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Many times some patients do not come to a homoeopath first. He starts by going to other early aiding lines of treatment (Allopathy). As all of us know, they start many drugs at the same time. They have to take some medicines for a take long period of time or sometimes a lifetime.

(Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, hyperlipidimia, stroke, thyroid disorder, epilepsy, insomnia and many more). Drugs are antidoting the effects of homoeopathic medicines. Stopping those drugs suddenly might causes life threatening issues.

Q: What does a homeopath do while treating those types of diseases?
How can homeopath stop those drugs?
How does a homoeopath tackle those types of cases?

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Quote: Q: What does a homeopath do while treating those types of diseases?
How can homeopath stop those drugs?

Dr. MAS:

Almost 100 medicinal system are in practice in the world, these include Allopathy, Homeopathy, Herbal, Unani, Ayurvedic, Moxibustion, Acupuncture and soooooo on….. About 25 system of medicines are therapies are most popular.

First of all we have to see, why these system of medicines or method of treatment are in practice? What are the limitations of all these systems?

To me, all the systems have some limitations that’s why more and more method of treatments are explored daily.

Homeopathy has its limitation, that’s we have to accept first.

I have observed and have interaction with so many popular and famous homeopaths who do not accept on forums on stage but they not only use allopathic medicines for control of diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid disorder and epilepsy etc. but advise to patients also.
I believe,Homeopathy system of medicine do not have any limitations and conditions, homoeopath have L & C.
Many time we make a mistakes and criticises other. Each and every pathy have the same atitude .
Now a days We have to prove ourself for the need and demand. We have to practice our pathy genuinely and religiously like single and simple dose.
One thing we have to consider why hahnemann left the Allopathic system of medicine bearing MD degree.
Today no one following his thought. Homoeopathy become profession today. IF We will not treat patient by 'any means**. who will come to us? How we earn our daily bread and butter?
It is our hand to save homoeopathy and faith of our patient, Homoeopathy is not The Profession.
Other wise it is like 'mixbreed, (not for mixing drugs but different pathy together). So we dont know Which pathy is acting.
Should We want cure(results) by any means?.
Because of this attitute homoeopathy still not emerging as a first science in the systems of medicine.
**(so we uses alternative science because we consider homoeopathy is not sufficient to cure our patient)
I totally agree with Dr. Mas. about his views on famous homeopaths..........
We should know the scope of our pathy, i would like Dr. Chandrakant to read the chapter on Scope of Homeopathy by Stuart Close.. Homeopathy definitely has limitations and at the same time it has a lot to offer to the suffering humanity. So lets use it to its full potential.
Yes dr. batra,
I have already read Stuart Close. Similarly I have read H.A Robert book chapter 'what has homoeopathy to offer the young man' is quite useful to me because that chapter had converted me to practice homoeopathy.

Converted homoeopath having thier own principles from where they are originated. Some time they don't know whole homeopathic philosopy very well. I have seen many homoeopaths in India where they are using one fix potency (30) to treat the cases, like allopathy. Every patients comes to them, they use the same fixed potency with repetition without knowing the laws and principles to every patient.

Some times they use homoeopathy like allopathy. (nux for acidity) to every cases of acidity. They are more specific to the medicines. They got the results but not the cure. Hence many homeopaths have this opinion that there are restrictions and also dangerous effects. I would rather say if we come to know the central idea of disturbance of human into unhuman we will solve many problems of society.

Human race or species is now indanger because of unhuman behavior with the nature. So the diseases are increasing all over the world. Tomorrow Human race will be destroyed not because of diseases but because of inhuman behavior of humans to the environment.

