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Date 04/12/2013

Ref …………..


                  Name                           Xyz

                  Age/sex                       14/F

                  Student                       of 9th class




  1. Patient do not want to touch any thing during attack, (Stram.)
  2. Patient want to do one thing or work continue, during attack ()
  3. Patient want to clean every thing, (Cleanness mania for) (Ars.)
  4. Patient says to her mother that she will die, her disease is incurable, crying for help, want to be cure. (Stram)
  6. Patient feel fear in chest (Stram)
  7. Pain in of alternating side in calf muscle of foot (Stram.)
  8. Continue motion of one leg (Stram)
  9. First statement of child is she is feeling fear. (crying for help to mother)
  10. Disease become more intense during sleeping, at night (Disease is in gradually increasing order) (Stram)
  11. Perspiration of hand and feet
  12. Dirtiness highly irritates the patient, patient want to scratch her hand with knife, even, bleeding while.






Medical history –

  1. Fever in child hood undiagnosed type
  2. Itching in history
  3. Pneumonia in child hood 



  1. Sleep – sleeplessness, undiagnosed type
  2. Dream –
  3. Appetite – Good
  4. Thirst – Good
  5. Urine – Normal, Frequent while watching TV
  6. Stool – Normal
  7. Perspiration – in palm and sole
  8. Bathing – habit of daily bating, up to two hour,
  9. Thermal – like winter season





  1. Patient want to be cure
  2. Anger, irritable
  3. Abbusive,
  4. Haughty
  5. Higly interested in study like, reading,
  6. Intelligent
  7. More irritable to her mother
  8. hurry- patient want to do every thing in fast,  
  9. Attack of weeping
  10. Want to kill herself – during attack
  11. Jealous
  12. Wild – attacking nature
  13. Fear – to be fail
  14. Fastidious nature
  15. Patient feels that some one trying to attack on her.
  16. Mind, desire to curse and swear.
  17. Mind, alternating mood.
  18. Patient do not follow order, disobey
  19. Mind reserve, do not want to talk with any person, she has only one friend
  20. Mind, joyless,
  21. Want to study more and more, want arrangement in systematic order  
  22. Patient wants to be doctor, like English subject.

According to me Arsenic is the medicine for this case but according to Repertorization Stram and Nux -V is the medicine of this case, what is your view. please suggest me. 


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Thanks Dr.  Lars Henrik Olavius for your valuable suggestion 


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