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Wich characteristics a good homopath needs to have? How can you recognize a good one? Who can be a homeopath? Who shouldn´t be?

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Anyone thinking homeopathy is a way to make lots of money is in the wrong profession. Those people should nOT be homeopaths.
One has to sacrafice alot of time without much compensation.
You really have to LOVE making people well and comply with "First do no harm" The oath that MD's take. Homeopaths take this oath to heart unlike the allopaths that miss use this common saying so greatly for he sake of making lots of money.
Here I would like to refer"The Principles and art of Cure by Homeopathy" by Dr.Herbert A. Roberts,M.D., In the very first chapter "What has Homeopathy to offer the young man" itself the great Physician-Author has stated that"If it is financial ambition,he better not take up homeopathy. Homeopathy is a principle and principles brook no division of loyalty.If he has at heart the desire to serve,he may find fame and riches at his door as well as that keen satisfaction of knowing that he has brought to his clientele the gift of healing in the safest,gentlest and most rapid manner".
Thus it would be prudent on the part of a true homeopathic healer to be more patient centric in his healing practice,than to be dictated by commercial or overtones of greed and ambition for life of affluence and opulence.The author goes on to say that a homeopath can have life of comfort,if he keeps intact the tenets of homeopathy while practicing the art.
Thank you Vydyanath for repeating Dr Roberts' words. We have many skilled and artful homeopaths from our past history to learn how to approach our craft.
A good Homoeopath is one who treats in a rapidly,in a gentle way and who uses the principle of single, similar and simple.
Dear Tihana,

Thought provoking questions!

First, I must be convinced of limited, often destructive, use of the conventional pseudo-scientific medicine. This discontent becomes the passion to practice healing science/art of homeopathy. I think this is the engine. After this, comes the question of character, attitude and competencies. Let me try and capture what I need to be a good homeopath..

1. I need to be self aware with an open mind to observe/investigate the client without a prejudice. I need to have knowledge of human nature. And, skill to facilitate/investigate with such an attitude that I get to know his/her core. With such unbiased, wholesome (body/mind/emotion) data I can paint the true picture of what needs to be treated in the patient.
2. I must have fairly good knowledge of material-medica, and rational thinking to select the most suitable remedy, potency and repetition.
3. I must know the diagnostic and descriptive medicine for better management and to be able to communicate with patients and other professionals. For example knowing the patient having diabetes, hypertension or ischemic heart disease will help me to guide the client with appropriate life style for the better management (hygiene).
4. Must be able to see and facilitate the personal change that will promote healing. Examples being changes in lifestyle, limiting beliefs, ways of thinking and relating.

The second part of your question.. how you can recognize a good one?

Well, he will have patience, a human, loving and compassionate presence.
You will feel that he is genuinely interested in you.
You will feel that he does not have a readymade solution for your problem.
He will be actively engaged to understand your life from your point of view without intruding with his theories and constructs. He will take obvious pain/time to select your individualized remedy.
He will make a difference in your life!!.. is it too much? But, I sincearly believe that his authentic presence, empathy and unconditional acceptance works in two ways. One, this attitude is therapeutic in itself. And, two, it is facilitative of deep/core sharing from you... so, s/he is in possession of better totality to find a deeper similimum for you.

who can be a homeopath?

Anyone who has a homeopathic software/repertories, cane sugar pills, lots of remedies piled up CAN be a homeopath. But I would like to go to one who has a human face, who values me for who I am, who is comfortable being uncertain not knowing already, who is not in a hurry, who has a rational thinking and who knows his science.

I think it is the ethics of service and love that makes the part of the character. Organon, unprejudiced attitude, empathy, materia medicas, clinical, diagnostic knowledge and repertorials strategies are the competencies.

Character is innate and difficult to change. Competencies any one can learn with due diligence.

It is a long answer for short questions. And I still feel like keep going..

I love what you wrote Manoj! Sensitively and deeply thought out, your words moved me and also encouraged me. I believe and feel as you do. Being a relatively new Homeopath I often struggle with the frustrations of not knowing and spend countless hours analyzing, researching, agonizing over finding the simillimum. Homeopathy requires so much study, so much dedication, so much attention and I don't believe that you can be a true Homeopath unless you have the drive and the compassion that is needed. For me being a Homeopath has been and still is a spiritual journey. I have learned so much about myself and others. I have learnt to chip away at any issues I have; I have learnt more about acceptance, humility, forgiveness and compassion. I have learnt assertiveness and kindness and balance in all things. I think that anyone who wishes to undertake Homeopathy should know that they are embarking on a journey unlike any other. Being a Homeopath is transforming. It is not for the faint of heart.

Thank you for your wonderful insightful words.

Something tells me there are more of the first description of empathy and compassion, simply because it is such a long hard road to become a good homeopath. Anyone who begins to study the philosophy and intricacies of homeopathy becomes totally involved in this passionate profession. No way they can be in it for the second quick-fix method.
;) Thank you all for your answers....
I think a good and passionate one is also one who has gone through a homeopathic treatment him or herself, or tried its works on children, plants and animals and through this experience built a strong believe in homeopathy....
for example we have a lot of natural treatment schools here where homeopathy is tought only informative, in combination with acupuncture and other treatments, not really deep....or "classical" doctors who make chrash courses in homeopathy.... and they all think they can work with it, prescribe "dangerous" potencies etc, working without Repertory... so, I think those people shouldn´t be homeopaths, if they are not completely surrendered to it (as much as they are surrendered and experienced in other treatments)...
In addition to these stability of character and patience in treating the patients are also required to be a good homeopath
Yes, patience, I had forgotten about that and wisdom and letting go of our own ego desire to expedite or push healing in a patient. All things in their own time in their own way.

Very good point. This goes along with Tihana's contribution about homeopaths getting treatment. We all need care.


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