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These days the important news is about ICELAND and VOLCANO.The volcano in Iceland erupted a few days ago spitting out smoke and magma that shut down the world of aviation across the Atlantic from and to Europe.Flights were disrupted all over the world because of this natural phenomena and made humans helpless against the power of nature.

It is poetic justice where nature shows her wrath it also bestows its blessing.After its all over, the land becomes more fertile, vegetation starts coming back and once again flora and fauna begins there activity.

Homeopathy also benefited from this activity.The lava from this volcano was researched and converted into a Homeopathic Medicine called HECLA LAVA.

See what Robin Murphy in his Lotus Materia Medica has to say about Hecla Lava.I am quoting some important aspect of this remedy.

Volcanic Ash
Hecla. Hecla lava. Lava Heclae. Volcanic ash from Mount Hecla in Iceland. The
finer ash falling in distant localities. Trituration. Historical
dose: Trituration and all potencies, lower triturations.

When traveling in Iceland, Garth Wilkinson noticed that the sheep in the
vicinity of Hecla. had immense bony growths on the jaws.

Another effect noticed was the drying up of the milk both in sheep and cows.
The finer ash which feel on pastures at a distance, was the most deleterious,
the gross ash near the mountain was inert. The ash of this volcano contain
Silica, Alumina, Lime, Magnesia with some Oxide of Iron.

Garth Wilkinson adds to the above that he has used Hecla. with excellent
effect in toothache, gum abscess, swellings about the jaws and in difficult
dentition. Clinical experience has shown the power of Hecla. to arrest many
forms of bone disease including osteosarcoma, scrofulous and syphilitic
osteitis and exostoses. The swellings amenable to it are painful and
sensitive to touch, worse from touch and pressure.

Hecla lava affects mostly the bones of the head, jaws, teeth and legs. In
five or six cases of osteosarcoma, exostosis and osteitis it arrested
the development and prevented recurrence. Marked action upon the

The glands are affected almost as much as the bones: induration and
infiltration of cervical glands, studding the neck like a row of pearls. The
right side has been more predominantly affected.
Of great use in exostosis, gum abscess toothaches, difficult
teething. Nodosities, decay of bone, etc. Tumors in general. Bone
necrosis. Necrosis and sinus after mastoid operation. Facial neuralgia from
carious teeth and after extraction. White swellings. Whitlow and gumboil.

Facial neuralgia from decayed teeth and after extraction. Polyps,
commencing in antrum of Highmore tumor, deforming face, forcing eyeball
upward, obstructing nostrils, extending downward into the mouth, impeding
breathing and chewing, nosebleed, headache.


Violent pain in upper jaw. Abscess or enlargement of bone remaining
after tooth extraction. Enlargement of maxillary bone. Painful to
touch: upper jaw, swelling under right alae nasi sensitive. Slight pressure:
right cuspid of upper jaw sensitive. From injury to jaw: had enlargement of
maxillary bone.

Toothaches, especially of teeth are very sensitive to pressure with
swelling about jaws. Neuralgia from carious tooth in cavity from which tooth
has been extracted. Abscess of gums. Difficult dentition in scrofulous and
rickety children. Pain in wound, where tooth has been extracted.

This remedy is often neglected but is of immense importance and should be used when
symptoms agree.It has proved its benefits when used where found necessary.


LINK |  Under the Volcano


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Dear WAK,

Here we can include SULPHUR & FLUORIC ACID also as drugs from volcano.

Apart from them other three newer drugs are in use in our Homoeopathy-



Etna lava was potentized from the samples taken from different areas of the volcanic strata of Mount Etna after the 2001 eruption. The proving was conducted by Dr Maria Francesca Spada, Dr Gaetano Arena and Dr Riccardo Nucifora and monitored by Professor Mario Matera(2), from October 2001 to March 2002. The proving was conducted following the rules of classical Hahnemannian proving. The provers described over 300 symptoms, which are the basis of a synthetic report on the pathogenesis of Etna lava.

Etna Lava proving -


Arizona lava was made from trituration from a piece of Basaltic lava brought from Sunset Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona. It was triturated in milk sugar to the third centesimal and then potentized by the traditional single vial Hahnemannian method. Misha Norland at The School of Homoeopathy, Devon, England conducted the proving of this remedy in 1994.

