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Some people suffer with great hunger and resort to eat beyond their capacity. As a result, become victims to indigestion. "ABIES CANADENSIS" will set right that condition in a quick and certain manner 3rd and 6th potencies can be tried.

Cerebral Spasms

Cerebral irritation and hysterical infantile spasm, can be controlled effectively with this remedy "ABSINTHINUM" Q, 3rd and 6th potencies will take hold of these cases, provided they are not of long duration.

Dead Babies

Sometimes, it is found that certain women give birth to dead babies from no discoverable cause, causing enormous misery to the mother, especially, and the other family members. "ACTEA RACEMOSA" is a trusted remedy for such a condition, The mode of administration is a daily dose of "1x" for two months before delivery time.

Excoriation of Thighs

Some people get excoriation of thighs by walking; an annoying symptom causing discomfort as well as distress. "AETHUSA CYNAPIUM" has that symptom will defined. The lower triturations, can be tried with success.


Allied to chilblains is bunion. "AGARICUS MUSCARIUS" is considered almost a specific for this condition. 3rd, 30th and 200th potencies can be tried for good results.


When debility is due to lack of digestive power, in the stomach or general assimilative power and not nervous debility, "ALSTONIA CONSTRICTA" is to be thought of before giving other remedies. 3rd and 6th potencies will give good results.

Fibrous Deposits

To liquify albuminous and fibrous deposits "ACETIC ACID" is used many times with succes, 3rd, 6th and 30th potencies are recommended but with a caution, that they should not be repeated too often.

Stomach Affections

In many kinds of stomach affection, especially to meat eaters, more than vegetarians, where there is canine hunger and patients eat; more than drink and least change in diet cause various kinds of stomach troubles, "ALLIUM SATIVUM" is recommended. 3rd and 6th potencies are generally given.


Some people have a tendency to suffer from chronic herpes. Here Q to 3rd potency is used internally and for speedy relief can be used locally also. "ALNUS "

Unclean Bodily Habits

Some people from birth develop unclean bodily habits. Though many think of "SULPHUR' or "PSORINUM for such a condition. AMMONIUM CARB" can also be used with great success, according to Dr. GALLAVARDIN' 6th potency is highly recommended for general use.


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Noteworhty points....

I have also some points to add:

1. If the baby in the uterus stops growing, allopathy has no cure and they abort it. But one single dos of SECALE CORNUTUM is given, the baby starts growing  (Calvin B. Knerr's Repertory - Pregnancy-foetus -development arrested)


2. The foetus ( baby in the uterus of the pregnant mother)1 -3  weeks prior to delivery date  turns upside down, and the uterus descends down in such a way that the head of the foetus remains fixed  in the pelvic floor of mother.  1 -3  week later, at the delivery time the mouth of the uterus dilates and the child come out. Even after the full tern of ten month if the child does not turn upside down, or truns half-way and lies crosswise or having turned upside  down , does not descend further down  some doses of PULSATILLA  correct this and  it would be a normal and safe delivery. (  The Accouncherur's Emergency Manual by Dr. W.A. Yingling)

   So most of the caesarean surgeries can be done away with this medicine PULSATILLA !!

Thank you Veeraraghavan, share these tips

Impairment of functions 

For persons with advanced age, when they complain of impairment of functions such as weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, such as, fingers, arms etc, "AMBRA GRISEA" is considered to be a great remedy. A point to note is that complaints tend to be one sided in this remedy, up to 3rd potency can be repeated with advantage.

Hay fever

In hay fevers, "AMBROSIA" is a trusted remedy more so when there is profuse lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eyelids. High potencies are recommended as they are found to give better results.

For albuminaria in gouty patients, "AMMONIUM BENZOICUM" is given some specific value. Here it is advised to use lower triturations.

There are many standard remedies for that painful disease called "SCIATICA" but when there is the definite modality of pain aggravated while sitting and relief is obtained by lying. "ammonium muriaticum" is to be given a trial which in many cases proves to be sufficien to end the troubles.

Nodosities of joints 
In gouty patients in particular, when nodosities form on joint of fingers and backs of hands "ammonium phos." is credited as having given definite relief. 3rd decimal trituration can be tried in the beginning.

Coffee habit 
When patients get accustomed to drink enormous amount of coffee but sincerely wish to break from this viscious habit but fail in their attempts, "angustura vera" will prove a veritable boon for them. 6th potency will suffice in the beginning.

Thank you Dr Aamir. These may be helpful for those person's who match the symptoms. But, we must always remember to take a full case and understand what particular remedy will do the best good. For instance, a recent case of gout when repertorized did not bring up any of the typical remedies such as Benzoic Acid, but instead brought up the polycrests Phos, Sulph, Calc, Lyc, Puls as most indicated. Therefore, we must look carefully at the individualization for each person.

We used Rhus toxicodendron C 9 for herpes. It works very well in all cases. The herpes from sun ceases not that fast but all other cases heal pretty fast. I never used anything else than rhus tox for over 20 years now. After in-take, the burning pain goes off; in case if the herpes is evolved, some way formation starts and after an hour or two it stops; itching starts from within the scab, which is similar to needle pricks; after a day or two (depends how big is the scab) the symptoms lessen and at the end the scab unstuck from the skin area.


Budapest, Hungary and our friends and frineds of friends from many other cities and countries around the world.

Why c9? It is uncommon potency.The potencies available here are c6,c30.Do you think that it is effective only in c9 for this ailment.



It's the remedy of a western european manufacturer (sorry, i don't want to write the name of the company). Their lowest potency is C5. The most popular potencies here are C9. C15 and C 30, or C12 and C30 from another western european manufacturer.

In my experience C9 or if no C9, then C15 was/is the best for herpes. I never tried C200. I am 42 years old now and I am using only rhustox C9 for herpes since I am 16.

Thanks.The company you are referring to is the best in the world.I also concluded that the potency does not matter it is the correct selection which is must for every case.



PS: Unfortunately, in Hungary all homeopathic remedies manufacturers must print on their leaflets or must read loudly at the end of their advertisements the common collateral text that: "Concerning the risks and side effects, please, consult your Pharmacist or Doctor." See, the Hungarian Government is still not correcting this lie and let's the Big Pharma to deceive the people. Hope that this will change in the near future and all these diversionary activities will be regularized by Government Laws.


I have to note that in all cases there was a very strong energy leak in the sick persons' physical states, which naturally affect the mood, appetite and the water consumption. This usually stays like this till the last healing stage, when the scab/s unstuck.

Thank your giving new information about potencies. 

If your so please sent the address of manufacturer to my email address personally?

Thank you. 



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