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Well, I have used medicines many time effectively, when the labour is not progressing, there is no dilatation of OS then Gelsimium 30 works wonders and it opens the OS and Delivery is Normal.

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Wonderful! Very good to know! I wish more women in the US would choose natural birth and employ homeopathy prenatal, during and post delivery. There would be far fewer complications and unnecessary interventions, such as epidural and c-section. Not to mention, FAR healthier babies! Thank you for this contribution!
Yes a wonderful remedy indeed!
Similarly Caulophyllum is a good medicine with these indications --- Spasmodic rigid os, delays labor; needle-like pricking pains in cervix.
Nux vomica ---- During labor if there is ineffectual urge to stool and urine
In addition to Gels, and Caulo we can also think of Bella, Cham, Con, Cimic, Verat. in cases of rigid os with delay in labor.

Puls if there is a fright of the doctor in the room and a delay in delivery

Hello Yvonne - Super that you found this old post and brought it back to life with your information. 


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