Arizona proving -


Cinis popo was made from the ashes of the Popocatépetl volcano, in Mexico. The proving was conducted in 1995 by Dr Luis Germán González y González and medical homoeopaths from the College of Homoeopaths of Puebla. The pathogenesis of Cinis popo was published in 2000 along with 39 other remedies in a compilation called Mexican Materia Medica by Dr Fernando François Flores.


Carolina Pollak ( )

Dear "BONDHU",thanks for adding to my knowledge about these medicines from different Volcanos.

I am lucky to have visited Etna many years ago while i was posted in Malta.


Thank you for introducing this topic Dr Wequar
More information

Typical chemical composition of volcanic ash - Information from Myriam Shivadikar homeopath from UK.

Volcanoes emit a variety of gases including H2O, CO2, SO2, HCl, NH3, H2S, HF. These gases interact rapidly with the ash particles of a volcanic plume and especially atmospheric water to form acidic aerosols.

Volcanic ash may therefore contain potentially harmful substances in the form of water-soluble materials, mostly acids and salts, which cling to the particles of glass and crystals. The most common are sulphate, chloride, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and fluoride. Other elements reported but in lower concentrations include metals such as zinc, cadmium and lead.

Finer ash is able to carry more soluble ions than coarser ash because of its larger surface area; fine ash and smaller-sized ash travel greater distances from an erupting volcano, typically extend over very wide areas than larger ash particles and may stay airborne for lengthy periods.

Human Health Effects

Particulate matter has potential health effects such as causing eye and skin irritation and increased respiratory effects for conditions such as asthma or other lung conditions. How people are affected will depend on their Constitution.

Homeopathic Solutions
There are various remedies which can help, if possible - Individualize the remedy. If this is not possible, we can give out combination remedies, this will save time & is cost effective & can be given to the masses. You can make these 2 remedies on your machines and give them out to the people, you can even combine them to make the ultimate 'Volcano Remedy'.

(1) Emotional Relief
Rx Combination: Narayani Shock, Injury, Grief & Sepia 6C
This will work on many levels & cover a wide spectrum of reactions, and give them the physical strength.

(2) Ash Detox
Rx Combination: Hecla Lava 12C, Sulphuric Acid 12C, Silica 6X, Carbo veg 6C, Narayani Lungs.
The Hecla Lava contains the Fluoride which cause toxicity ( in the proving, Fluoride causes relationship breakdowns). The Silica is part of the ash, in 6X potency, it will expel an particles of ash from the lungs and skin. Sulphuric acid acts as a detox. The Carbo veg will help to re-oxygenate & offset the carbon in the ash. Narayani Lungs will generally help to keep the airways clear as well as strengthening the lungs.

Here are some more information to add which were sent to me from Mairi Frost:

