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What Is The Simplest And Quickest Way To Find The Case Using The Kent Repertory?

If we have a chronic case and we want to solve this case with the help of Kent repertory what is the simplest way? We can search in the repertory for the patient's mind profile, desires, fears, likes, dislikes, then localization, and then generalities. This process takes much time. If we don't want to waste any time, do you have a suggestion for the shortest method to check through Kent's repertory? 


Dr. Fahim 


How to Study & Use The Repertory and Repertorising

 Comprises two separate sections: Kent's own account of "How to Study and Use the Repertory" and an explanatory article on "Repertorizing" by the British homeopaths Tyler & Weir.

About the Book: 

This is a dandy little book, meant to guide any student through the intricacies of Kent's Repertory. Two sections in this book cover the use of Kent's Repertory as well as materia medica of 40 remedies 








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Before trying to master the use of repertory try to learn case taking. Once you understand case taking(The comparative values of symptoms)the use of repertory will be much easy.

Dear Sir

It' comes along a little bit like this: I want to fix the brakes on my car but I have no idea how they work or how to go about it. I just want to do it the easiest way.

My advise here is: before atempting to fix the brakes (or to use homeopathic remedies) familiarize yourself with the brake system of your car (with the Organon in homoeopathy). then get the tools and parts and learn to use them ( study Materia medica and get remedies).

Then under supervision of a master take the brakes apart, identify what needs to be done and acomplish the work.

(Take the case, analyse it, use a repertory and apply the remedy under supervision of a master)

This procedure safeguards against dangers arising from unskilled attempts> ( this procedure safeguards in homoeopathy against dangers to the health and well-being of the patient arising from ill selected and applied medicines)



Hans Weitbrecht


There is no shortcut in homoeopathy, person who search shortcut in homoeopthy, do not Encouraged to him to study homoeopathy, (Dr. H.A. Robert)
I agree your opinion that there is no shortcut in homoeopathy. First one must study and understand Organon. Then materna madica then only refer a repertory. Moreover they read at least handsome of homoeopaty literature written by stalwarts. Then only one must get an idea about proscription. They follow their own method.
Understanding the structure of Kent's Rep and then using it continuously are the two essential factors. Dr. Raman Patel had compiled Kent rep as an index, it may be of help to you, when you desire quick reference.
A proper and complete case taking.
Dr Dhyan Singh, I agree with you that proper and complete case taking is essential, but I wonder , how it is going to help in simplifying , the case taking with Kent's repertory?

Ok --here is the ultimate answer:

Use kent's repertory to keep the door of your clinic open, -- get Boger's synoptic Key, -- use the chard in the introduction to analyse your case, the repertory to narrow it down, and the MM part to finally decide.

Rajan (sjr) Sankaran told, that he was quicker to get to the right remedy with this method, than using Kent's. Phattack swore by the synoptic key.

I completely agree with Dr. Hans. Dr. Phatak also like Dr. Raman Patel  compiled synoptic key by index.Very quick for reference.


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