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What Brought Me/You To Homeopathy? Share In Detail Your Story

Most of us have replied to this already in our profile.
Lets go into more detail.
Please add to this discussion--------------------------------

In my case I would most likely be dead by now if not for homeopathics.
I was born with only one working kidney,the other kidney was dead,still inside me but not working.
The kidney i did have was severely infected.
A life of pain and suffering starting from day one.
My parents took me to various "KIDNEY Specialists",Ha what a JOKE THAT WAS!!!!!! year after year test test and more test,Hospital stays for months at a time,antibiotics for 14 years!!!!! With no results,nothing-I only got worse!
I predicted my death when I was 17yrs old I was in constant pain 10+++,not a week would go by without intense pain.On top of it all the side effects from all of these antibiotics almost killed me!
What was ahead of me? Stuck to a kidney machine-kidney transplant?Or death-wonderfull allopathic options!
Did not like these options.
I did some research on plant medicines and started trying herbs, medicinal teas from Indonesia. With some relief.
More than what I had with Allopathics.The next progression was Ayurveda,refexology,again more improvements.
Long story short,I stumbled across homeopathy.In my search for a cure-
The theory behind it seemed odd,but perfectly logical in my head.I had my full casetaking done by who turned out to be my professor Dr. S. K. Banerjea of Calcutta India.
He comes from 3 generations of miasmatic classical Homeopaths.My constitutional remedy was prescribed. Within days i saw slight results,within months I saw long term chronic illness cured,No more pain,no more infections,I could finally live my life without so much suffering!
Homeopathy can CURE the INCURABLES!
Despite what allopathic Anti-homeopathic Skeptics Say.
The proof is in the pudding-the proof is that i am still alive.

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My contribution of a cured case
Baby boy suffering from extreme seizures caused by vaccines.
see link' at
Nov 2008 EZINE
Scroll down the page:

A Case of Vaccine Damage - Gina Tyler

"Immediately after the homeopathic remedy was administered this baby fell into a very deep sleep. Slept for 20 minutes without seizures."
See details of case I posted.
Homeopathy 4 Everyone - November 2008Homeopathy 4 Everyone - The Hpathy Ezine ... November, 2008
No wonder you are so passionate about homeopathy. So, did Aconite help you at some point? "I predicted my death when I was 17yrs old" :-) - You are here to tell your story.
Hi Debby
Aconite,I have taken often through my journey of hOmepathic healing.And yes aconite is "one of many" layers that were needed to be addressed in my own imbalance.
In Chinese Traditional Medicine the "Kidney" meridian is related to 'fear'.Since i was born with this kidney imbalance its not something that happened due to the start of 'my life',but something that caused this to manifest while i was a fetus,most likely the extreme trauma my parents went through during their lifespan.(they were both captured by the Japanese Army and placed in prison /concentration camps for 4yrs during WWll).These Trauma's just dont go away,they make an imprint in the NEXT generation.
This is where the study of miasmatic prescribing rules!,Those practicioners that do not address the miasmatic imprints with their casetaking analysis do not get results.
Can you think of an allopathic medicine that can do this sort of healing? I can't.Homeopathy is truly the medicine of cure!
Thank you for this information. I have a client whose parents also were interned in the same way. Maybe this will give me a lead.

No. Allopathy does not work or think in these deep levels of healing.

There is a client with long-term extreme terror and fear who was given stramonium and this simply vanished. Quite amazing.
Many people ask me that. I had mercury poisoning and homeopathy saved my life.
I talked about this to Sam Adkins and she made this video about my story:

Gabrielle Traub is another homeopath who feels she owes her life to homeopathy after it cured her severe epilepsy. Many homeopaths devoted their lives to homeopathy saved them from death or serious illness, including Constantine Hering and Melanie Hahnemann.

Be well
Hi Mary ~ Every time we hear a homeopath say, "Homeopathy is my life!" is for similar reasons. When we experience the effects of this healing energy we are so grateful. We can tangibly feel truth at its deepest level. We are impassioned by it's depth. Then we want to learn and share. You could say it touches the soul.
See my post in "hay fever" re carcinosinum
Dear Mary Just now found this reply. Thanks for sharing your story via Sam Adkins video presentation.Yes Homeopathy is truly LIFE altering!
Its amazing what iatrogenic symptoms many people suffer from and dont know it. Much of the diseases people have today is caused directly from allopathic drug induced chemicals.This world would be a better place if modern western allopathics were not so marketed to the public as its only caused so much harm.(aprox 800,000 people suffer adverse reactions/death from allopathic drugs each year in the usa).Staggering statistics well know by holistic healers like homeopaths,ignorant to allopaths who's refusal to accept this is mind boggling to me.
Here's my story:
Unlike many homeopaths who had a breakthrough cure of their own to guide them to homeopathy, my story is somewhat different. I woke up one morning with a dream wherein an "old fashioned" looking gentleman was telling me in High German (my mother tongue is Swiss German, but I do speak High German as well) that I was to learn homeopathy. In the dream, I remember asking this fellow what his name was and he said "Samuel". Since I had been "prone" to such dreams in the past I took it seriously and researched homeopathy on the internet. Of course I came across it's founder and lo and behold, it was the same "old fashioned" looking gentleman from my dream. The direction of my path was clear and I was lucky to find The School of Homeopathy in Devon, England and it's long distance program to provide me with a very grounded and in depth education. Since then (1996) my life philosophy has changed dramatically and it is now in line with homeopathic principles, which I find to be about more than just healing. Through the course of my studies, I have been treated with a number of remedies, which have brough my miasmatic taints from the syphillitic miasm down to the psoric - I enjoy very good health at this time and I am certain that the homeopathic remedies that accompanied my journey in the last 12 years have contributed to this state of health. I feel I have strayed far from the heavy genetic imprint of cancer and alcoholism which runs through my family.
Dr G was always meant to be a doctor of healing ways.
Here's my story....

I come from a family of Homoeopaths . My grandfather was the first qualified homoeopath from Hisar (my hometown). He with his great efforts made homoeopathy known to the people of Haryana and India. My father is having a vast experience of 40 yrs of practicing homoeopathy & he is still practicing . My house
was thus a focal point for a lot of discussions on homoeopathy and I was exposed to it from a very young age. I used to see my father & my grandfather discussing cases & their homoeopathic treatment & from their discussions I came to know what Homoeopathy is & what are its benefits? These lively discussions and debates got
me deeply interested in Homoepathy & I decided to become a Homoeopath.

I completed my Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery (BHMS) from DS Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune University. However I believe learning is a
continuous & cumulative process and still continues to read books and study my patients. I learn something new from each & every patient that I treat. The fascination just never ends! The implications, the need for a better understanding, it just goes on and on; and the odd thing is that the more you study homoeopathy, the less you're sure of your knowledge.
Thank you for sharing your story.3 generations of homeopaths,fantastic! What an opportunity for learning passed on through family genetics.


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