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Using Mother's State during Pregnancy to Prescribe for the Child

So this is a young patient Ihad been seeing since birth. She had presented with reoccuring fevers, very slow development, fear of people, and most recently crumbling teeth and copious hair loss. She had been given lots of remedies with some success (Calc, Gels, Ph-ac, Op) but I had not found the simillimum. With the appearance of the teeth and hair problems I knew that her miasmatic state had not been addressed.

(mother's report)

Hair is falling out on head, started as two small patches, has spread

More teeth have crumbled – they go brownish colored, the enamel has not got the proper coating, it seems like the centre of the tooth is discoloring, bits break off

Rashes on the skin, legs and arms – blisters on the hands

Scratches them during sleep, in bed

Rashes on bottoms of feet, on occiput

Scratch until it bleed, turned into wound

Started talking about her dreams, talks about sharks

Says she sees a shark near her curtain

It is only at night – she is disturbed by it, not fearful, and doesn’t talk about them at any other time, not affected by seeing them on TV

She says that she likes sharks, that she loves them – doesn’t say that about any other animal

Relationship between her and her sister, screaming, go berserk

What is she like?

Cries and screams, hits herself, slap her own head

Doesn’t strike anyone or anything else

Really gets angry

Still not toilet trained

She doesn’t have control, doesn’t know when it is coming

Had surgery for her teeth, hasn’t needed painkillers for it

Still walks with some awkwardness (observation: legs look bowed, weak, unsteady)

Now I had seen this patient several times before, I had taken symptoms over and over. I had taken the mother's case, all her sisters had been to see me and had done quite well. But this case was a problem - I wasn't sure where to go. So I took an approach I have found very useful in the past - I closely examined the mother's state during pregnancy. What was interesting about doing this, was that I had already treated the mother during both this pregnancy and her previous one. The states during those pregnancies were completely different.


Tell me about the pregnancy?


Physically I can’t remember anything different

It wasn’t happy news when I found out

I was pissed off

I felt stupid that I got myself into that situation

I had taken that risk

Kept the pregnancy to myself

I knew I was keeping her

I didn’t share the news

I didn’t think anyone would be supportive

I was negative myself

Even family or friends

They will think I am sleeping with other people, or they will think I am sleeping with ex-partner

I didn’t want people to think I was – wanted them to see me as moral, upstanding

I didn’t have time to go build relationships with people

I didn’t want people to think I was having one-night stands

Once I was showing, I wanted everyone to know that I was separated, but that I had control

That was a clear shift

The pregnancy was a clear sign that I had separated from him but that I had slept with him

There was this other lady he was sleeping with

That circle of friends I was half-involved with

That lady thought he wasn’t sleeping with me

If I disconnected from the pregnancy how will I manage ?

I wouldn’t have the strength to have deal with it if the father had still been with me

It was fine that we were separated

By the time I was showing, I had sorted out the shock

Still wanted people to know that I wasn’t with him

I even denied it myself for the first 2-3 months


How was this different from the other pregnancies?


Once I found out I wasn’t happy

Kept it from people

I was afraid of running into people I know

If they knew that I was pregnant, people would act on it, it was terrifying

They would report it to the authorities

I would be tracked and traced, taken into custody


Talk about that, tracked traced custody


Not only the fear then of what would happen to the baby, but the care of the other children

I thought the father would report me

I would lose control and power over the pregnancy

They would take the child from me

I had plans, money I could take without ATMS, how we could survive

Like a war, like an army

Like an underground army

Had to be subversive

That changed me

I like to be up front

I forgot that people judge that it isn’t the right way of things

Speaking out could be dangerous

It was like having another identity

Not being able to be found or traced

Even if they heard I was pregnant, would they be able to find me and come to get me

Felt that my location was hidden, but I had to plan for what if it wasn’t

I could be taken

Who could I ring to look after the kids?

Highly protective of all the kids

If any emergency came up, I had to gather them, get everybody together

I had to keep all the kids close

I would have to get all the kids together in a hurry, we might have to take off

I forget sometimes that the authorities don’t know she exists

I tried to work out if I didn’t have to register her would she have to go to school


Who would have to live this way?


Strong people

French underground

Good at planning


Networks, contacts


What is their situation?



To the core

For your survival, you have to do something away from the mainstream, you are really against it, it is for your survival

Constant state of panic

You are on edge

Second guess everybody as to their intentions – I thought people would be wanted to share the news, but the sh*t would happen



What were they trying to survive?


They weren’t saving themselves, they were saving lives

Connection in the pregnancy, not about me, it was all about protecting the baby

The desperation wasn’t for my own life

Because of their belief – they were doing what they were doing

Persecution of others

Prepared to risk everything do what it takes, to preserve other people


What were you willing to do?


