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Can you suggest a rubric/rubrics for this young Man ?
He is in love with a girl, loves so much that at the time of sleeping, waking, walking eating, 24X7 he thinks of her only, I asked does she loves you the same way ? He said I don't know, I said what? He said I have never expressed my feelings , I said oh.. but why? He said I will not be able to handle the situation if she will refuse me. The purpose of this post is not only rubric suggestion but it is understanding your patient from the core.

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I think that with the information you have you can only make some hypothesis.

In order to understand the core of the case we must deal with some basic information more.

May be the patient is coward ("I am not able to handle the situation if she will refuse me"), or lacking in self confidence.

Or the real issue is that he is too much introverted, or he is has a great disposition to grieve silently over his problems, and so on.

Moreover, is this a single and occasional symptom of the patient, or is it a general pattern of his life?

So the rubric could be for example Love, sick, Grief, silent, Confidence want of self, Cowardice, Undertakes, nothing let he fails, Thoughts, persistent.... or may be something much different - forsaken feeling, Ailments, grief from, Ailments, from death of parents and friends & c.

Of course sometime prescribing on core symptom may give brilliant results, but I do believe it is an exception.

The core prescription springs from hard work. Dealing on core rubrics 

Paolo Campanella I agree that to understand core we will have to see the case in detail, and that comes with hard work which is already been done and the patient is cured of his illness, this is only one Instance where I tried to show his adaptation to the given circumstance, Still I appreciate your suggestions in the given limited details of the patient. He was a person of low confidence, Introvert too, Yet very affectionate, But here he had a Strong fear of Rejection.
Thanks once again for your suggestions.

Dear Dr Vikas. Perhaps you have more information that represents the core on this patient?

This young man is lack of self-confidence. That's the core of his problem. Then just after that his other daily problems come. Make a binary scheme of his problems starting with lack of self-confidence.

MIND - COWARDICE - opinion; without courage to express own

Would you use a rubric: Fear of Rejection?


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