No homoeopath becomes pure homoeopath until they accept the laws and principles of homoeopathy by learning in the school of homoeopathic college.
well said Dr. chandrakant bhapkar. Once a Allopath Always An Allopath!
Its easy to slip right back into a quickie prescription of an cortisone or antibiotic instead of finding the correct individual remedy prescription. These are exactly the type of homeopaths who use 'combination' formulas (polypharmacy)
The bottle has an indicated disease name and list 5-11 different ingredient remedies+potencies in one bottle. Yikes! How can this be? Still thinking like an allopath disease VS patient. Homeopathics are 180 degrees the OPPOSITE of allopathics; the two do not go hand in hand.
Hi Anand,
Homeopathy is in limitation.Every disease and every stage of any disease is not curable with homeopathy.To say that homeopathy never fails is absolutely wrong.No doubt a number of functional ailments are curable very easily by homeopathy but chronic complicated diseases are difficult to manage with homeopathy particularly in advance stages.In this field we need research.Few cured cases cannot be assurance.
Homeopathy is limited with emergency medicines, surgery, orthopedic, obstetrics as well as a measure of palliative allopathic treatment, but the context of allopathic medicine would be placed in a more appropriate perspective. But todays era this concept is changing day by day because a new research and finding coming over repeated search.
@ Dr.Bhapkar, Homoeopathy works faster and safer in emergency cases. If anyone says this is a limitation of homoeopathy, then it is their failure to choose a correct similimum at that time and do proper managements. It is all about handling the situation with confidence.
Please find the attachement below to prove the efficacy of homoeopathy during wars (emergency management).

Reading homoepathy and practical homoeopathy is two sides of one coin. One can practice only by reading homoeopathy and doing so is monster to the field of homoeopathy. one should bear following qualities:
§ 3
If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in diseases, that is to say, in every individual case of disease (knowledge of disease, indication), if he clearly perceives what is curative in medicines, that is to say, in each individual medicine (knowledge of medical powers), and if he knows how to adapt, according to clearly defined principles, what is curative in medicines to what he has discovered to be undoubtedly morbid in the patient, so that the recovery must ensue - to adapt it, as well in respect to the suitability of the medicine most appropriate according to its mode of action to the case before him (choice of the remedy, the medicine indicated), as also in respect to the exact mode of preparation and quantity of it required (proper dose), and the proper period for repeating the dose; - if, finally, he knows the obstacles to recovery in each case and is aware how to remove them, so that the restoration may be permanent, then he understands how to treat judiciously and rationally, and he is a true practitioner of the healing art .

§ 4
He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause disease, and how to remove them from persons in health.

One thing I have been noticing , Manytime it is very diffficult to judge ourself than other. We can give medicine exact or similar to the patient but not for ourself. If some homoeopathic doctor using allopathy for their chronic long standing dieases they are not pure or direct from homoeopathic field. We usually called them 'mogral sect'(cross brid dogs). Using allopathy and homoeopathy altogether and if failure comes they blame homoeopathy. Now big problem for homoeopathy is that those who are taking education of homoeopathy and practice allopathy and homoeopathy side by side for the sake of thier bread or butter.

If we talks about cell changes advance growth in cancer. It is shafe to take homoeopathic treatment rather than allopathy. The pain which accure from allopathy treatment is more dangerous than homoeopathic paliative treatment. The death will be calmer from homoeopathic treatment.
One benifit will happen that if you take homoeopathic treatment the disease will not transfer to your next generation by DNA or dynamic disturbance. So atleast your next generation will be live healthy life.
Respected k s ananda sir,

This tricky situation is a GIFT provided by our System .
On one side --we learn in our college to do practice according to principle provided by the System
On other side-- this system also provide licence for manufacturing
Means.... Two different methods/ways at a place & provided by the same SYSTEM ?
Also there are so many Flag Bearers of different methods in Homoeopathic World for selecting the Similimum.
Now it is right time to ask SYSTEM & Flag Bearers to provide answer of all these questions...& may be some members of the system is also watching the posts & ready to give answer on all of these differences , confusions & for the Right Path to provide proper strength to Homoeopathy for crossing its limitations.....
There are different ways of prescribing homeopathic medicines and to my amazement the selection of the remedy by every method is different and still everyone claims cures of the same disease or set of signs and symptoms. I think it is enough for confusing the practitioners..Therefore, It is always better to confine yourself to one method only, master it. The best one is which was used by Hahnemann or that you think is better,definite and easy.


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