information, thoughts and meditations
IntroductionThis is borne out of an experience I had whilst coming to understand and prescribe Hekla Lava. There is a lot in this remedy that is not yet unearthed, particularly in the mental symptoms and the essence. It is the beginning of an ongoing study for me, and I hope it is stimulating for you. There is nothing here that is intended to be definitive.
The Material The finer ash from Mount Hekla in Iceland, falling in distant localities. The ash nearer to the volcano is said to be inert. Contains silica, alumina, lime, magnesia and oxide of iron. (Clarke). From the Volcano World site, the chemical composition is listed as:
SiO2 TiO2 Al2O3 FeO MnO MgO CaO Na2O K2O P2O5
54.7 2.00 14.41 11.5 0.26 3.10 7.32 4.11 1.23 1.17
FeO = FeO total
There is another table of composition at where there are also other details about Hekla eruptions, and a large a large amount of photos of the 2000 eruption. Some eruptions (2000?, 1980, 1970, 1311?) have also contained a high degree of Fluorine coinciding with mass fatalities amongst livestock. From examination of symptoms in the materia medica, it is most probable that ashes from these eruptions were the ones used for the remedy.
Eruptions and LavaMount Hekla is a 1491 m high located in the south western part of Iceland about 70 miles (110 km) south east of Reykjavik and 35 miles (55 km) inland from the southern coastline. Here is a satellite picture from 26/02/2000 showing the location and the extent of the ash. It is regarded by some as a stratovolcano, but others argue that it more closely resembles Hawaiian shield volcanoes. It is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and has terrified the inhabitants of Iceland since it was settled by Ingolfur Arnarson.
The largest eruptions date from 1104 and 1766. Recent ones were in 1991 and 2000. The February-March 2000 eruption was Hekla's third eruption in 20 years. The craters are usually filled with snow and there is usually a cloud floating above.
Websearches brought up the following information:A Hekla eruption characteristically starts out with an explosive phase that usually lasts for a few hours and then proceeds to erupt large quantities of lava over a period of several weeks.
(From this it could be predicted that the remedy tends to have an associated action which is intense over the first few hours then an ongoing letting off of steam for a few weeks. This is something to observe and check in actual cases.)
The Thjorsa lava flow, possibly the largest post-glacial flow in the world, covers around 770 sq. km. and flowed 130 km from its point of origin.
1104: After a least 250 years of sleep, Hekla erupted violently with an explosive eruption that sent tephra northward, covering more than half the country.
1970: After a 22 year interval of inactivity Hekla came back to life, first shooting a huge ash-laden cloud to a height of 15,000 meters, and then covering a 40,000 sq. km. area with ash. This ash had high fluorine content (800-2,000 ppm) which poisoned over 7,000 sheep in the local area. This eruption's breakthrough points occurred along the Hekla's south-south-west and north-east slopes.
1980: On the 17th of August Hekla started erupting explosively first from the summit area and then spread along the whole 4.3 mile (7 km) fissure. The eruption column of steam and then dark tephra reached an altitude of over 49,000 ft.(15 km). The maximum tephra thickness for this eruption was reported ~ 6 miles (10 km) north of the summit with a depth of 8 inches (20 cm). The fluorine content in the tephra was high enough to cause heath problems with livestock. Lava started to flow from the summit of Hekla and continued along the length of the fissure, all together forming four separate flows. The largest amount of lava was erupted within the first twelve hours and by August 20th the only activity left was eruptions of steam.
Iceland is the site of the largest single lava flow in recorded global history. In 1783, an eruption at a mountain called Laki tore a chain of giant craters in the earth. Besides releasing 2.9 cubic miles of lava and inundating 218 square miles of land, the craters also belched a haze of toxic particles into the air, which was reported as far away as Syria. The poisoned air devastated Iceland's livestock and farmland, contributing to a famine that killed about a quarter of the island's residents. Not Hekla, but it gives an impression of the nature of these eruptions.

Here, , are some personal experiences of Mount Hekla and it's eruptions.

The NameAccording to homeopathy texts, Hekla is Icelandic for cloak. However, a friend suggested the following:".... the mountain is the most infamous in Iceland - folklore has it as the entrance (or one of the entrances) to Hell; our Icelandic dictionary says hekla means a crochet hook, but I think it must be connected to the root HEK found in Hexe, German for witch, and English to put a HEX on someone - sort of Black Witch Mountain". I since found at Fact Monster, it is a legendary gathering place for witches. I've also read that people used to believe that there were big black birds that attacked everything that approached the mountain. Maybe in the past this was true, though now few birds are found in the area. The small village nearby is called Hella (though the translation is "slab" ).The above is interesting, and certainly offers a different flavour than "cloak" conjures up. Any further information on this is very welcome.

Provings My first sense of it is its rawness. Ashenness, hard, dry, dusty, grey. Eruptive, powerful, though mainly dormant.
I focused on it listening to Cover Me (Plaid Mix), from Hyperballad. (If you have Real Player, and you're online then you are, hopefully, listening to "Cover Me" by Bjork. If you can't hear it now, click here).This reminded me more of the rawness, plus the Staphisagria sensitivity. Also, there may well be some element of quirkiness, something eccentric and sensitive, maybe more like Sulphur? The idea of the cloak is interesting. There is maybe something unexpressed and hidden, and lurking there, or maybe it is more to do with a covering e.g. the tissues on the bone ? I feel there is a darker side to it which so far hasn't been expressed in the provings or literature. (Maybe related to the translation of Hekla to cloak, which may be hiding the witchy hexing aspect... interesting.)

