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In acute cases, which symptom would you like to give more weight for the selection of a remedy: a strong general or a  peculiar particular?

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peculiar particular

Dear Dr Sushil, When looking at an acute case we see a person in an extreme condition of suffering. 

Help us understand what comes to the surface. Would a strange rare and peculiar always show itself, or might only a very strong general in every case?

I Think both are equally important but if asked to choose between one of them i would go for Strong general over peculiar Particular in acute case.
The present, clear, intense, particular symptom with definite modality is the true guide.

And do not forget the signs also.


In acute cases ignoring physicals is a big mistake.The best is, prescribe on the present changes from health, with intensity of every sign and symptom.The upper layer to be treated first.


Treating on Peculiar particular may not lead to cure but certainly it will give temporary relief. Peculiar symptom is the outcome of central disturbance it may be many at a time in a person, So it might lead to confusion as to which medicine is to be given, Whereas the Strong Genral covers almost the whole central disturbance which is making the patient sick. Hence help in Individualising the case and restoration of health.

Strong General is always available & Peculiar particular is not. So generally my choice is Strong general in acute cases...

Peculiar particular we generally get in trumatic , G.I. & respiratory acute disorders.


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