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Use of Iodine To Preserve Thyroid Health and Protect Against Radiation Poisoning


Tokyo Electric to Build US Nuclear Plants:


Phyllis Georgic recommends taking remedies the day it is required for thyroid gland:

  • Buckwheat in groats 
  • Miso with potassium for thyroid health
  • KELP is important.
  • Black Walnut extract loaded with healthy soluble iodine and potassium as a detox to your system 

Notes From: ukrmaria  

Dr. Brownstein: Japan, Radiation Fallout and Iodine Recommendations

With the terrible earthquake in Japan, let’s send thoughts, prayers as well as assistance to the Japanese. 

Iodine to prevent problems secondary to the nuclear fallout.

As the Japanese nuclear reactors release radiation into the air, the jet streams will push this radiation to the Western U.S. and Canada. There are estimates that the radiation fallout will reach the Western side of North American in six to ten days. 

We have an item that can prevent this fallout from damaging us: iodine. If there is enough inorganic, non-radioactive iodine in our bodies, the radioactive fallout has no where to bind in our bodies. It will pass through, unharmed. It is important to ensure that we have adequate iodine levels BEFORE this fallout hits.

How much iodine is recommended?

The CDC recommends using iodine to prevent injury form radioactive iodine fallout. Adults and women who are breastfeeding should take 130mg of potassium iodide. Children who are between 3 and 18 years of age should take 65mg of potassium iodide. Children who are adult size should take the adult dose. Infants and children between 1 month and 3 years of age should take 32mg of potassium iodide. Newborns from birth to one month of age should be given 16mg of potassium iodide. 

When should you take iodine?

For an acute exposure, you want to take iodine just before the exposure hits. Iodine is cleared out of the body within 24 to 72 hours after taking it. However, If you have been using ortho-iodosupplementation.

The amount of 6-50mg/day of iodine and iodide should cover individual requirements, so that radioactive iodine won't bind in the body. 

Potassium iodide can be found in many health food stores. Combinations of iodide/iodine can be obtained from holistic physicians. Iodoral, Iodozyme HP, and Lugol’s solution are examples of this form of iodine. For long-term treatment, combinations are much more effective.

Follow local news reports and only supplement at the time when needed one to two days of the expected fallout. If the fallout is expected to continue, you may need to take more than one dose of iodine. 
~ Dr. Brownstein


HWC Article | Thyroid Gland and Fluoride


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That is true. Lugol's iodine solution or Iodine concentrated potassium iodide solution protects as well as treats the effects of radiation. It especially protects the thyroid.


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