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Jeremy and his wife, Camilla, have moved to Tansania and have been helping the people for a good number of years. They have attained great success with most difficult contagious disease in a poverty stricken area of the world.

What is health and disease?

What is meant by cure?

A Journey From Health To Sickness

Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory

The Organon of Medicine

Definition of Homeopathy

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Health is freedom from all (or most of) emotional and physical pains being able to perform effectively in the society...Dis-ease is of course the opposite.

Disease can be defined as a dynamic condition of active derangement of the vital harmony of the whole organism manifested first in the sphere of sensation,then functions, and ultimately in the sphere of material constituents.

While health is active maintenance of dynamic harmony of the vital force in relation to the environmental forces and factors, with respect to sensations and functions and self preservation.

Thank you for your comments. Looking forward to further discussion.

Dr Sushil is good! Hani as well.

Let's approach it from spiritual point of view. Disease is a Loveless state for longer period. Disease can be caused by sudden and strong disgust from one person to another one. Disease finds mostly those who are weak in their body no matter what is the cause and/or spiritually (Godless heart/state). Vitamin 'G' is essential where 'G' equals to GOD.

These days disgust is an everyday and constant issue in our societies/corporations.


Vitamin "G" is something I do not think can be synthetic or artificially produced in a laboratory. I wonder how many physicians have ever heard of Vitamin "G" because it is a new one on me, too.


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