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Use of Bio-chemic and Flower Remedies Along With Homoeopathic Medicines

Dear members,
It is our (for many of the homoeopaths) customary to prescribe either Dr. Edward Bach's Flower Medicine or Biochemical tissue salts, or both, along with selected homoeopathic remedies.

Are they also a homoeopathic prescription?

In my opinion, I am certainly against this concept.

"Single remedy, Minimum dose" is our Master's motto.

Do you agree with the use of these medicines along with Homoeopathy medicines?

Please reply.

Veeraraghavan A.R.

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You can use Dr. Edward Bach's Flower Medicine or Bio-chemic tissue medicines (or both) as a similimum. Bach's Flower Medicine acts very well in mental problems because of its wide mental coverage. Three years ago one case of a boy in Kolkata was treated with IMPATIENS as a single remedy.

Thank you Sir,
But Bach's Flower medicines are not proved like Homoeopathic Medicines.
Dr. Bach gives only some clinical evidence.
Thank you Debby! You enriched my discussion page with relevant pictures.
Thanks again.

Dear members

As homeopaths we know, that homeoapthic remedies affect every area of live, -- they go right to the center, -- they restore order to the distuned liveforce, and as a result the individual returns to health. If interfered with, the previoulsy predictable action of the remedy becomes unpredictable. When giving a tissue salt, or a Bach flower remedy at the same time,certain effects can cancel themselves out, other effects can heighten and completely erratic effects can happen.

As a result, the predictability of the results of your treatment is going out the window, and you are in the same predicament like your allopathic doctor, who will never be able to know for definite, what will happen if he / she gives several Medicines (remedies) simultaneously.


Dr. Bach and Dr. Schuessler were homoeopaths. Schuessler did some valuable provings, and those remedies are useful in day-today clinic.

Dr. Bach was a bit more loose -- he has no problem mixing several of his remedies into one, without clear guidelines what will happen or what has happened in the past.

His advice to find out about the remedies was, to just try them yourself and feel, how they affect you.

A proper proving is badly needed of the flower essences single and then in combination to establish their true effects, so that they can be used safely and the results become predictable.

Thanks Mr. Hans Weitbrecht,

You resembles my thought.

Thank you again.

interesting, could you tell the rest of the story?
Thank you Sir.
Thank you for your Information about a brief History of Dr. Edward Bach.
Please also give the story present behind his invention.
Thanking you,
Dr. Edward Bach was born on 24th sep.1886, first did MBBS then MD . Birmingham was his favorite place where he thought for a method for treatment as an universal cure. He did his schooling at the age of 16 , graduation in 1912 ,did dioploma in public health in 1914 . Join University college hospital as a assitant Bacteriologist ,also provided his services in war casualty during first world war. He join London Homoeopathic hospital in 1919 as pathologist & bacteriologist and came in contact with Homoeopathy...This was a turn of his life . He noticed that Pt. with similar peronalities responded well to the same remedies even when their illness were totally different . He then invented Seven bach Nosodes in which bacteria based cure was available . Then he studied Homoeopathy & thought that if these nosodes type of medicines will be available in natural sources then it will act more better. in 1928 he potentised plant remedies & found that nosodes have negative polarity but plants have posative polarity.Then he think that if we develop a system where we find reversed polarity with special healing qualities then a true potent system of natural medicine can be developed .Then he traveled accross the country & analyses several natural happenings in human.In 1929 He went Wales in autumn & found two medicines IMPATIENS & MIMULUS .

Thus In 1930 he invented FLOWER REMEDIS ......

One day during morning walk in a garden he found due drops on Rose flower palets . He collected due drops in his hand & put in his mouth . After some time he felt some sensation in his body followed by great relief .

He then dedicated his life to discover 38 non-poisonous wild flower remedies. Each of the 38 remedies is co-related to a specific negative state of mind, personality trait mood or temperament,that so often prove to be the real cause psychosomatically, in the break down of one's physical and mental equilibrium.


Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen were to sincere people who supported Dr. Bach till his end.


Dr. Bach's Homoeopathic knowledge of plants, his study of nature and essentially his great sensitivity set him on the road to discover his first 19 remedies. Later during his latter two years after he had settled at Mount Vernon, he discovered his final 19 remedies.


How do the Remedies Act:


The Bach flower remedies contain the life force in the plant, we know that no physical part of the plant remains once preparation is complete and therefore no physical part of the plant is ingested.


