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Urine therapy can be applied internally or externally. For internal use, a sample of the morning's first urine is collected in a sterile container. Using a clean medicine dropper, the patient places an amount between one to ten drops under the tongue. Usually, one to five drops are applied on the first day; 5-10 drops on the second day; 5-10 drops on the morning of the third day, followed by 5-10 drops that evening.

In homeopathic urine therapy, drops of urine are diluted in quantities of distilled water. Drops of the dilution are placed under the tongue hourly until a noticeable improvement in illness or the temporary worsening of the condition occurs. Then drops are applied at lengthening intervals for three days.

Only fresh urine should be used when taken orally. The genital area should be washed before collecting a specimen. The best time to collect urine is first thing in the morning, and collecting the sample mid-stream. Individuals should refrain from eating for a half hour after ingesting the urine.

For external use, new or old urine can be applied. Old urine has a higher ammonia content that is more effective on skin such rashes as eczema and psoriasis. To store urine for later use, one should pour it into a dark glass bottle and close it tightly. Keep the bottle in a cool, dark place for at least four days.

A small amount is applied to the affected area with a cotton ball or pad. Continue massaging 5-10 applications to the area until it is soaked. Tape a clean, soaked pad to the area for several hours. The urine can also be sprayed onto the skin. For cosmetic purposes, fresh or 1-2 dayold urine can be lightly massaged into the skin or added in small amounts to moisturizing cream. Some practitioners recommend avoiding the use of soap or lotion after applying urine to the skin. Dryness can be alleviated with sesame oil.

a few links to get you started;

Book by author J. Armstrong called

research data by author Roy Buckman
Presenting one simple quicky case:
I got a call from the head MD/Director of a Los Angeles Clinic asking for my help on what to do for her finger.
She was in alot of pain
Had smashed it while moving furniture
Asked "what to do holisticly?"
Yes as a Homeopathy we could of prescribed Arnica for this
She did NOT have ARNICA ,next best option was Urine.
I told her to urinate in a small cup,place this cup on her desk and place her painfull finger in the urine cup.
Within an Hour or so she called with results of relief.

i have hours of data/links on this subject

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>"If you are like most people, trained from their earliest years to regard urine as a mere waste product, the thought of using it for its healing powers may seem shocking. Yet urine has long played an important role in the holistic medical traditions of societies all over the world, and is even mentioned in the Ebers Medical Papyri of ancient Egypt. For centuries people have been availing themselves of urine's incredible curative powers for ailments ranging from anemia to warts. Urine is free, sterile, and acts homeopathically to "prepare" the immune system. Urine Therapy includes many case histories of people who have successfully treated their ailments with urine, along with cogent explanations of why urine does what it does, how to ensure that the wastes flushed out with your urine aren't taken back in, and why urine may be the best tonic available for your immune system. In addition to protocols for using urine to treat a wide array of diseases, the book offers a program that teaches you step-by-step to overcome any initial aversion to urine therapy. Still playing an important role in the medical systems of countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, and India, this surprising health treatment has been gaining popularity in the United States
Gina found your articles very informative.This subject has always remained under a veil of a sort of taboo.You are right that this therapy has been used since time immemorial, but never got into the fore probably because of its ick factor.

I had learned about this from a book purchased in Calcutta in early 80's,"Health In your Hands" by Dr Vohra. The book basically deals with health through acupressure, beside other alternative methods of treatment are also given, such as color water treatment,gold and copper water treatment etc. In few instances he also mentions homeopathic medicines for some ailments.

In this book he has mentioned that Morarji Desai late Prime Minister of India,was practicing urine therapy all his life and was a firm believer and advocate of its efficacy.He claimed the secret of his healthy life lay in urine therapy; Morarji Desai lived a full life and died if i remember correctly in his 80's.

