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what is the most easieast way to find most similar remedy?

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Hi Sameer,

I think we will need to clarify few things first. Only then we can attend to the easiest way.
What do we mean by most similar remedy?
Qualitative? Quantitative?
On what level?

I know one source that can give the fullest information that can lead us to the most similar..
and that is.... patient himself!

Hahnemann says we need to be unprejudiced observer to faithfully sketch morbid totality.
And, then he also says we need to be understanding of human psychology, circumspect, deliberate, tactful and with profound patience.

So, finding the similimus is about case taking and analysis and knowledge of materia medica!

Analysis and repertory and materia medica can be computerized.. but case taking is the human art and the most critical part of the whole exercise.

My gut sense says that to answer your question we will need to address this part!!

THANKS SIR but how to be more tectfull in casetaking

Good question!
But, do you think it right to put the cart before the horse?

I think that tact and technique is secondary. First and foremost, it is doctor's attitude that permits the patient to be himself and trusting. Only then, he feels comfortable in sharing what he holds back due to several social fears and inhibitions.

And, the right attitude can also facilitate the patient to access even that information which was unconscious in patient till now. Such a case taking not only helps us in reaching to a "deeper similimum", IT is therepeutic in its own right.

IT demands few things from us. One, to be our genuine human self. Two, to be really and non-judgmentally interested in the human being in front of us. Three, to understand our patient from his point of view.

It is an experiential shift. Just conceptual knowledge is not enough. I find that I can not take this attitude for granted. In fact, every opportunity is a fresh challenge.

Sameer, I know this is not a "to the point" response to your pointed question. But, I would love to engage more fully in exploring if you feel interested to find out what all is implied in this.

The most easiest way is to get admission in five years BHMS Degree program and throughly study homeopathy. After that you can reach similimum in a minute. :D
i m the student of final year BHMS
Then wait for your final term and completion of house job ;) similimum is no more away.
No .I do not agree.It needs skill and hard work.
sameer thats good question...?
i wud like to knw about your thoghts about similimum first..?
than u get proper answers form all HWC people
dr ajay
hi thanks for reply my point for similimum means most indicating remedy for patient for respective case . my discussion is for how to get closer to most similimum remedy through case taking
In five years on skill is developed :)
The skill can be achieved within days if you are guided in the right way.Unfortunately it is missing in homeopathic medical institutions.
Dear Sameer
In Homeopathy we frame the totality of symptoms by treating the individual as a whole .We do not treat any particular organ or system but the individual as a whole by proper case taking ,finding the similimum with the help of materia medica and repertory.By practice and experience and deep study we can easily do it but hard work and dedication is required


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