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Age- 25 yrs
Sex- F
Regd no- 818

Date of First Visit- 21/12/09

Physical Symptoms:-

-Pregnant 4th month, (second pregnanay)
-Vomiting, 2-3 vomits per day, more at early morning and night
-Vomiting of watery content.
-Desire to vomit by her finger but unable to perform.
-Excessive saliva which dribbles out early morning, quantity of saliva is so much that she has to keep a bucket with her.
-Stool- sever constipation, hard stool , has to exert preassure, brown black in colour.
-Thirst- decreased only 2-3 glass of water per day.
-Sweat- Decreased
-Apettite- Decreased only 1-2 chapati’s at a time.

All physical symptoms appeares only during pregnancy.

-All these complaints were also present in her first pregnancy also for which she took allopathic medicines with no results. She took allopathic treatment this time also but with no relief.

Chilly patient


Anger +++, violent, irritable.

(Anger as described by her husband)
"Oho Dr, don’t ask about her nature she is so violent that she even doesn’t care or she doesn’t know what she is doing , let me show you one example of her violent nature," then he showed me his child hand which was burnt.

Becomes Violent in Nature, so much that she even doesn’t care hitting her child. She hits her child so badly that she burnt her child hand with hot iron without caring what will happen to the child.

She will not cook food if she is angry without caring what others will eat. Many a times they had to stay just on Maggie as their lunch or dinner

Nux vomica 30
Single dose

Placebo 200
Tds for 4 days

Date- 25/12/09
Her husband came saying that she is fine and she vomited only on 22/12/09 twice a day, and no vomiting after that till now, but now she is feeling bit nauseatic but no vomiting.
Saliva problem is solved.
Her stools are very much normal than before and looks very much comfortable, but Dr, she is still having nauseatic sensations many times a day.
This time p/t was given

Nux vom 31
Single dose

Placebo 200
Tds x 7 days

Date - 2/1/10
This time again only her husband came and said she is feeling much better, no vomiting, no constipation, and no excessive saliva. Her appetite has also increased.
The patient continued with placebo only and no complaints till date have been recorded.

Thanx to Nux.

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If she is humble and gentle before the ill then i think sepia is better and if she is naturally aggresive then we can think pltina met, and nux, v,


how ever good case taking , especially nux female is not late to hit someone.


Prescription mainly based on mental symptoms, "very good artistic prescription" doctor you'll be surprise to know that there is very few Homoeopathic doctor who is able to prescribe by this method, to whom doctor Kent denote as artistic prescriber. most of the doctor is fully depend on Repertory

Who have forgotten the treaties of  great Boenninghausen that Repertory should be used only when clear indication of medicine is not present   


Another treaties of Dr. Kent that “When characteristic symptoms of any medicine is present in the case, so don’t care, it has all little symptoms or not”        

Thanks Dr. Habib for calling it a good artistic prescription, yes i prescribe medicines totally on mental symptoms.


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