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Why do some doctors say if the use of Mother Tincture is non homoeopathic?

Usually mother tinctures are nothing but very lower (1x to 3x) potencies. Then, how could their use be blamed so?

The quantity of the tincture used may be of dispute but its blame to be material doses?

Please comment.



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That is true.
It is a good fortune that we all agreed.
Yes sir ofcourse?

First of all we should know The defination of Mother Tincture by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoea


Mother tinctures for homoeopathic preparations are liquid

preparations obtained by the solvent action of a suitable

vehicle upon raw materials. The raw materials are usually

in the fresh form but may be dried. Mother tinctures for

homoeopathic preparations may also be obtained from plant

juices, with, or without the addition of a vehicle. For some

preparations, the matter to be extracted may undergo a

preliminary treatment.

Here we have to consider the actual use and perpose of MT. In homoeopathy MT contained the active principles of any natural occuring substances and plants. Here like Ayurveda we do not use any medicine in crude form.

Indirectly we use actual medicine but in active principle

Defintion AP:Constituent of a drug, usually an alkaloid or glycoside, on which the characteristic therapeutic action of the substance largely depends.



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