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  This is a very interesting case in my practice which shows the in depth action of our dynamic Homoeopathic Remedies changing the complete Personality & Attitude of a Diseased Human Being.

Mr. U.B.D. 36Yrs old male, a diagnosed case of Anxiety Neurosis with Cardio-phobia, came to me on 21st Feb 2003 with


Since 1 yrs.,

Chest pain: Left side extending to groin

            Stitching type

Associated with

Oppression in Chest when reclining

Pressing Headache in sides of occiput while sitting

Sudden Weakness in evening

Short lasting Absentmindedness

ODP: He told that it starts as soon as lot of thoughts crowds in his mind and whenever he suffers from Constipation it gets aggravated.



   Malaria 1997         


Paralysis: PGM & PGF

Hypertension: Father


Craving: Spicy+++, Tobacco+++, Stimulants+++

           such as Tea, Coffee, Thumps up

 Sleep: Disturbed due to dreams

Dreams: Death of a Friend+++

                Death of Relatives++

Thermal: Ambi-thermal




15Years age, Patient developed very high sex drive. Actually since that time, he developed a real problem. He used to stand on the streets & ogles at women. There were continuous thoughts of sex since that time & persists even today also. He is not able to come out of these sexual fancies. Since then he is having excessive sexual desire at night with continuous excessive violent erections before & during sleep. He has multiple extramarital relations before & after marriage. He completed 12th & joined service in Municipal Corporation & worked in different departments of it. But he is not able to concentrate in work due to sexual thoughts.

Married 1991. Wife Primary Teacher. Has a Elder Daughter & a Son. Wife developed a Vitiligo 4 years after the marriage. This incidence created a state of indifference in him towards her as well as family members. But he used to talk very pleasantly and politely to others. Started avoiding household responsibilities thereafter.

Since 1 year he developed the present complaint along with tremendous phobia. He consumed multiple allopathic treatments for all these troubles but instead of getting cured, it aggravated. He has taken Psychiatric Treatment also.



Wt: 66 Kg,  Pulse:  80/min ,  B.P.: 122/80 mm of Hg

Male Pattern Baldness,  Tongue: Fissured in all directions with a ulcer at the centre,  Looks: Lustful  


             Anxiety Neurosis with Cardio-Phobia    



1.    Mind: Indifference, apathy; loved once, to strangers, but animate to

2.    Mind: Aversion, Family members, to: Talks pleasantly to others

3.    Mind: Absentmindedness: Periodical attacks of, short lasting

4.    Mind: Lascivious, lustfulness: Ogling, women on the street

5.    Mind: Thoughts: Intrude & crowd around each other

6.    Mind: Libertinism

7.    Chest: Pain: Stitching sides: Left: Extending to Inguinal Region

8.    Chest: Oppression: Bending: Agg.: Backward

9.    Head Pain: Pressing: Occiput, Sitting while: Agg

10. Generalities; Constipation: Agg

11. Generalities; Weakness, …: Sudden: Evening

12. Male Genitalia: Sexual Desire: Increased: Night: Erections with: Violent

13. Male Genitalia: Erections, troublesome:                            Continued, Priapism: Night

14. Mind: Dreams: Death, of: Friend, death of a

15. Mind: Dreams: Death, of: Relatives

16. Generalities: Food & Drinks: Spices, …: Desires

17. Generalities: Food & Drinks: Refreshing things: Desires

18. Mouth: Cracked, fissured: Tongue: Directions, in all

19. Extremities: Varices: Leg: Left  


1.    Acid fluor  27/19

2.    Phos           9/5

3.    China            8/5


21 Feb 2003      

  Avoid Tobacco, Asked to do   Meditation

  Acid Fluor 1m 1 Dose

 Placebo    tds… 10 Days.


4 Mar 2003       

 As soon as he enters in the room, the first sentence was: “Saheb, You have done miracle.”

 Chest Pain much reduced; twice suffered from the similar attacks of  less severity in last 10 days due to some mental stress.

Feeling much energetic, Much Happy in his behavior, Sexual thoughts much reduced


Homoeopathic Management 

Meditation continued

Placebo    bid… 1 mth 

8 Apr 2003   

Very Happy looking, Chest Pain very much reduced;

Once suffered from the similar attacks of less severity in last 1 month, Feeling much energetic, Much confident in his behavior, Sexual thoughts much controlled

Able to concentrate in his work now a days which he could not


Homoeopathic Management

Meditation continued, Placebo    od… 2 mth 

10 Oct 2003

Brought wife for Vitiligo;

When inquired, as he was not having any trouble there-after, discontinued the treatment;

Confident in his behavior

Working as a PA for one of the Politician since last month

Shown me some literature written by him useful for the society 

Homoeopathic Management 

Meditation continued, No Medicine

Dr Prasad Rasal HMD (London), MD (Hom)

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Always wonderful to read your contributions. Now to open Materia medica on acid fluoricum acidum [hydrofluoric acid]. Boericke (p289) Especially adapted to chronic diseases with syphilitic and mercurical history. Glabella region bloated. Acts especially upon lower tissues, and indicated in deep, destructive processes, bedsores, ulcerations, varicose veins, and ulcers.

I will now remember it for: Indifference towards those loved best (sepia)
Inability to realize responsibility
Mentally elated and gay
Sensation as of wind blowing through eyes
Chronic nasal catarrh
Dental fistula
Sour eructations
Desires seasoned foods
Aversion to coffee
Male: Burning in urethra
Sexual passion and desire increased, with erections at night, during sleep
Swollen scrotum
Urine: dropsy
Female: Menses copious, frequent, too long. Ulceration. Nymphomania
Oppression of chest
Inflammation of joints of fingers
Varicose veins. Naevi. Ulcers
Itching especially of orifices
Worse warmth, morning, warm drinks
Better cold, while walking
Compare to: Thios, Calc fluor, Silica
Complementary: Silica

Gina wrote What Makes Us Sick With fluoride listed

Study: Pollution in the Womb Lowers IQ

Dear Debby,
many thanks for reply. I cut short the actul case due to limitaion of the words. This fellow has got three Gold Medals as a Social Worker in 2007 after our Homoeopathic Treatment & has become a very Responsible Person.

Dr Prasad...


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