After reading your article,i am conducting a small experiment on indoor plants, and will write about it in a few weeks time.
Martin Lara : Uropathy -- The Most Powerful Holistic Therapy
"Uropathy is one approach to health that is 100% safe to use, it is extremely effective, has never harmed anyone and it is absolutely free of charge. It cannot be controlled and you truly benefit from using it. Thousands of urine therapy advocates certify that this is a healing modality that activates de lymphatic system which detoxifies the body and starts the true process of healing and regenerating the body. Once you become familiar with UROPATHY and start using your urine, you will be able to fight individual diseases, prevent and reverse the conditions that make you susceptible to all types of health problems including: childhood diseases, allergies, common cold, flu, hepatitis, arthritis, hypertension, all types of infections and fevers, cancer and the opportunistic infections associated with AIDS

Healing with Urine Therapy

Urine is not a dirty and toxic substance rejected by the body. Urine is a by-product of blood filtration, not waste filtration. Medically it is referred to as "plasma ultrafiltrate". It is a purified derivative of the blood itself, made by the kidneys--whose principal function is not excretion but regulation of all the elements and their concentrations in the blood. Urine can be compared to leftovers from a meal, and this metaphor may help us understand why our bodies excrete elements that are valuable to our health and well-being.

Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver where toxins are removed to be excreted as solid waste. Eventually, this purified "clean" blood undergoes a filtering process in the kidneys, where excess water, salts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antibodies, urea, uric acid and other elements not usable at that time by the body are collected in the form of a purified, sterile, watery solution that is urine. The function of the kidneys is to keep the various elements in the blood balanced. The important elements in the blood are not filtered out because they are toxic and harmful to the body, but simply because the body does not need a particular concentration of an element at that specific point in time. It is this very regulating process of the kidneys that allows us to eat and drink more than our bodies need at any one time.

Urine is considered to be an invaluable source of nourishment and healing that perhaps has been too controversial or not financially rewarding enough for it to be talked about and encouraged as a potent medicine. One's own urine, a living food, contains elements that are specific to one's body alone. The body is constantly producing a huge variety of antibodies, hormones, enzymes and other natural chemicals to regulate and control its functions and combat imbalances that one may not be aware of. --

Clinical studies have proved that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine reflect the individual body's functions. When re-utilised, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anticarcinogenic agents as well as hormone balancers and allergy relievers. The information that urine contains therefore cannot be duplicated or derived from any other source. Just as nature produces no two people who are exactly the same, there are no two urine samples in the world that contain exactly the same components.

"Don't take this therapy lightly. Multiple sclerosis, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis, hyperactivity, pancreatic insufficiency, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes, herpes, mononucleosis, adrenal failure, allergies and so many other ailments have been relieved through use of this therapy. After you overcome your initial gag response (I know I had one), you will realize that something big is going on, and if you are searching for health, this is an area to investigate. There are numerous reports and double blind studies which go back to the turn of the century supporting the efficacy of using urine for health."

Urine therapy can be a very effective healing modality. Sometimes when all else fails, urine therapy will turn a person around.

Ms. Christy was sick. Very sick. For a very long time. Pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto's disease, mononucleosis. She had severe kidney infections, two miscarriages, chronic cystitis, severe candida, endometriosis, adrenal insufficiency, serious chronic ear and sinus infections, food and chemical allergies. And that wasn't the half of it. She had every conceivable medical test, her share of surgery, and drugs - plenty of them. Then she tried all forms of alternative therapy. Homeopathy, herbs, mega-vitamins and liv-cell treatments in Mexico. After traditional medicine failed to work, she and her husband spent over $100,000 trying to get her well with alternative approaches. Nothing worked.

And then one day, her husband brought home a little book that told of how individuals had been cured of even the worst diseases with a seemingly strange and little-known natural therapy. Soon afterwards, she began the therapy herself. From the first day she began, she received almost instantaneous relief from her incurable constipation and fluid retention. Within a week, her severe abdominal and pelvic pain was gone. The chronic cystitis and yeast infections (internal and external) soon disappeared and her food allergies, exhaustion, and digestive problems all began to heal. After a few more months, her colds, flu, sore throats and on again off again viral symptoms disappeared. Her hair which had fallen out by the handfuls after her fifth surgery became thick and lustrous. Her weight normalized, and her energy and strength came back. After nearly 30 years of non-stop illness, Martha Christy was whole again.

