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Some people suffer with great hunger and resort to eat beyond their capacity. As a result, become victims to indigestion. "ABIES CANADENSIS" will set right that condition in a quick and certain manner 3rd and 6th potencies can be tried.

Cerebral Spasms

Cerebral irritation and hysterical infantile spasm, can be controlled effectively with this remedy "ABSINTHINUM" Q, 3rd and 6th potencies will take hold of these cases, provided they are not of long duration.

Dead Babies

Sometimes, it is found that certain women give birth to dead babies from no discoverable cause, causing enormous misery to the mother, especially, and the other family members. "ACTEA RACEMOSA" is a trusted remedy for such a condition, The mode of administration is a daily dose of "1x" for two months before delivery time.

Excoriation of Thighs

Some people get excoriation of thighs by walking; an annoying symptom causing discomfort as well as distress. "AETHUSA CYNAPIUM" has that symptom will defined. The lower triturations, can be tried with success.


Allied to chilblains is bunion. "AGARICUS MUSCARIUS" is considered almost a specific for this condition. 3rd, 30th and 200th potencies can be tried for good results.


When debility is due to lack of digestive power, in the stomach or general assimilative power and not nervous debility, "ALSTONIA CONSTRICTA" is to be thought of before giving other remedies. 3rd and 6th potencies will give good results.

Fibrous Deposits

To liquify albuminous and fibrous deposits "ACETIC ACID" is used many times with succes, 3rd, 6th and 30th potencies are recommended but with a caution, that they should not be repeated too often.

Stomach Affections

In many kinds of stomach affection, especially to meat eaters, more than vegetarians, where there is canine hunger and patients eat; more than drink and least change in diet cause various kinds of stomach troubles, "ALLIUM SATIVUM" is recommended. 3rd and 6th potencies are generally given.


Some people have a tendency to suffer from chronic herpes. Here Q to 3rd potency is used internally and for speedy relief can be used locally also. "ALNUS "

Unclean Bodily Habits

Some people from birth develop unclean bodily habits. Though many think of "SULPHUR' or "PSORINUM for such a condition. AMMONIUM CARB" can also be used with great success, according to Dr. GALLAVARDIN' 6th potency is highly recommended for general use.


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Dear sir

Who are these "masters" and what make them a master?

Let us look at the first idea:

We have several remedies which help the situation after over eating. Abies being rarely needed.

I would expect from a master to differentiate such remedies, so that we can learn and keep in mind the symptoms they have in common and also the symptoms which differentiate them. This would be a real help -- and a masterly contribution.

Briefly and well put, Dr. Weitbrecht.

Dear Weitbrecht,

             You raise good question WE HAVE SEVERAL REMEDIES WHICH HELP THE SITUATION AFTER OVER EATING? I agree with you, but Boericke. w. write in his materia medica when patient have a  Tendency to eat far beyond capacity for digestion. after this cause patient have indigestion, for that reason give a patient ABIES CANADENSIS he/she cure frequently. I have been use successfuly many time in my patients on above symptom base.

Dear Dr Aamir. This little post has opened up many questions. We would love to learn for each tip, the name of homeopath who suggests the remedy to match the problem. And then, to go into more depth regarding how this remedy fits the symptoms and perhaps differentiation between this or other potential remedies. 


For instance, is abies canadensis, also a 'liver' remedy like nux-vomica, lycopodium and chelindonia? Was there a particular proving or instance when abies worked well for 'indigestion?' It would also be helpful to describe the meaning of 'indigestion' and what that encompasses. We can learn so much more as each of these tips are expanded upon. 

Dear All

Hans is right is questioning as to Who are these Masters. At times we follow many such instructions without knowing the source. It is always better to follow such instructions if they are from reliable authors.

Dear All Member I am thankful to your replies. These all tips I will note from Boericke. W. Materia Medica pubhlished by B. Jain Publishers (Pvt) Ltd. India. I think he is a reliable author in homeopathic print literature.

Thanks for the references.
You are welcome Dr. Rajive
Thank you Dr Aamir Mustafa. Since these are all Boericke tips, we can still dig deeper into understanding his notes to make them meaningful to us individually.
These all tips I will note from Boericke. W. Materia Medica published by B. Jain Publishers (Pvt) Ltd. India.If these all tips from Boericke, why did you give the heading Tips from Master of Homoeopathy?
This point on properly selecting the key words for you title will help people find the proper blog and know what to expect in the content of that article. Thank you for bringing up this issue, Dr Ravindra. We can make it a game to now propose or suggest a more appropriate title for this article. Once we all learn to do this our work on the network will be much improved.
These clinical tips may some time help, but these can't replace the individual case taking and then prescribing the selected remedy. Dr. Kent was of the opinion that he would not like to remember the past remedy, which successfully cured the patient, when encountering the similiar type of patient, with similiar disease. He would rather try to select the similimum, depending upon the observations from his new patient.


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