I would go as far as I could, whatever it took

Would they use the other kids to get to me

Made them nervous of authority

I had to lock up

They could take the kids

No-one knew of all of this

Felt like I could have been violent if I needed to



So now I am beginning to get the idea. The depth and pace of her state at this time was one of desperation, where one's life was in danger and you are willing to do anything because it is so desperate, even violence. You are pursued like a criminal, you could be thrown into prison, have your children taken away from you. This is the SYPHILITIC miasm. This made perfect sense when I considered again the child's slow develpment, crumbling teeth and baldness - all well known syphilitic qualities. However this was all new behavior for the Mother, who lost most of those feelings once the baby was born.

Talk about Conned, Ripped off, Deceived? (These are words she had used frequently in much earlier consultation, which had lead me to prescribe Ruta with some success)

You are gullible


It is my fault

You did not see it for what it is

The truth always presents itself

Conned and deceived

Pretty it up, make it the way you want it to be - someone makes something prettier than it really is

I take the blame

Being deceived, why didn’t I see it


Tell me about something being pretty, not seeing it for the way it really is?


Expecting it to be good, it is there to benefit you, you see the good side

But it is not

You have deceived yourself, conned yourself

Presented in all its ugliness, you should have seen it

Not wanting to see the evils

You are protecting yourself

They have shrouded it in falseness – you only see the goodness, it is not goodness


This is odd, what is she describing?- you are deceived because what you are looking at appears to be good and pretty, but in fact is ugly and evil. Strange, I hadn't heard this before - so of course I had to pursue it.


What happens in such a situation?

If they don’t discover it is evil, it is ok

It has got to show itself

Must intensify

If you are only seeing the pretty, building more pretty, evil has to intensify to show through

It is so devastating, you wish you had seen it early


Effect of that?




(gestures are becoming more pronounced here, we are getting to the energy of the case)


Instead of being all out there, (hands close together), you are smaller

You start to disappear

Smaller space

You are getting squashed


(hands are closing and opening)

Violent feeling

You are just gone (smacks hands together) violent and sudden, instant

You are crushed, insignificant, lonely, nobody knows you are there

Just make that gesture, and talk about that stuff again

Crushed, in this small space, like this (puts both hand together, opens them up but keeps the bottom of the palms joined, she then closes the hands together and interlocks the fingers)

There is no hope in there, you are trapped, dead, crushed

Before that it looked safe, but then (smacks hands together again) you are gone!

So this is the sensation - deceived by something that appears good but is actually evil, it traps you and then you are crushed with no hope, dead and gone.

I had prescribed with success for the mother the remedy Cactus, for a debilitating claustrophobia, some years in the past. The sensation had been similar then - trapped, crushed, squashed. While she had a marked and positive result (the claustrophobia vanished never to return) her life did not change in many other ways although this specific suffering lifted. She was a single mother with not only her own 3 daughters, but she was looking after 2 children from her ex-partner. She devoted herself completely to them and was constantly exhausted, constantly anxious, with little enjoyment. So Cactus was a partial similar.

The sensation belongs to the Carnivorous Plant family - Drosera being the most well-known member of that family. Deceived, tricked, betrayed, fooled, stabbed in the back, conned along with feelings of being Trapped, Restricted, Choked, Suffocated, Killed. This is the feeling of the insect caught in the various traps these plants create - what appears beautiful and tempting, becomes deadly and you are killed.

Based on the mother's description of this pregnancy, I prescribed Nepenthes for the child, which is the syphilitic member of the family. For the mother I prescribed Dionaea muscipula - the venus flytrap - and I did this on the basis of the gesture once I understood group sensation. You can differentiate between the carnivorous plants on the basis of the specific trap they use.

You will also notice with these plants many animal sensations - this group partakes of both the animal and plant kingdom which makes them unique. In fact you will often see many Insect themes being expressed by these patients which might make it difficult to differentiate them.

Prescription for the Child = Nepen 200, 1 drop ½ cup, 1 tsp

Prescription for the Mother - Dion-m 200, 1 drop, full cup, 1 tsp

I will follow the child's progress since this is the purpose of this example. I will point out though that I was wrong in the mother's case and this remedy was not her simillimum. In fact, her mother had an extremely serious pathology that became apparent when I sent her for medical testing, and she was taken out of my care due to legal and ethical considerations. It was a great tragedy. Despite this, the remedy, for awhile at least, made her feel much better in herself, even to the point of breaking old patterns and causing her to make many positive changes in her life. However, the advanced tissue changes were unaffected, and so I realised that the remedy could only have been a partial similar. I believe I would have been required to focus on the pathology itself, and I did not become aware of its presence until it was too late for me to remain involved in her treatment.


Follow-up 5 weeks later

Reaction of child:

Not much at first, behavior became much better, but hair didn’t change

After 1 ½ weeks, repeated the dose (at my direction).

