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VACCINE HEALTH FREEDOM: Please sign to express your opposition to mandatory vaccination bill in your state!  See below- it is easy and quick!
The links below sends you to the website where you have to enter you zip, after that it finds your area reps and gives you opportunity to sign pre-written message that goes straight to you area reps in-box.

Protect Fundamental Right to Decline Vaccines Before it’s Too Late!

Mass vaccination policies are made at the state level - where your action to protect your rights can have the greatest impact!   Click On Your State Below NOW to defend the right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccinations.  Join Washington, Oregon and Maryland in successfully convincing legislators to stop bills that would restrict the legal right to make voluntary choices about vaccinations.  Click on Your State Below NOW to tell your legislators that the right and responsibility for making medical intervention decisions for preventative care for your family belongs to you!

Click on your State to OPPOSE These Bills:

California SB277, a bill to eliminate the personal belief exemption to vaccination requirements, is set for hearing on April 8 in the Senate Health Committee.  Read the bill and check its status here.  Take Action Here.

Connecticut HB 6949, restricting religious exemptions to vaccination, was heard in Committee on March 18th.  The committee approved a substitute version of the bill, however, the text of the substitute has not been posted as of 3/30/2015. We’ve heard that the exemptions would still need to be notarized, but the section requiring education has been removed.  Read the introduced bill hereTake Action Here.

Illinois SB 1410 severely restricts religious exemptions to vaccination.  SB 1410 committee amendment no. 1 was referred to Public Health and the deadline was established as April 24, 2015.  The amended version of SB 1410 is still a really bad bill and now is the same as HB 2560 (see information below for HB 2560).  These bills would restrict the religious exemption to vaccination in IL by requiring parents present to the school authority a signed certificate detailing their grounds for objection to the immunization. The grounds for objection must set forth the specific belief that conflicts with the immunization. The certificate must also be signed by the health care provider.  The certificate, to be created by the Dept. of Public Health, must be submitted every year. Philosophical and moral reluctance are not sufficient for an exemption. The local school authority would decide if the content of the certificate of religious exemption constitutes a valid religious exemption. Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.

HB 2560 was first introduced on 2/18/2015 as a “shell bill” with a title Amends the Mercury-Free Vaccine Act. Makes a technical change in a Section concerning the short title.  This was a shell bill because, as introduced, it did nothing.   On March 10, 2015 the sponsor, Rep. Robyn Gable, filed an amendment to the bill that would severely restrict the religious exemption to vaccination in IL.

Maine LD 606 eliminates personal belief exemptions to vaccination and was referred to the Health and Human Services Committee on 3/3/2015. Current law allows exemptions because of a person's philosophical beliefs from immunization requirements for students in elementary and secondary schools and postsecondary schools and employees of nursery schools and health care facilities. This bill removes those exemptions. The bill also directs the Department of Health and Human Services to remove any immunization exemptions because of philosophical beliefs from its rules.  The bill is sponsored by Rep. Ralph Tucker. Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

Minnesota S.B 380/H.B.393 eliminates the conscientious belief exemption and replaces it with a restricted personal belief exemption.  SF 380 was heard and amended in the Senate Health, Human Services and Housing Committee on March 18th.  The committee recommended the bill pass. The bill had a 2nd reading on March 23, 2015.  H.B.393/S.B 380 would require a person to obtain a statement from a physician that provides immunizations verifying that the physician has reviewed with the parent or guardian, or the child if emancipated, information about the risks and benefits of the vaccines that is consistent with information published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Read the bill here.  Take Action Here.

New Jersey SB 1147, restricting religious exemptions to vaccinations, passed out of committee on March 9 and needs to be stopped from moving into the House.  S1147 is still waiting to be be heard by the full senate.   Continue to contact your NJ State Senator and ask them to VOTE NO or ABSTAIN on S1147.  Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

New Jersey AB 1931 restricting religious exemptions to vaccinations requires a written statement "explaining how the administration of the vaccine conflicts with the bona fide religious tenets or practices of the student, or the parent or guardian."  As such it requires parents to explain and ultimately justify their deeply held personal and private religious beliefs to the government.  Read the bill here Take Action Here.

North Carolina SB 346 Eliminates the Religious Exemption to Vaccination in NC and replaces it as rewritten.  The new law would add new mandates for school children in NC.  If this passes children would be required to recieve hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rotavirus, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, red measles (rubeola) and rubella.(rubeola), rubella, mumps, pneumococcal, influenza, varicella and meningitis vaccines, in addition to any other virus, disease, or condition against which the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends.

Current requirements do not include Hepatitis A, rotavirus, pneumococcal, flu or meningitis vaccines.  The bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Health Care.  A hearing has not been scheduled as of 3/24/2015.  This committee meets on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM in Room 544 LOB.  Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

Pennsylvania bill to eliminate the philosophical belief exemption from vaccinations will soon be introduced as of 3/30/2015.  Pennsylvania Representative Becky Corbin, a Republican from Chester County, has proposed a bill to eliminate the philosophical exemption to mandatory vaccination in Pennsylvania.  State Representative Mike Schlossberg, a Democrat from Lehigh, announced plans to co-sponsor the bill.  The current exemption law in PA includes an exemption for "on the basis of a strong moral or ethical conviction" in addition to religious beliefs.  Check back with NHFA to read the bill text once its posted.  Take Action Here.

Rhode Island SB381 would eliminate religious exemptions to vaccination requirements.  A hearing was held on SB 381 on 3/26/15.  The current status of the bill is that it is being held in committee for further study.  Continue to contact members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and your own State Senator and ask them to oppose S 381.  Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

Texas HB2006, a bill that would repeal conscientious and religious exemptions to vaccinations, was referred to the Public Health Committee on March 11.  Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

Vermont SB87 would eliminate religious belief exemptions to vaccination and HB212 eliminates both religious and philosophical belief exemptions to vaccination.  SB 87 was read and referred to Committee on Health & Welfare on Feb. 12, 2015.  Read SB 87 hereTake Action Here.

Vermont HB 266, requiring all school students, teachers, administrators, and staff to be fully vaccinated.  The bill has not moved forward since being introduced.   Read the bill hereTake Action Here.

Additional bills relating to vaccination exemptions and immunization registries for you to support and oppose can be found at, here.

Stand Up in Your State Today!  Schedule a face-to-face meeting with your state representatives.  Find out who your Representatives are here

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