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Timidity, Business, in transacting: Op

Timidity means
1 easily frightened; lacking self-confidence; shy; timorous
2 showing fear or lack of self-confidence; hesitant (a timid reply)

Business means
1 one's work, occupation, or profession
2 a special task, duty, or function
3 rightful concern or responsibility (no one's business but his own)
4 a matter, affair, activity, etc. (the business of packing for a trip)
5 the buying and selling of commodities and services; commerce; trade
6 a commercial or industrial establishment; store, factory, etc
7 the trade or patronage of customers
8 commercial practice or policy
9 a bit of action in a drama, as pouring a drink, intended to establish character, take up a pause in dialogue, etc.

Transacting means
1 to carry on, perform, conduct, or complete (business, etc)
2 [Rare] to do business; negotiate

The complete meaning of this rubric is there is timidity in transacting his or her business. Generally, we consider the exact word meaning of the word ‘Business’. But if we will think in depth regarding the word, we can consider the huge understanding of it according the situation.
For every person, his or her business is different. For e.g.
1. If I am in such a situation that I require money from my parents for certain purpose. At that time, it becomes my business to ask for the same towards them.
2. If one has to tell someone regarding something which is very important for both of them, it becomes his or her business at that specific time.
3. If one has to convey some message to a senior at a particular time, it becomes his or her business at that time.

Let me explain a short case in which I have considered this specific rubric & case got solved.

In my Homoeopathic Workshop, one student came from very long distance for learning the Homoeopathy. Next day after the Workshop, she attended my O.P.D. to understand how I use to prescribe & deals with the patient from 9am to 1pm.
During whole period she was sitting quiet & listening whatever I was discussing. After the O.P.D. was finished, she went in her room & started crying loudly. When I was passing from her room, I observer she was crying very loudly. I couldn’t understand what has happened to her within 5-10 min. period. So, I asked her friend regarding it. She told, Sir, she was getting very severe Pain in abdomen since morning. I asked her why don’t you told it to me. She said how to tell you Sir. Actually, you were teaching so nicely at that time. I feel how I can say such a thing.
So, at that time it was her business to tell me from whatever she was suffering so that I could have prescribed some medicine to her. But, due to her timid nature, she never expressed her feeling.
So, I considered this rubric & told her that this was your mental state during that specific time. I asked her to take a dose of Opium 30 for her pain in abdomen. But she was not ready to take it. Again when I forcefully asked her why she is not ready to take the medicine, then hesitantly she answered (Same mental state) that she is under Homoeopathic Treatment of another Homoeopath who had prescribed her Stramonium for Polycystic Ovarian Disease 45 days back. But, still she never got her periods. So, I asked her to take Opium 30 with the kind permission of that Homoeopath. Her pain in abdomen stopped immediately & within a week, she got periods.

Sometimes, it can be mistaken as: Anxiety, Conscience, of
But, this is not an Anxiety but a fear or timidity. Because,

Anxiety means
1 a state of being uneasy, apprehensive, or worried about what may happen; concern about a possible future event
2 Psychiatry an abnormal state like this, characterized by a feeling of being powerless and unable to cope with threatening events, typically imaginary, and by physical tension, as shown by sweating, trembling, etc.
3 an eager but often uneasy desire

Conscience means
1 a knowledge or sense of right and wrong, with an urge to do right; moral judgment that opposes the violation of a previously recognized ethical principle and that leads to feelings of guilt if one violates such a principle
2 [Obs.] a) consciousness b) inner thoughts or feelings

The meaning of the whole rubric is it is the inner moral feeling to introspect that whether he is not at fault/ whether he is not troubling anyone unnecessarily or unknowingly etc.


Thank You!


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This is one situation u told about this rubric that -- what I interpret is -- A person who is supposed to do something but due to timidity not doing that. What other situations can be.
eg My son who got abrasion after falling from bus came home, He didnt tell about that, When I asked him where u got this injury he said nothing, he was not ready to tell ,till I ASKED HIM FORCEFULLY, then he told me is it also same rubric or the child was afraid telling us because he will get rebuke that why he was deboarding the bus carelessly.
Do you have another Opium case in which you can illustrate this once again? I like many examples to fully understand the language. This is fabulous!
Dear dr Neena,
I got your question. When you have to consider any rubric, you have to consider what is the cause behind it as well as purpose of behaviour behind this. Why this individual is behaving like this. So, according to your son's condition, this is not a Timidity, Business, Transacting, in definately but his state of disposition is indicating me to rubrics:
1. Fear, Punished of being, Children: Camph is the single remedy under it
2. Hide, Desire to: Camph is one of the remedy under this rubric
So, even during such incidences, we can easily find out a Individual's State of Disposition & Mind which is very essential to find it out a Perfect Similimum because Dr Samuel Hahnemann explained it in the 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, in
§ 211: This holds good to such an extent, that the state of the disposition of the patient often chiefly determines the selection of the homoeopathic remedy, as being a decidedly characteristic symptom which can least of all remain concealed from the accurately observing physician.
Definately, as per your question, we have to consider the reason behind a particular situation.
Thank You!
Dear Dr Debby,
one more case in which I have prescribed on the same rubric I want to share with you.
Let's first understand a case in brief:
A 28yrs female, a case of depression who was under Allopathic treatment earlier. She married with her friend against the parent's will. She was quiet loquacious & suspicious. Infact her suspiciousness was responsible for the quarrels between her & friends. She used to create ceratin her own theories & tries to ask her friends regarding them. There were lot of quarrels between them & ultimately she left him & returned to parents. Thereafter, she get depressed & lost her confidence in everything. She was getting dreams of snakes number of times.
So, I prescribed her Lachesis 1M with full confidence on following rubrics:
1. Ailments from, Disappointment
2. Confidence, Want of self
3. Loquacity
4. Theorising
5. Suspiciousness
6. Dreams, Snakes
Result of the Repertorisation:
Lach: 13/6
Op: 8/6

