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Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj A Memorial 
(October 31, 1946 – March 2, 2013)

Short memorial page on Narayana


A memorial page to Kaviraj, agro-homeopath, friend and community leader. Fondly called, "Kavi," he contributed 66 blog articles to HWC since 2009. He participated in over a thousand discussions, and started 9 new streams of thought. In one of his posts, Kaviraj explained why he liked being part of this community when discussing his trip to Haiti . . .

  • "The way the community rallied behind the call to arms is exemplary! We have the power to make a difference. I have made many friends in the process, whom I would not want to miss for all that may be offered in the world."


Kaviraj started the Haiti Relief Group and whenever he heard about some natural disaster around the globe, he was ready to pick up at a moment's notice and go there.


In addition, Kavi was active on Twitter and FaceBook and probably a number of other social networks encouraging people to learn about classical homeopathy for plants, animals and humans. 


Known as an instructor and an author, he shared his knowledge freely.


PLANT EXPERT INTERVIEWS| HWC was extremely fortunate to have Kaviraj do a series of talks on the BlogTalkRadio Shows. They are still available. We brainstormed just the right name, "How Homeopathy Helps Grow Great Gardens" and we enjoyed the alliteration. When it came to background music, Kavi could only handle classical style, even though his extensive background in traveling with great bands expanded to a variety of rock genre.  


Back in March 17, 2010 Kaviraj posted a message asking to teach all his knowledge to "A Sorcerer's Apprentice" which intimates he may have known he was not well and it was time to pass on his life's knowledge. He worked furiously to complete his writings on plants and homeopathy. He traveled far and wide giving lectures and demonstrating methods.


Kaviraj was an advocate for political correctness and social causes, and you say a conspiracy theorist for good reasons. He started his own group call CAM United Action. He will be sorely missed by our community at large. We will miss his fun loving voice and wisdom about how to practice homeopathy. He concluded in the article about why he loved HWC, "United we stand, divided we fall!" and I supposed that may have been his motto.


I will remember Kaviraj for his changing beard styles from short to long to no beard at all. I will remember his admonitions and his devoted service. 


Find more photos like this on Homeopathy World Community

Kaviraj's Plant Books will be the classic standard for years to come


Kaviraj also posted a number of YouTube Videos to share his thoughts with the world



I'm sure there will be plenty more to say as we remember how much Kaviraj contributed to homeopathy in our times. Blessings. info about me and my work.




1996 Lecture to the Permaculture Association at Edith Cowan University Perth WA Australia.

Coming soon: Quintessences. A 12 week course in Agrohomoeopathy.

16-18 April 2010. Seminar in the UK.




PLANT HOMEOPATHY part two Kaviraj Interview.

Science and Engineering Library

Noveember 1. 2009.
Video Interview by Richard Argiris in Upton Park London E13 9DB.

Soon to be available on DVD. Not great quality.

Interview Amsterdam. 30 November 2009. Tamara Montenegro

Soon available on DVD



Here are listed all articles, blogs and threads i have started at different websites dedicated to homoeopathy. At i have a monthly column "Ask the Plant Doctor". I have been offered the same at homeopathyplus!.com and have accepted.


Kindred Spirit Magazine 2007. Interview/Article on Agrohomoeopathy

18 útgáfa enska.pdf From the Icelandic Homoeopathy Newsletter 18th Issue Homoeopathy Student."" target="_blank">

By Others








Homeopathy for Farm and Garden.
Available from:

Of the first English version exist translations in Japanese and Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannanda.

Currently, translations are in progress in Czech, Russian, Bulgarian, Portuguese and Spanish, French, Serbian, Croatian, Farsi, Bengali and Marathi.

Homeopathy for Farm and Garden is now also available in German:

Homöopathie für Garten und Landwirtschaft

On the bestsellers list

Agrohomoeopathy Symbiotic Relationships.
21 Volume Encyclopedia for the treatment of all plants grown for pleasure or business. Volume 1/1 "Organon & Principles" and 1/2 "General Remedies" available as e-books.