On talking to Diane Murray (a colleague in Bristol), themes around eating and isolation came up. Also, as she had recently been there, in our conversation there was a strong sense of the environment of volcano, hot geysers, frozen waterfalls and moonlike landscape. Mount Hekla is away from people, very isolated, unlike other volcanoes such as Stromboli with it greenery, vegetation and people living half way up. Many of the physicals focus around the jaw and teeth. There is also the drying up of milk aspect which led me to connect with a sense of not feeding. This not feeding feels at a deep level, the baby, jaw necrosis, isolation, non verbal. There are the mentals of suppressed emotions. I wonder if these may be as of those in a neglected or deserted child. Iceland itself is relatively isolated, in cold surroundings. Its land mass is still forming through volcanic activity. The suppressed forces feel like they are both childlike and plutonic in nature. The music of Bjork reflects a lot of this for me.

I made a Hekla 1M by "meditation" which I've dropped off to my patient (whose tooth pain from dubious dental work that had been troubling him for two months healed over a few days and has stayed away - 12/9/00). I felt incredibly clear and energised whilst making it; it felt very windy and desolate as I sort of blew the essence in. When making the remedy I felt:Wind, cold wind rushes through the land, a settling of fine dust permeates and disturbs. It blocks the fine vessels, and sets hard. It is immovable, without violent eruption. After making the remedy, I had definite doubts about anything actually being in there, much the same as when I made up the Venus remedy - well it IS pretty weird! - but did find I had an energy about me, a momentum that I was trying to allow to flow. That evening, 9/3/00, whilst Rosa (9 years old at the time) and Suzanne (my partner) were getting ready to go out i.e. things were a little hectic (heklic?!), I gave Suzanne the bottle to hold and she came out with it feeling like a lot of space, very spacey..... not really concentrating as she was directing the getting ready, so I passed it on to Rosa, just to see if she felt anything. Now, either she was picking up on it from me or the bottle, who's to know, but what she said was startling. I wish I'd recorded it on tape, but here is what she said (including subsequent clarifications).

" Its sort of pphhhffff! It feels like plastic when it's been in the sun (S had warmed the bottle up...?). Earthy, very earthy.....
A pyramid. As if I am in it looking up to the point. It is pale, sky blue with white speckles which are air rushing past. The pyramid is like an icicle, all dripping down, not stable. It has a (red?) rose inside, facing me.
I get blue (dark, navy blue) and green (dark turquoise).

(Where do you feel it in your body?) Head, abdomen, knees and hands. (In your muscles, joints, bones or somewhere else like the bits in your tummy, or is it a headache?) In my bones.

Blue rivers, thin. Also lightning, blue lightning.
Fire and ice.
A circle of fire above something like a (remedy pill - small, round white sugar) pill.
A lion.
Yellow raindrops. Dusty, lots of little bits. Brown speckledy dust, coming out of something like a grinder, though that was in the peripheral of my vision. It was going round in a spiral, like when Tinkerbell throws her magic dust and it sweeps round (in an arc) and slowly settles.
Image of a plant, like a money plant (tree) but with only one stalk but leaves like the money plant coming of it.
A big field of green grass, that’s where the stream was.
Total eclipse. I got lots of images of the total eclipse."
A later attempt by Suzanne came up with the following: " Tingling, feel it in my tummy.
I feel I am whirling around, a swung around feeling, like after being on a roundabout. Feeling dizzy. Feeling nauseous.
H/A feeling sick.
Cold and shivery.
Felt generally better with eyes open.
Tension on base of skull - compressed head thing.
Tummy feels stirred up, its bringing out my weak symptoms.
Expansive and contractive at the same time. Contracting in abdomen, but expanding outward.
Ears - as if under water (slight pressure).
Caught in a vortex of energy.
Black stuff on top now - a bit of black on field of vision.
Sadness, like I’ve done a lot and worn out, emptiness. Sleepy? Hollow, numb.
Whole body feels as if it’s ringing, tingling - like ringing in ears though whole body. Toes tingly.
Everything is on both sides."
I have done similar "provings" with Suzanne before and there are similarities with some of these other provings (and the traditional proving she did of Venus), i.e. in her, they do tend to bring out spaceyness, contracting and expanding, emptiness, numbness, tiredness, blackness, nausea and feeling cold and shivery. However, the symptoms above did link into a pattern, so I left them there. The feeling of a vortex, going round and round, and cold shivery sensations also come through in my sense of the remedy and from Rosa’s wonderfully lucid perceptions.
DiscussionWhat is the value of such a "proving"? At this stage it is enough for me to say it was interesting and stimulating. In time, I will follow it up in some more traditional way and find out how much of the actual symptom picture relates to the above.
I do think that the difference between a traditional proving and what Rosa and Suzanne experienced is that they were possibly expressing the underlying nature of the substance whilst what we have in a traditional proving is the reaction to that in both the mind and the body. This reaction will often result in pathological symptoms that are plain to see. The more a person is able to freely express an essence or remedy that they have taken, the less likely they are to be jolted and pushed into producing the pathology. Rosa was 9 years old and particularly open to the world and able to express her experiences with confidence. Suzanne is older and less free in that way. The difference between their experiences above, I think, reflects this.
Because Suzanne and Rosa only held the remedy bottle and after a few minutes released it, I think they had only "tasted" the essence. If they were to have ingested it they may well have felt the effects more in the centre of their beings rather than on the periphery, and we may then have more "solid" symptoms to look at.

