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Many times some patients do not come to a homoeopath first. He starts by going to other early aiding lines of treatment (Allopathy). As all of us know, they start many drugs at the same time. They have to take some medicines for a take long period of time or sometimes a lifetime.

(Diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, hyperlipidimia, stroke, thyroid disorder, epilepsy, insomnia and many more). Drugs are antidoting the effects of homoeopathic medicines. Stopping those drugs suddenly might causes life threatening issues.

Q: What does a homeopath do while treating those types of diseases?
How can homeopath stop those drugs?
How does a homoeopath tackle those types of cases?

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Kindly first define "Allopathic (Black medicines)"....
How allopathy become Black medicines??
Allopathy is a method of treating disease with remedies that produce effects different from those caused by the disease itself.
It is like blackmailing the nature. So I used the word 'BLAKE'.
You are using black insted of blake.
it is black only(kala)?
I too beg to defer here, Dr.Bhapkar, you have no right to use such type of language in regards to Allopathy. We should be very much knowing the scope and limitations of each system of medicine. I believe you shoul change the title.

Sorry to be critical but this is not acceptable.
Dare to be wise
Oh yes doctor!

Changing the title doesn’t change the Actuality. Day today’s life and activity we see that how Allopathy become burden for a human. It is good to start the allopathic drugs but it is difficult to digest later on. Every patient comes to us have one or two allopathic drugs. Mixed picture of diseases are quite common to us. We confused that which one has to treat.

Today we see that most of the Allopathic drugs gives result first at instant later on it become problem for human or may be poison for them. Every news paper explores news of any Allopathic drug has been banned from market.

We as a homeopath dare to aware people about this allopathic system of medicines. We are preserver of health of human being. If this will go on our next generation will become cripple. We should not practice only homoeopathy but also save people from being crippled. So many patient one who is aware about this system of medicine is against of allopathy.

Our system of medicine is without any side effects. Many drugs of allopathic medicine life threatening side effects during withdraw of them. So here homoeopathy world community is not for to share our experience but for the awareness of for what is useful for the human kind?.


I agree. The title does not fit the discussion.
Debby, Ialso agree.
Dear friend, we all know the bad effects of Allopathy, but why shoud we discuss on this part? Better to discuss on the positive/good part, where we safe a patient from side you are also doing...
I also dose not matter about the title name. The Question I have ask which is more important.
Q: What does a homeopath do while treating those types of diseases?
How can homeopath stop those drugs?

For example

If I am treating Hypertensive case homoeopathically and patient already taking Allopathic anti-hypertensive medicine. If we stop this medicine patient Blood pressure will shut up. Because patient body is habitual to hypertensive medicine.

How will we come to know without stopping hypertensive that which medicine is acting. Whether allopathy or homoeopathy. Similarly with the other diseases.

Here I am not put the question to discuss about allopathy and homoeopathy.
How does a homoeopath tackle those types of cases?
"How does a homoeopath tackle those types of cases?"
This is the right question for discussion..

"I have long been an ardent believer in the science of homeopathy, and I fell happy that it has got now a greater hold in India than even in the land of its origin. It is not merely a collection of a few medicines, but a real science with a rational philosophy as its base."
Rabindranath Tagore, Nobel Prize for Literature 1913

"An allopath comes and treats cholera patients and gives them his medicines. The Homeopath comes and gives his medicines and cures perhaps more than the allopath does because the Homoeopath does not disturb the patients but allows the nature to deal with them."
Rajendra Prasad - Hon’ble Former President, Govt. of India

Why we think for the Pt. habitual to Allopathic hypertensive medicine.
If we only concentrate on Pt. who are habitual to Homoeopathis Medicines then your question will be for allopaths only.
Time changed ,now Pt. are coming stright to homoeopath for hypertensive medicines & Now its your turn/efforts to maintain the pt. in homoeopathy unless the pathogenesis is not so high...
In future we also be able to controle serious cases of this kind....till don't take risk!


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