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As a homeopath, "Do you approve or disapprove of the use of vitamins and minerals. Do they have any role for the following?"

1. Pregnant women/nursing mothers

2. Chronically ill patient

3. Dieters (Whose calorie intake may not be sufficient to supply all nutrients)

4. The Elderly

5. Those recovering from infection or surgery

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Good question. I'm interested to what others respond to using vitamins and mineral supplements in these four categories.

I personally do take high dose vitamin C, most especially at the beginning and during a cold. I also take CoQ-10. Sometimes folic acid, Vitamin B12 complex, Vitamin D3, OMEGA-3 Fish oils, and sometimes Magnesium-Calcium supplements. When I have a large bruise, I find pineapple that has bromelain enzyme helps quicken the healing. And, chicken soup, garlic, tumeric, cinnamon and other spices and other herbs are part of my regular diet. Reduction of breads and pastas can help reduce weight and digestion. I have not answered specifically your question and directly the categories. I'll leave that up to others.

Yes I do approve for pregnant women yes. Iron and Ca is a must. For chronically ill patients if we support with vitamins, minerals and iron it helps.

Yes,they are always helpful.

I am as a Homeopath approve of using minerals and vitamin supplements in only those cases where there is reasonable lesser intake of these through daily diet, also those who are eating junk food and where there is increased demand ,also in cases of elderly where there is less intake of food due to anorexia.
In all other cases one must resort to CONSTITUTIONAL HOMEOPATHIC treatment to increase the proper absorption and assimilation of all minerals and vitamins.Help of biochemical tissue remedies can also be taken in such cases.As use of Calc Phos 3X or 6X in calcium deficiency, Ferr Phos 3X in iron deficiency and Five phos 6X in general debility.

as a homeopath i m not approving the patients to take calcium and vitamin tablets as a supplement, like E B Nash in his leaders in homeopathic therapeutics only nutritious food the tonic which i advised almost to all the patients
Most of the world population DOES NOT eat properly. Not in 3rd world countries -Not in the western world.
Thus the use of supplm.+vitamins are needed.
The use of Calcium I do nOt agree with -Best to take a plant phyto subst. instead veggy based.
Calcium vit. Cause an excess overload on the organs body does not absorb or knows what to do with all this Calcium supplm.
Laypersons/our patients/family/friends and yes homeopaths do not fully understand proper nutrients needed for flawless function.

I posted something in the thread-on dietary attention+homeopathy-more about this subject.

Vitamins and minerals help a lot and should be taken according to the requirement.


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