GIRI-web International

Narayana Verlag Germany

Dr Bonato Univ. of Maringa - Brasil

Dr Casali Univ. of Vicosa - Brasil">">" target="_blank">

Dr Rossi APTA Piracicaba - Brazil

From the General Public

EuropeЛечение_помидорнои_чумы_гомеопатическим_методом" target="_blank">




# Snails and Slugs Pack their Bags and Leave with Homeopathy
# Agrohomeopathy: An Introduction to Healing Plants and Planet with Homeopathy
# Preliminary Responses from the Helix Tosta Survey
# Helix Tosta Questions Answered
# Arsenicum – Is it a Cockroach Deterrent?
# Helix Tosta Survey Results
# Ask Kaviraj – May 2010
# Wanted – Sorcerer’s Apprentice
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# Homeopathic Silica – The Gardener’s Friend
# Helix Tosta – Instructions for Use
# Ask Kaviraj – September 2010
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# Special Agrohomeopathy Offer
# Ask Kaviraj – November 2010

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A true loss for Homeopathy. We all will miss you Dr.Vaikunthnath Kaviraj Sir & you will be always in our heart . . .

I hope more people will notice this space to pay tribute. Thanks to everyone for little remembrances of how you met Kavi, your interactions, friendships, collaborations and what you learned from an environmentally friendly plant doctor. I will never forget the series of radio shows we did together and all the hard work fundraising to get Kavi to Haiti.

Oh no. I am very saddened by this news. He will be missed. Thank you for this page in his memory.

We missed a great personality and a legend of agro homeopathy Dr Kavi Raj. May his soul rest in peace. He is generous, highly knowledgable and very inspirational to most of us.

Debby, you have done wonderful job of documenting all his work on HWC and giving us opportunity to salute him through this forum.

Dear Debby, Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful collection of articles etc. from my Homeopathic Hero - Kavi. 

I would pester Kavi on Skype, and he was so gracious with his time and knowledge.  One of our last communications in December, via skype Kavi wrote "I am embroiled in anti-monsanto s**t. My vid has triggered several reactions from the template I gave. One county has already banned them. So now I am making a new vid of 30 mins and explain the lot. Gonna be a bombshell, Includes fracking, chemtrails GMO and vax." 

When I told him to be careful, he wrote "Oh f**k monsanto. They tried to kill me twice and failed. Now I am a voice among many.  They got something coming and it will hit like a ton of bricks. They'll come down like a brick and tile hangglider.  And so fast, they won't know where to turn" Kavi was indeed fearless.

In January I contacted him as he had mentioned on twitter that he was taking a twitter holiday to look after his health. When I said I hoped that it was nothing serious Kavi wrote "Yes and no. ZOld man's prostate probs coupled with a bladder infection. Very unpleasant. No cancer. I had that already and fixed it, 6 years ago"  When I suggested he take some Bladder + Prostate Herbs, Kavi Replied "Na, I use homoeopathy exclusively and on totality of symptoms. All the rest is too speculative for me. I trust my remedies with anyone's life. They are my best friends and NEVER let me down."

That was our last communication.  I will miss Kavi tremendously.  I am angry at God for taking such a fearless and much needed warrior to champion the cause of Homeopathy and Natural Medicine.  And so we have no choice but to battle on without him.  But knowing Kavi, he will not be resting in peace but pulling some heavenly strings to save nature from Monsatan and orchestrating the demise of the wicked pharmaceutical industry.

I was sad to hear of his passing. I ordered 8 books with his signature from him. Now I will make sure they go to good homes! Thanks, Debby for putting this page together, it too a lot of time. He was very helpful with so many things, and had such a great vital force! The original hippie.

Adios, Kavi!

May his soul rest in PEACE. May his near & dear one find strength to bear this loss.

May his soul rest in peace..I remember the many occasions that we discussed the cases via email..truely a great proponent of homeopathy who always provided new insight and guidance to seekers of knowledge..We all miss you here at HWC.

It is so pity that I didnt have a chance to meet him...

Dear friends and colleagues of Kavi,

Please join the "Tribute to Kaviraj", organized and hosted by HomeoHelp Holistic School and Iman Navab.


HWC Partners


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