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Vital Force, what is this and why does allopathic medicine not address this when dealing with illness?

Homeopathy works on a dynamic or energetic level.

Hahnemann used the term "vital force" to describe the spirit–like energy force that maintains the life of the individual.(Chi-prana also the vital force)

Without the vital force, the body dies. When the vital force is in a state of balance, health exists. A human (or any living creature) with a strong vital force (not to be confused with immune system because they are two different things) will be able to withstand exposure to certain disease stimulants with little disruption. One with a weak vital force, however, will be pushed to a state of imbalance with the slightest provocation.........................

Many homeopaths dont fully understand what exactly this vital force is?
Please post your comments here...................................

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Hahnemann calls the Vital Force "the life force" and the "life principle". He says that the Vital Force makes the material organism alive and without the Vital Force the material organism cannot feel anything, cannot do anything and cannot keep itself together. Under the influence of the disease agent the Vital Force becomes changed from its normal state and it is the Vital Force who produces the symptoms which we call the disease. Consequently only the Vital Force itself can remove these symptoms. Allopathic medicines influence the symptoms only, not the Vital Force. Without the influence of the Vital Force the symptoms can be only suppressed or made to disappear, but the problem will not be solved and the abnormal state of the Vital Force will remain, only it will create other symptoms to express the disease and attract our attention to the necessity of solving the problem.
Thank you for the addition Michael.Great Imput!
for everyone;
Do you as a practicioner spend the time to explain this to your patients?

By what means;
1-do you opt for a print out leaflet to hand out
2-is this expl. on your website so patients can read it
3-expl. verbally when they seek counsil
4- no time- you dont go into it
5-do you think most patients care about vital force information?

everyone reading this please add to this discussion..............
Listen to Vital Force Radio: for an explanation


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