What was this therapy that she had discovered? What was this therapy that has helped seriously ill patients gain complete remissions from their afflictions? What was it that she actually did? Well, here it is. She orally and medicinally re-consumed her own urine...

The middle stream of fresh, warm, morning urine is the most potent, and drinking it mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is probably the fastest way to accomplish this task, although it is best not to mix urine with other foods or drinks or to take it within an hour before or after eating.

Oral drops of fresh urine can be placed directly under the tongue. Urine therapists suggest their patients start with 5 drops of fresh morning urine on the first day, increase to 5 or 10 drops on the second day, and take 10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before going to bed. Once patients feel comfortable with this therapy, they can gradually increase the amount as they see fit to obtain the results required for their body's condition. Over time, they can learn to adjust the amount that is needed by observing their reactions to the therapy; their dosage may become as much as one full cup at a time!

Self-urine may be used as eye drops and ear drops, in foot baths and even as effective enemas. Nose drops can help loosen mucus and clear up blocked nasal passages. Gargling with it is helpful for a sore throat, and inhaling it relieves sinus and respiratory congestion. Taken internally, it has a laxative and diuretic effect, as it cleanses the digestive tract.

Dr John Armstrong (author of The Water of Life) emphasises the need to massage with urine. He insists that cures work faster and more effectively in those who are bathed, massaged, rubbed and soaked in their own urine. He highly recommends it for more serious illnesses, since urine is absorbed through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are slowly reabsorbed into the system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralised their potency. In this way, it also works as an excellent cosmetic for moisturising and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue. However, for this usage, it is preferable to use urine that is 4 - 8 days old. The smell of ammonia in the old urine is not toxic but actually beneficial if used topically only, and not taken internally.

Homoeopathic Urine

A final possibility is to use urine in homoeopathic form. The simplest way to prepare it is as follows:

To one teaspoon of non-chlorinated water add one drop of fresh urine. Shake it vigorously in a small bottle about 50 times with a sharp downward stroke. One drop of this mixture is then added to another teaspoon of water, shaken again and then the whole procedure repeated a third time. Place 3 drops under the tongue several times daily. When it is used up, wait a few days and then prepare a new homoeopathic remedy. In order to find the most effective potency add one more step to each subsequent preparation of the remedy, that is dilute it a fourth, a fifth and a sixth time and so forth. Start with such higher dilutions, say sixth potency, especially if a remedy is made from fluid such as pus derived from a diseased part of the body.

An alternative method is even simpler and recommended as an introduction to urine therapy and at times when cupfuls of urine are not tolerated.

To 1 tablespoon of morning urine add 4 or 9 tablespoons of non-chlorinated water. Shake 50 times with a sharp downward stroke, and take a spoonful several times during the day; keep in the mouth for a minute before swallowing.

Martin Lara ( developed a ‘universal remedy’ supposedly effective against all microbes. Dilute 2 drops of urine with 1 tablespoon of non-chlorinated water. During an infection keep one drop of this under the tongue every 2 hours.

Homoeopathically energised remedies should not be exposed to strong magnetic or electromagnetic fields. Keep this urine remedy only lightly covered in a cool place but not in an electric refrigerator, and make up fresh daily.

Social Considerations

The main problem when starting urine therapy is our social conditioning. You may overcome that by reading more info via the links i have posted.
I didn't know whether to post this in the Pee department [urine therapy for plants] or the Agriculture Section

Better Tomatoes Via a Fertilizer of...Human Urine?

A long time ago, my wife recovering from a major surgery suffered from UTI infection from B-coli, due to placement of urinary catheter for a long period during her stay in hospital. It was treated with a long course of antibiotics .
Afterward she would often suffer from the recurrence of the infection every year. Indicated remedies like apis.m , cantharis etc could only alleviate the symptoms for a while but could not root out the problem
One day I potentised her urine using the centesimal method upto 30th. Initially I use water for the dilution but in the final succession use alcohol. I saturated some globules with the prepared remedy and gave them dry on the tongue tds for three days. The infection cleared up and re appeared only once again which then again subsided after the same remedy and has not occurred since
Great story of using isopathy Dr Sarfaraz. Have you used this technique again since then?


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