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LINK TO ORIGINAL DISCUSSION on Tree Man and A Homeopathic Approach

He has had surgery, vitamin therapy and treatment for papilloma virus


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It is rarest of the rare disease.It is deep sycotic miasm.Cause is known.It is an inactivating mutation either EVER1 or EVER2 gene, which are located adjacent to chromosome17.The precise function of these genes is not yet fully understood, but they play a role in regulating the distribution of zinc in the cell nucleus. It has been shown that zinc is a necessary co-factor for many viral proteins, and that the activity of EVER1/EVER2 complex appears to restrict the access of viral proteins to cellular zinc stores, limiting their growth.
No effective treatment yet found for this disease and since it is very rare, so opportunity to encounter such cases in homeopathic practice is extremely limited.However, as Homeopaths, we may volunteer our services, for such cases,in case required.
Hello Sushil - They said it was from the papilloma virus. What is most HOPEFUL to all who see these films is the ability of the body to heal. When you see photos of the growths and how it had taken over his body, and the expectation by physicians that his bones were irreparable and the recovery, what does this tell us?

It shows that pathological tissue changes can be reversed. Thus, can all disease have positive outcome for recovery? You also see as a result of the treatments the smile on his face, the welcoming of the community, the change in the society, the giving nature of everyone to support him to full citizenship. I was most surprised to learn that he had grown children and close family.
Yes Debby, You are right.It is characterized by abnormal susceptibility to HPV( Human papilloma virus) of the skin. and what I referred to is a genetic cause.
Debby,Gina and Nirupa,
thanks for sharing all the info and Videos and bringing this strange story to many of us.

All said and done,now that he has been through surgery and got all the help and media hype,what next for this "tree man" Dede.

Just for sake of academic discussion,how can the "Sycotic Miasm" inside this man be treated so that it does not occur again.Surgery is not a cure for Dede as the Miasm has not been "expelled."

What should or could be the future action to take? What rubrics could be applicable?and what would be the range of medicine?These are the question which needs answer with many others.

Dear Wequar - it is all theoretical on our part because he is receiving other types of treatment, including vitamin therapy. It appears his life is on a good track. Perhaps all he needed was love and attention to his vital force. I believe there are other modes of healing besides homeopathy.

He is receiving nurture from family, friends and strangers. He has received treatments and property. His appearance has improved so that he is more comfortable and out in public. He is able to be self sustaining with feeding and clothing himself. He is blessed. The world has seen his plight and struggle. We can all learn that people can heal.

Telegraph News | Immune deficiency and weakened liver cut short further chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant. 

2010 News from Indonesia | Dede's warts are growing back again.

Dede Koswara

L.A. Times


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