The remedy was made by concentration/meditation and was not materially connected to the substance of Hekla Lava. Does this make any difference? It is no different in that way from remedies made in radionics machines, of which there is ample proof of the effectiveness. I would like to do a traditional proving with this remedy to see how similar it is to the "normal" remedy. Results of this will be on this website in the future. Meanwhile, the remedy has worked in a curative manner for the patient for whom it was intended.

I look forward to hearing any views on this, and any other issues you have picked up here. Also, if anyone has any insight into the more subtle aspects of the remedy from their own experience, I would love to include it here.

Literature The remedy was introduced by J J Garth Wilkinson (1812-99) who was on holiday in Iceland and noticed that the sheep grazing in areas where the fine ash from Hekla had fallen, had bony growths on their jaws and ankles. He realised that this must come from the ingestion of the grass which grows there, so brought back some Hekla and had it made up as a potency. As far as I'm aware no proving was actually done. I believe most of the information in Materia Medica comes from observations on the effect on animals in the region of Mount Hekla and by subsequent clinical observation of patients. The physical symptoms are well documented in most materia medica, and I’ll leave them for you to look up, whilst mental symptoms and images are rarely described.

There is an extensive article in French by Doctor Robert Séror which could do with translation. Here is a partial translation. One therapuetic use he has found for it is in Osgood-Schlaters disease. If you're interested, you could try translating it further, bit by bit with one of the tools at
Vermeulenintense nervousness in the morning > towards 3pm. Outburst of violent anger (and feeling of helplessness)."Very calm and poised person, but when provoked he used to burst into violent anger. No control Shouting at others whoever they may be, using words that offend." (Aleem). "Gentle disposition but highly sensitive to admonitions, criticisms and injustices done to him and to others, leading to irritability. Suppressing the anger, yet when his anger went beyond control, he became violent." (Aleem, The Rhythm of Volcano, Homeopathic Links 1/94)Ailments from shock, indignation and suppression of emotions esp. anger. (Aleem) "Volcanoes usually look gentle, but once they start erupting, they behave very violently, blasting and blazing, the hot larva destroying and hurting everything around." (Aleem).

Comparisons The remedy that is most similar must be Hepar-sulph., - also Calc-sulph., Silica, Calc. and Sulphur. Other remedies may be of the nature of Carc., Follic., maybe Syph., and in the mentals Plutonium? and Androc.? although not intentionally malicious - it is too elemental/fundamental/naïve for that. Because of the significant high fluorine content, it is likely to have many Flour. aspects.