The healing property within a flower may therefore be considered to be the outer of the Life force of that plant, in effect the soul or spirit of the plant, because it is an intrinsic thing, just as our spirit or soul is to us it cannot be handled, injured or destroyed.


Everything in life has a purpose, from the simplest forms to the most complex, each one having a part to play in the workings of the great machinery of life. Plants contribute in. a variety of ways some provide food, others act as a host to parasitic life forms, others nourish the soil or provide oxygen, others have the ability to heal. Most herbal preparations procure the medicinal properties by extracting the oil by drying the leaves of the root. Dr. Bach's remedies are an extract of the healing "life" of the plant which is non-physical and therefore something abstract., It cannot be measured or analyzed, like a chemical or


drug and so the potent element cannot be extracted and identified. To attempt to examine the healing properties in a


scientific way would be like adopting a scientific approach to explain why we are moved by a certain music or why we might feel peaceful by the sea. Their healing energies simply lift our vibrations an unblock the channel, within our minds so that we can approach life more positively and with the return of inner strength and harmony, the body's own natural processes are able to begin.


The remedies therefore help us to help ourselves, so think of them not as medicine but as part of life part of you. Take them as you need them, just as you would eat when you are hungry or drink when you are thirsty. They act not by attacking disease but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of whom disease melts away as snow in Sunshine.


Conducting a Consultation.


First of all as the patient enters the chamber greet him/ her in a warm and friendly manner, offer a seat to the patient. Care should be taken, that the person sitting should face you so that you can observe the finer details like general behaviour, expression and attitude. The person conducting the consultation should sit in a seat from where he/ she has easy access to the literature, sample bottles. Depending on the time a circumstances, offer the patient tea or drinks so as to make them feel at ease. The next step is to determine the purpose of the visit, and if it is necessary to briefly explain the principle of this method of healing first before proceeding further.


The next step is to allow the patient to narrate his own words about his sufferings. If the narration of the patient is on the right track, interrupt him when it its necessary to determine or enlarge on an important fact mentioned. Whilst this is going on the person should tick particular remedies on a paper. By the process of elimination and again through pertinent questions, the choice of remedies would narrowed down to six remedies or less. some people are extremely easy to determine and an interview can be over within 15 mins. or so, whereas others can be more difficult,and it is upto the person who is taking an interview to go more deeply not only by asking more questions but also by discussing his personal life, hobbies, work etc. The patient after this friendly interview will usually confide in the person taking interview regarding his personal problem.



The value of Bach flower remedies cannot be overestimated when dealing with acute and chronic diseases. First of all they are prepared from natural resources such as flowers which are quite harmless.

There is no complex procedure in its manufacture and there is no dynamisation viz, potentisation like homoeopathic drugs and hence cannot produce any harm to the person.

the principles of prescribing Bach Flower Remedies are very easy and can easily be learned and grasped by young or old. The science does not demand elaborate study of mental state as is required for Homoeopathic prescribing. One can also select more than one drug for the same patient and these can be given at the same time. 

Thank you Sir,

I somewhat understand the theory behind Bach Flower remedies.

Please discuss about successful case histories using the same. 



Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, the founder of ( Bio-chemic ) the system of therapeutics known as Biochemistry, was born at Zwischenaln, Germany, on August 21, 1821, and died March 30, 1898, at his home in Oldenburg. He studied medicine and kindred sciences at Paris, Berlin, Giessen and Prague. He received his medical diploma mat Giessen. He took up the study of Homoeopathy while a practicing physician, and from this evolved Biochemistry. His one work on the subject is his Abridged Therapy, the 25th edition of which he saw  through the press in the year of his death.  An English translation of this 25th edition has been published.


Why use bach remedies concurrently with homeopathic remedies?

