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i have gone through article by Robyn Landis and its very itersting.In my practice i have seen many autistic children. I want to make it an issue let the common people know the hazardous effects of vaccination. In india esp. mumbai city health organisation are administering oral polio vaccine to every child even if he is sick or already suffering from some or other problem. my questions is how can i prove that this problem is due to vaccine?

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Dear Dr Ejaz - You may find many educational articles in the VACCINE GROUP

There are videos and many links.

Are your referring to the Robyn Landis Article shown here? ~>> CLICK
It is copyright so we can not reproduce here. However, you may post your comments and thoughts here with a few lines excerpt or summary.

National Polio Surveillance Project might be of interest, also.
thank you vary much.these site are really interesting.
Treat the bed effect of vaccination by homoeopathic remedy Thuja, Silicea, Antim-tart, and other symptomatic remedy according to law of similia, Automatically proved the bed effect is due to vaccination. the vaccination is a wrong, it is no supported by homoeopathy, it is a procedure which induce miasm, become a person sick.
Thanks for your reply. i agree that we all know but do we advice our patient to avoid vaccine. i am doing it but patients are now more intelligent and educated, they ask the same question doctor can u prove that by some investigation or other mean so we can show it to vaccinator's and can fight against it. for which i dont have a answer.
see link to this subject;
www.hpathy.comgo to searchbox; EZINE november 2008

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Homeopathy 4 Everyone November 2008 | Hpathy.comNovember, 2008 32500+ Copies.

The entire issue is spent on discussing vaccine damage
What are the symptoms Acute and chronic.
Read My interviews done with researchers
I posted one of my cases on line
Baby vaccine damaged-has seizures-cured by homeopathy
Many other cases
Article By famous homeopath Amy Lansky
Much much more
Once you know what to look for regards Vaccinosis;
(Iatrogenic-due to vaccine toxin) You can link the connection
Many links for you to do futher research. All the data is out there..................


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