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There are quite a number of discussions now in favour and against homoeopathic combinations and these are still continuing, in HWC.

It is quite interesting to note the participants (includes me also) providing different reasoning in support of combinations or single remedy.

Combinations are good or bad, is not a core issue.The core issue is what are the circumstances, which compel us to prescribe combinations, as Homoeopath, even though we have a vast MM of single remedies.

What stops us from prescribing a single remedy?

I would like to know the views of our learned members.

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Impatience; inaptitude to study; laziness on the part of physician lead him to prescribe combinations.
Dear Dr Sushil ~ If you ask what "stops" us to prescribe a single remedy, it could be after taking the case and inputting top rubrics the selection of most similar remedy is not clear.

The practitioner is left with numerous choices and then goes to the materia medica to see which one fits the case the best.

Sometimes, major polycrests top the list that apply to a cancer miasm, so the choice may be to choose the nosode, carcinosin, if the family background and everything fits. Or, on the other hand, give all those top remedies in one go.

Some practitioners are giving Combination remedies as regular routine and say what wonderful results they get, which can influence others to try this method.

Some have not read thoroughly Hahnemann's Organon and do not know the precise methodology he teaches: to know how, when and what to select?

Sometimes single remedy selection that you may think is Just Right, does not make any improvement in the case and, instead of getting advice from another professional, or re-taking case, or going to next best selection, give a combination of the potential remedies.

Sometimes a combination that matches the tissue or organ, which are manufactured in pre-made bottles makes an easy selection and less work for practitioner. Surely, one of those in the bottle will do the trick!

I'm sure others can think up more reasons for "trying the combinations." Not sure about what "stops" someone from using Single remedy. Is there fear, anxiety, self-doubt or little confidence? As Dr Dushyant says, not having a good mentor, not enough study or the remedies, not being observant of the individual, not accessing the essence of the case, not discerning what has changed in the case to the ill state can lead to the reliance upon combinations.
I agree with post-(Dr. Dushyant)-laziness on the part of physician lead him to prescribe combinations.

My reply- These combination formulas are made by homeopathic pharmacies to increase sales,Sold to consumers and layhomeopaths as a quick answer to a symptom they might have. Thinking like an allopath (meaning disease names find A pill!) We all know That's nOT how homeopathy works.


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