warmly welcomed, and both of us pledged ourselves to abjure milk there and then."

For the final meal of his life on January 30, 1948, shortly before he was assassinated, Mohatma Gandhi dined on cooked vegetables, oranges, and goat's milk.

Dear Gina,


Something about fluoride i.e. drugs applied in drinking water. It's very common worldwide. Nazis used this technique on their prisoners before they were sent to the gas chambers. It basically calm one down to a stage where the brain stops alerting the person i.e. reaction is disappearing from his/her motives and they are easily manipulated. Basically, the brain becomes very tired and the Man doesn't resist.

About 1400 years ago Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said when you are in angry mood drink water or take bath.


The article is tooooooo long to post it here and there is a video available as well:


Flouride Poisoning Website



Chemtrails Dumping Heavy Metals









Hurry, worry and curry. We Indians really suffer from the curry. Now most of the fast-food items contain chinese salt (monosodium glutamate). The use of chinese salt is having a lot of side effects than benefits!
I thought curry was healthy with all that turmeric? Why the heck they putting in MSG and over salting?

The curry that is saturated with oil is bad. In coastal India areas coconut juice is a primary ingredient. When the coconut is over boiled then its becomes harmful.

The right method of adding coconut juice is to first cook the meal with water and other condiments and then add the coconut juice in the end, turn off the flame, cover the dish and let it cook with the heat.

Fish cooked in coconut curry tastes yummmyyyy

Yes MSG (monsoduim Glutamate) is pure toxin.

Its not a salt its a chemical that enhances flavors.

Same toxic garbage as Aspartame (sugar substitude like NutraSweet Sweet N Low)

Asparame can seriously affect the nervous system!


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