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I am in a process of having a therapeutic guide to treat very frequently encountered ailments... those ailments, that are though common, pose the biggest hurdle to select a proper remedy, most of the times.

The first one is the COMMON COLD. Can you please share your repertoire of remedies that you frequently prescribe for common cold with brief KEY-indications?

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SABADILLA: sneezing-predominant + thirstless + cold draft aggravation (asks to reduce the AC)
PULS: thick mucoid green-yellow discharge + thirstless + open air relief

Aconitum: very first feeling of getting cold, shivering, also the pain in throat or sneezing - especially in the middle of the night hard pain, (works best during 12hours)
Arsenicum: sneezing with pain in stomach, vomiting and/or diarrhea, strong desire to drink but does not ameliorate

Thanks Helena!

Allium cepa: Constant watery coryza + soreness in the nose + redness of nose

I have also noted that a dose of NATRUM MUR 1M drastically stops a pure watery coryza when patient says "i can't even bend down since it lets the water drips down instantly"


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