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Dear friends our repertories are full of such rubrics which needs some thorough discussion and understanding lets share to enhance our knowledge as a community , to start with

Desire to be Magnetized : In my opinion it is " Person who needs care or protection, or desires protection, Needs some one who can render him a helping hand, always needs a shoulder to lean on in the hour of need protection and care, Wants to be influenced by a person who has stronger will".

It will be highly appreciable if all of us contribute here so that understanding rubrics like this may be made easy.

HWC has a group "Understanding Language"

Magnetized, desires to be on HWC

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In my opinion, this rubric says the patient desire to be touched physically by rubbing in strokes.

Can you please elaborate with some examples?

Here a person has a strong wish to be influenced by a person with a stronger will than his.(Perceiving Rubrics of mind by Dr farokh j Master.)


In hahnemann time 'animal magnetism' was a wide spread practice.several paragraphs at the end of organon are devoted to the discussion of this subject.

The hypnotised person is typically very suggestible and there is a close link with the person who is hypnotising him.A modern day equivalent of 'magnetized desire to be'might be seen in those children who need to be rubbed with soft cloth on some part of the body before they will fall asleep.The symptom should not be confused with the desire to be massaged or rubbed.,or improvement from this'rubbing amel'


Yes rubbing by strokes is magnetism as mentioned in Organon
Magnetizm = to attract and hold the interest of (someone) e.g.▪ Her performance magnetized the audience.
Thanks a lot for your reply Dr.Rajneesh


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