The significance of homeopathy and how the bach remedies fit in Homeopathy heals the totality of the human being, that is, mind, emotions, and body. The innate defence mechanism is strengthened by homeopathic medicines so that healing of symptoms is made possible from within. Homeopathy stimulates the mind/emotions and body totality to cure itself, whereas conventional medical treatment aims at doing it for the body by use of selected medicines that do not directly encourage the defence mechanism to help itself. The homeopath take the patient's case by closely investigating symptoms expressed by the vital force on all three levels of being, namely, mind, emotions, and body. The mind is analyzed in its functional strength, clarity, and purpose and in its angles of perception and judgement. Emotions are strongly interwoven with the mental state, yet more fully account for the force and dynamic of the person, expressing the longings and disappointments, the joys and needs. The body reflects the effects of mind/emotions, it is the physical representation of our inner selves. The vital force, being the innate higher principle or life spark that governs the defence mechanism, expresses imbalances through symptoms which are experienced by the patient, usually on all three levels, and then shared with the observing homeopath. The homeopath collects all symptoms, studies the overall picture and determines a homeopathic remedy that is known to be curative with the patient's combination of symptoms. If the remedy is chosen correctly, healing is speedy and effective in body, mind, and emotions also.


Homeopathic cures can be miraculous, they can turn one's whole life around.

Undoubtedly, homeopathy will be the medicine of the future, establishing itself world-wide. Where then do the Bach remedies come in? Whereas homeopathy aims at curing the overall symptomatology of body, mind, and emotions, the Bach remedies more specifically aim at releasing mental and emotional imbalance. They work more deeply and lastingly than homeopathic medicines in the mental/emotional area which, through the Bach remedies, is stimulated by innate healing impulses to rebalance itself. Bach remedies also heal in the physical realm. There is an immediate lightening in the area of the body that is negatively influenced by specific, blocked emotions. Organic damage can also be released over time, but not as speedily as with homeopathic remedies. If both methods are combined, they complement each other and yield outstanding results.


One method is making the other more effective if both are used concurrently.

These combined effects, although beneficial for all types of diseases, are most easily recognizable in the treatment of chronic disease or milder chronic discomfort that originated in mental/emotional imbalance. Mental/emotional and physical illness resulting from accidents, or degenerative defects, or old age symptoms, excepting those old age symptoms of psychosomatic origin, are more directly helped by homeopathic treatment, since these medicines more powerfully affect the physical body. In these cases of mostly physical causation, however, Bach remedies also aid in the process of recovery and help clear the mental/emotional side effects of the trauma or degenerative defect. The attitude that one holds toward one's illness or impairment may impede healing and delay overall progress of recovery, especially should one feel powerlessness, hopelessness, anger, fear, denial, or shame about one's plight. The Bach remedies can work successfully on this mental/emotional impediment so that the overall organism and one's consciousness is freed to attend to the curative process and allow the homeopathic remedies to do their optimal work. The helpful effects of bach remedies during homeopathic treatment


The foremost contribution of Bach remedies during homeopathic treatment is the deepening of mental and emotional healing which is of vital importance during the process of cure.

It is generally acknowledged that disturbing mental/emotional factors trigger acute or chronic states of illness, whereas health in mind/emotions furthers health throughout the organism.

Not only alternative medicine, such as homeopathy and Bach flower therapy, but also modern medical science, through the field of psychosomatic medicine, has explored the special connection between mind/emotions and body during illness and health.


Bach remedies, when given during homeopathic treatment, help release the mental/emotional imbalance that triggered the illness in the beginning, persisted throughout the course of illness and propelled it further.


Not only chronic disease states but also acute illnesses are greatly helped by the added use of the Bach remedies, especially if strong mental/emotional factors exist or were initially responsible for the breakdown in health. In general, healing is furthered and relapse into former mental/emotional patterns is prevented as homeopathy and Bach flower therapy work together to achieve cure. Once healing is established, Bach remedies, if taken for temporary imbalances, safeguard mental health and emotional happiness, and they render previous homeopathic cure more lasting and effective.


I have also observed a special catalytic effect of Bach remedies that goes beyond emotional balancing itself, especially in long-term homeopathic treatment of chronic discomfort or chronic disease.

If only Bach remedies are given at the beginning of treatment, the vital force is energized and stimulated in a new way, since negative blockage of mind and emotions, which takes up valuable energy, diminishes. A strengthened vital force, more able to organize itself, will bring to the forefront the first aspect or layer of health disturbance that is most responsible for the present state of illness or discomfort.


Homeopathic treatment usually involves clearing several layers of symptomatic expression before lasting cure is reached.

