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The Conscientious person is the person who is a perfectionist, who is meticulous with exaggerated desire for neatness and cleanliness he or she may want every thing in order, sometimes this can be seen in children, too. Since we are discussing the rubric as conscientious about trifles so TRIFLES is equally important. Trifles means things of less importance, so what I understand is that the patient is conscientious over matters of little importance. Reading and analyzing the whole rubric makes the understanding of this rubric complete in all its extensions. Please do share your views so that the rubric can be understood better.


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I think Conscientious about trifles means the person is very particular about smalll things which may not be a big issue for others--may be it is about cleanliness, order, time, morality, his decisions etc. He will be very particular about order of things, about cleanliness, his behaviour, others behaviour towards him, manners, everything will matter
Thanks for your comments.
Can a person be "conscientious" about some things and not about everything? Would this be found when using this rubric? For instance, if someone is 'conscientious about trifles' for just that everything in his personal room be in order, yet not have this feeling when visiting a friend's home?
Yes Debby that can be seen in" self control" rubric, that means it is related to himself his responsibilities, duties, commitments, Conscientiousness, attitude denoting one self.
Dr Vikas,
An unprejudiced observer should have conscience. If he violates the conscience he just destroys his ability to perceive. So,there is the picture of an unprejudiced observer.
yes debby it depends upon that individuals attitude,if person is conscientious, he is same everywhere,
whether in his room or friends room etc if he find his friends room not in oreder/cleanliness, he may definitely feel bad for it but may or may not express it to him
u r absolutely right sir,


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