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Warts | (a small hard excrescence or protuberance on skin `massa')

Thuja occidentalis [1000]
(Once a week) warts anywhere often on ano-genital region in sycotic or hydrogenoid constitutions, small or large, pliant (not very hard) seldom bleeding, pedunculated (warts having a little neck), itching, moist, flat, horny, indented (with cuts on tops) or jagged, isolated, horny, painful, red (Calc. c., Nat. s.) with pain in limbs or joints agg. by damp and cold.

Causticum [1000]
(Once a week) warts on the body of those who have muscular weakness and sensitive to cold (not wet) and touch, often on nose, eye-brows, finger-tips, face, with sore feeling, large or small, indented horny, moist, bleeding, inflamed.

Dulcamara [1000]
(Once a week) suits those who are sensitive to damp, cold and wash, warts are large and fleshy, flat smooth on face, palms, back of hands, fingers.

Calcarea carbonica [1m]
(Once a fortnight) warts on face and hands, generally round, red (Nat. c., Thuja), hard small, large, smooth (Ruta), inflamed, horny, indented in man, woman and child (fleshy or anemic or rachitic young) who perspire on upper parts of the body and crave for indigestible food.

Antimonium crudum
(Once a week) warts on neck, arms, hands, soft and smooth, horny, hard, patient is sensitive to cold bath and heat.

Staphisagria [1m]
(once a week) warts pedunculated, painful, cauliflower like (Nit. ac., Thuja) and sensitive to touch.

Lycopodium clavatum [200-1000]
Warts in persons of gastric, hepatic and urinary disorders, pedunculated, cracked, with scaly areola pulsating, moist, inflamed; patient intolerant of heat and likes warm food.

Ferrum picricum
Hands covered with warts in those who cannot undergo exertion and are dark-haired people.

Natrium muriaticum [1m]
(Once a week) warts on palms of hands which are perspiring and hot, tingling and numbness in fingers extremities, craves for salt, headache and weeping mood, -morning.

Natrium carbonicum [lm]
Warts on tips of fingers and toes, soreness between toes and fingers, eruptions are circular, many complaints -by change of season.

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Dr.Sarswat, You had provided a very genuis therapeutic hints for warts.Thanks.

But warts are such a miasmatic disease that several times we have to think beyond these remedies. I have seen in practice that the totality of the characteristic symptoms are many times required in such cases, as these are indicative of deep rooted problem at the core level.

Sir, very good post....



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