Other remedies listed are: (Vermeulen)Calc-fluor., Merc., Phos., Fluor-ac., Staph.; (Boericke)Conchiolinum - mother of pearl - diaphysis of bone affected; parts extremely sensitive to touch. Amphisboena - snake like lizard - great affinity for the jaw bones, worse by air and dampness. Slag. - great itching of parts.; (Clarke)Stilling., Symphyt., Kali-iod., Ruta.
References Clarke (Dictionary of pract. mat med.), Vermeulen (Synoptic)Volcano World (another website of interest is The Volcano Information Center )Science Wire

Mount Hekla eruption of 1991
Thank you Gudny,for this post.
Informative and Fascinating.The photograph is fantastic.It tells the awe and anger of mother nature;but then it gives us those wonderful volcano medicines also.
I never thought that my article would generate so much of interest and response.
Here is a beautifully designed Homeopathy project from Carola Pollak details a family of remedies all derived from the issuances of Volcanoes:

Soon there will also be the new Hekla Lava remedy (since the eruptions from 2001) there have been provings going on for the last year on this new HEKLA LAVA in UK - exciting times :) will be another one to add when published - hopefully very soon :)

At last I post lots of links of recent amazing, powerful beauty of volcanic eruption in Iceland and few photos - enjoy :)!/album.php?aid=173056&id=94957260823&ref=mf!/album.php?aid=169251&id=537701906&ref=mf

With love from Iceland - the little isolated island in the north - the island of FIRE AND ICE :)
Guðný Ósk
Iceland the land of Geo thermal energy beside "FIRE AND ICE";

These days once again the Iceland Volcano is making headlines. Nature has its own way of expressing its wrath. Beside this natural phenomena ,the tornado is playing havoc with many places in USA.

Its time for reflection as to why these disasters are becoming so frequent; Or its a regular feature of nature and only because the world has become a "global village" we come to know of it in real times as it occurs.Thanks to the advance that we have made in communication through electronic media.

We must reflect that we are not respecting nature.Cutting down of trees,emission of toxic gasses by by industrial world ,trying to harness and tame nature by force with our advanced scientific knowledge,and in many cases not respecting the human race, as the most beautiful creation of mother nature. 

Though nature shows its harsh face,it still remains benevolent.Let all of us count our blessing;   

Thanks for givig more details about the Hecla lava

It´s astonishing how much effect a volcanic eruption in this little island has on the world at large. Cancelled flights and rerouting of prospective travellers. What has a deep impact on us, these few souls on this island, is the tragedy that people directly under the volcano are living. Lambs and animals are dying off, choking in the 20-30 cm deep ash. Farmers need to go out several times a day to bring fresh drinking water to the animals, drinking water from bottles, something you dont see often here given our extraordinary good drinking water. What had a huge impact on these people living at the roots of this usually dormant giant was that at the same time as the volcano was exploding its ashes through the glaciers path, they also experienced a severe storm. For almost two days the had to stay inside because outside their houses a huge ash storm was raging. Thankfully this eruption seems to be coming to an end, but our experts are forecasting a big eruption in mount Hecla. This, you see, is just a small subpart of her. If and when she blows, she´ll blow big. And we´ve had enough of eruptions for now. But the funny thing I noticed is that 2 days before the eruption, a lot of people, including myself, were experiencing headaches, a dull hammering headache behind the eyes, more on the right side. When the eruption stopped. And now that the eruption is  coming to a halt, the headache returns. AH we shall see what tidings we´ll bring from Iceland in the coming days, I have a funny feeling that this is not over. We shall hope though.

Love and light


Thanks for sharing your views.Hope and pray that all goes well for future.

I have spent the last half hour, reading and then rereading this item, I am so blessed to belong to such an awesome group of homeopaths.

Gudny, the photos blew me away, they are only photos, but they somehow managed to get inside me and move me to tears with such beauty and energy, powerful is an understatement !!

Dagny, thank you for reminding us of the "human cost" and the challenges that disasters bring. Today in NZ we have had 2 small tornadoes on a smaller city, tornadoes unheard of here in nz, only in the latter years, our Christchurch city suffered another severe earthquake that now has broken the hearts of many living there, this is happening all over the world, it as though mother earth has a very strong message for us, I hope we are all listening.

I used hecla once in 2002, when a 4 year old came to see me with the most amazing "string of pearls around his neck", I prescribed a 30c with good improvement, Whenever the child had illness his glands came up like this and Hecla was repeated successfully by his mother.

Love and light to all people who are facing challenges from mother nature.


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