Then she got that floppiness, sore neck, headaches, didn’t want to walk, rolled eyes back into her head, sore feet, fevers (all old symptoms)

She was sick for about a week

The hair began to grow back (17 days after first dose)

Hair is currently about 50% grown back


Anything else you have noticed?


She gets the odd blisters on the fingers, between the toes but those are much better

Face has stayed clear now no eruptions at all

Not as itching as much as she had been - just occasionally

She has screamed in frustration, but not exactly anger

Then she will burst into tears and tell her mother that she loves her

She was always frustrated like that, but she never apologized and wanted affection before

She used to hide her face and put her face on the ground - now she comes to me and seems genuinely sorry about it. We can talk about it now, before she was just inconsolable

The dreams of sharks stopped until the last 2 days, slight fever last 2 days as well (dreams and fever occurred together)

She is talking better, she made a jump in her ability to speak after the first fever (second dose of remedy)

She speaks in whole sentences now, rather than sounds and single words

She has more confidence now, she is better with people, not afraid of them anymore - I would say she is still shy but definitely not fearful

She is throwing things when angry now, that is new behavior

Prescription = redose but with a full cup of water


Next Follow-up 4 months later



(patient has most of her hair now, small thinner patches at the front/sides; she is walking very straight now, no bowed legs)

(mother starts)

Over the last 3-4 weeks, the screaming started again, behavior started to regress

Up until then she was great. She only had that one more dose (3 months before this regression of behavior)

She started complaining of a stomach ache, some vomiting

She got an earache and a fever, hot head and neck, < night > daytime – about 2 months ago

She got another earache yesterday, swollen gland under the right ear, pain in the right ear

Grizzly (weepy) with the pain

Fever again (just the head, body temp is normal)

This is an acute I had seen a lot of recently. However some of the old chronic state is being aggravated so cure is not complete.

I am looking at this child while her mother speaks - when last I saw her she was a funny little baby even at 4, chubby, fearful, balding, with blackened teeth, who couldn't walk properly, holding on to her mother's hand, not wanting to talk and even when she did, it was in barely comprehensible single words.

Now she was a little girl, slender, taller, she walked with no problem, sat smiling and speaking in whole sentences. Her hair was almost completely grown back, her skin was clear. She was able to answer my questions and I could understand her. She looked so much like her older (healthier) sisters. It was a remarkable transformation. I barely recognized her! She seriously looked like a completely different child.


Tell me about the regression

She started screaming in anger at her sister

She is resisting toilet training, she wants to stay in her nappy, she wants to still be a baby (her words - she tells me this)

Blisters on the hand and feet came back about 5 weeks ago

Nails don’t grow much, only had to cut them once

Hair still isn’t growing fast

She would ask if her mother loves her when she was crying – less of that, but has returned a bit

Anything new?


Only the head-localized fever


Any dreams?


She says she is not having the shark dreams anymore

Talks about her father a lot – not upset when she talks about him though

So it is a mild relapse, although I don't believe that she was 100% better from just the 3 doses she has had.

Prescription = repeat as before which caused all those symptoms to vanish and the mother has been quite happy with her since


The child returned for an acute complaint about 6 months later, presenting with heavy drooling, a heavily ulcerated mouth, and foul breath. I gave her a single dose of Merc 200 and it cleared these symptoms easily. Even in her acutes she did not seem to stray far from the Syphilitic pattern. She caught up easily with other children her own age, and looked exactly like her much more healthy sisters.


Further notes on my analysis of the case:

I found myself thinking of the animal kingdom when she described the pregnancy. You can see the similarities here between this group and the animal kingdom. One thing I have learned though is to not even make assumptions about kingdom themes. I wait until the case has turned a full circle or they cannot go any further before looking at the whole case to see what is being described.

In the pregnancy, she was describing a reaction, a strategy - this leads us to miasm instead of sensation. What I had to ask myself was, is she running away from the authorities as a feeling, or as a reaction to the feeling? People may present the miasm before the sensation, so you have to work backwards from that sometimes. This is the 'Sankaran' concept of miasm as a reaction to the problem or sensation.
You may also notice that some of the miasmatic behaviors can resemble certain kingdom characteristics - Leprosy and Syphilis shows the violence of the animal kingdom, Leprosy can appear like a persecuted outcast similar to an animal, Cancer can show the dominated feeling and invasion of territory of an animal or it can show the love of order of the mineral kingdom. Syphilis in particular can show a strong 'me versus them' theme. The nosodes are actually animal remedies so a person needing a nosode will also display some animal themes. In those cases (nosodes) the sensation and the reaction are the same - there is no differentiation.
The carnivorous plants are an interesting group because of a fairly unique behavior amongst plants - to lure in animals and trap them to kill and devour them. For myself, when this patient began using gestures to describe a specific trap, that is triggered by being lured to something that looks pretty but is actually evil, I felt confident she was describing this group. Until then it could have been anything.



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