Even after 3 follow ups she was not satisfied regarding her depressed mental state & every time I was giving her psycho-therapy with placebos which were not working. One day she called me on telephone 7 asked: Sir, I want to tell you something since my first consultation but I was not able to but today I considered to tell it to you on telephone because it was not possible for me to tell that thing in Consulting Room?
I asked tell me everything.
She replied how is it possible. I don't know what you feel after this...
I asked her tell me freely.
She again replied no Sir, I will tell it to you later.
I again foced her to tell me everything so that it is possible to get a perfect remedy for you. And then she replied: I cannot share with you what I feel because there are students sitting along with you in your consulting room. I don't like that. But, I was unable to reflect this thing to you directly. How can I ask it to you? So, I want to tell it to you that when I will come tomorrow, Can I get the Privacy?
And then I answered her You will get 100% privacy along with a very perfect medicine tomorrow.
And next day, after confirming all the previous rubrics, I have added
Timidity, Business, in transacting because she was not able to reflect her business to tell me that she want privacy to share her mental state due to her timid nature & prescribed her
Opium 1m 1 dose.
I got her message on my mobile after 10 min.:
"Sir, I am feeling absolutely relaxed after taking the dose & I think I got the perfect medicine."
So, the remedy Opium I missed earlier because of fixed concept in our mind regarding the Materia Medica picture of Lachesis. I am learning with my own mistakes & trying to go ahead.
Thank You!
Dear Dr Prasad. I am looking forward to a booklet of these samples. There is so much too learn. The most difficult part of the translation is the "business" aspect. I think "timidity" can be understood, as in this case wanting privacy, it's a personal matter, being quite shy.

What about people who will say, "It is none of your business!" when others show too much curiosity about what that person is doing?

Many thanks, Debby
Dear Debby,
thanks for giving me such an opprtunity to call you by your name directly leaving behind the use of formalities of Doctor. If any one ask to do such a thing, it is considered as your friendship is not a formality but a true friendship.
Now, I want to discuss regarding the "Business" word.
I want to share my aspect of learning a Rubric. Now a days, what I am doing is while understanding the rubric, I use to understand word meaning of all the word from the rubric thro' dictionaries. Then I try to recollect how the same word is used in day today language. Then goes on finding it out how this day today meaning of the word is appliable to the rubric. If I have to work on "Business" word, I use to find it out all the rubrics which contains this word so that the different meanings of this word I can aply it in those rubrics. If you go on working in this way, you can get proper understanding of the rubric.
Thank You!
I'm appreciating this thread of discussion. I'm sure many are reading and learning.
Dear Dr.Prasad Arvind Rasal,
All the three above, do you mean that they are sick mentalities Or constitutional? If they are sick mentalities LACH. should be the remedy definitely. If it is not so, leaving the constitutional mental state the repertory results carry equal value for both remedy. In that case, My Master E.B.Nash has said one failure can be accepted in very equally similar.So it is not your own mistake.It is Homeopathy.
With kind regards,
Dear Sir Ganesan.M,
Many thanks for your comment.
E.B. Nash is a Master of all Homoeopaths. No doubut regarding it. I put my explanation regarding failure of Lachesis because of similarity in presentation with Opium in that particular case which was cleared when I got a clear mental state of the patient with that rubric i.e. Timidity, Business, in transacting.
Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Dr Prasad Rasal...
after reading the last case u mentioned I remebered one case of mine recently, The lady has cysts on her scalp, very big cysts, She came to me for that, after fourth visit she told me Doc I WANT TO TELL U SOMETHING WHICH i HAVENT SHARED WITH ANYONE IN MY LIFE BUT NEVER EVER disclose this , my husband (they had love marriage ) is cheating me from last 10 years and this I came to know 3-4 years ago, she says I feel that I am being used always, he just want money from me, When we were married he had nothing but as the lady was very intelligent she persuaded him to do his buisness and helped him lot financially and mentally also, her parents are also not supportive , They had three daughters and they dont want to be bothred by them. Her husband is having extramarital affairs and he knows that she has not support from parents ,her children are also in teenage,she will not leave him so he tells her to live like that only or leave him,he cannt mend his ways.
So which rubric to be taken timidity buisness, in transacting or Ailments from mortiifcation,means what else we can think about this case
Dear Dr Neena,
I understood your case. I have already explained it to you that the rubric should not be selected only on the patient's verbatim but you have to consider what is the cause behind his/ her present state. Why a Patient is having such a big unresolved pathology. There must be something because of which she is suffering. If you will understand the case properly, you can find it out that she is so unfortunate enough to have such a grief which she cannot share with anyone which she is saturating it inside expressing outside in the form of cysts. I have not seen your patient but I feel this may be the probable explanation. So, I will consider only two rubrics which indicates CARCINOCIN as a most probable remedy.
1. Ailments from, Grief, Prolonged & unresolved: Carc as a Single Remedy
2. Unfortunate, feels: Carc is one of the remedy

This remedy covers the depth of the pathology which can named as miasm also.
Thank You!
Dear Dr.Prasad,

It was very nice reading your cases and how you logically applied the rubric "Timidity, Business, in transacting: Op".

I felt like I learnt new rubric.

Thanks for sharing.



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