This first important layer is not necessarily the one on "top" of all layers but may arise from deep within the economy, where it created the most influential disturbance in the overall health. Depending on the case, this process of emergence may take days or weeks until the layer is fully visible. This first main remedy picture, crucial in the overall cure, will be presented in a coherent, unified way, ready to be perceived by the homeopath, and ready to be released most effectively by the indicated homeopathic remedy. Real progress of cure is now possible, since the Bach remedies heightened the receptivity of the vital force to the healing effects of homeopathic medicines.


A homeopathic remedy picture is usually discernible right at the beginning of treatment in varying degrees of clarity.

A clear case calls for the immediate use of a homeopathic remedy that is given with or without the addition of Bach remedies. Often, however, symptoms seem "disorganized," or there is a lack of clarity of physical symptoms and overemphasis of mental/emotional symptoms. The homeopath may then want to give the first discernible remedy right at the beginning of treatment along with the Bach remedies. This would be beneficial, since the Bach remedies would help the homeopathic remedy to work better and also further the emergence of new layers.


Except in an urgent case or a clearly discernible case, it may be of benefit, however, to begin treatment with Bach remedies only to allow the vital force to determine the first crucial layer to be released.

Bach remedies serve as catalysts, they open the case and set in motion the unraveling of innate health disturbances or layers. As the layer emerges, the remedy picture becomes clearer by increased accuracy, not by severity of symptoms, especially on the physical plane.

Under the influence of the Bach remedies, symptoms mobilize into coherence, and, should new minor symptoms arise, they are usually on the periphery, pointing to a more complete recognition of the indicated remedy.


On the physical plane, symptoms have been present before, but they are often not highlighted as clearly by the vital force in terms of coherence of the first important remedy picture to be released, especially if imbalances were expressed mostly on the mental/emotional plane which represents the first outlet or expression for the vital force. Without the catalytic effect of Bach remedies, physical symptoms often point to several remedies or layers, making initial prescribing difficult.


As Bach remedies release mental/emotional disturbance during initial treatment of the case, a balancing or release effect from overemphasis in the mental/emotional plane to the physical plane is observable, while the vital force is freed to express itself more accurately in terms of physical imbalance. This explains how the catalytic effect toward coherence of symptoms, especially physical ones, is achieved. Since homeopathy addresses the physical realm very effectively, the homeopathic medicines can now do their work best.


Possible short-term initial aggravation of symptoms, which can occur, especially after a single high dose of a homeopathic remedy, is also greatly diminished when Bach remedies are given simultaneously.

Overall, prescribing becomes easier and more beneficent, since the homeopathic picture of the case has become more accurate and the vital force can respond more promptly to the indicated remedy. Homeopaths may consider that with the mind and emotions healing due to Bach remedy intake the homeopathic remedy picture may be less complete, since mental/emotional imbalances are important factors of overall symptomatology.


It is true that mental/emotional symptoms will be less acute, yet the tendency and disposition toward certain mental/emotional imbalances will remain in essence, and they are integrated into the overall coherence of symptoms. In some cases, a "flare-up" or non-alarming highlighting of the mental/emotional imbalances as well can be observed, as the homeopathic picture presents itself fully, although the mind/emotions had been improving steadily.


I assume that possible physiological imbalances that may have developed over time in response to some states of mental/emotional imbalance are being highlighted, along with other physical symptoms, during this crucial "flare-up" period. As this concomitant physical disturbance comes to the fore, the mind/emotions may relive their related state of imbalance again in fuller impact. Should a homeopathic remedy not be given at this point, the Bach remedies themselves would rebalance mental/emotional well-being and lead toward physical cure as well, but at a slower pace than homeopathic remedies.


Bach remedies are known to effectively release physical discomfort or even disease due to psychosomatic origin, if given time to do their optimal work.

The homeopathic remedy, when given during this crucial time of highlighting of symptoms, works most powerfully on the physical side effects wrought over time by the mental/emotional imbalance, while simultaneously stimulating mental/emotional healing and clarity further, and also, similar to the Bach remedies, touching at higher levels of consciousness. The vital force is now freed of its main health disturbance and stimulated further to release remaining innate health imbalances or homeopathic layers, while the same Bach remedies, for safeguarding progress, or newly indicated Bach remedies are continued and the curative action of the first homeopathic remedy remains. In order to understand this process, homeopathy and Bach flower therapy will be explained, how they were discovered, how they work, and how both methods combine in treatment.

Dr. Ravindra,

This is an excellent reply. You have said so much that accords with my experience, and you have said it so well. Thank you sir.


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