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The Conscientious person is the person who is a perfectionist, who is meticulous with exaggerated desire for neatness and cleanliness he or she may want every thing in order, sometimes this can be seen in children, too. Since we are discussing the rubric as conscientious about trifles so TRIFLES is equally important. Trifles means things of less importance, so what I understand is that the patient is conscientious over matters of little importance. Reading and analyzing the whole rubric makes the understanding of this rubric complete in all its extensions. Please do share your views so that the rubric can be understood better.


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They have a strong morality.They always decide about the rightness or the wrongness of whatever they do, or think,or feel.They are very scrupulous.They are governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience. They act strictly according to the direction of their conscience.

Thanks Dr. Saraswat for your comment .

Interesting! so now we have another meaning of this rubric, I would request every member to please participate and pool your thoughts.  This will help in better understanding.

careful, painstaking, governed by or made in accordance with the dictates of conscience meticulously. A person whose actions are governed by the dictates of his own consciousness and he is vey meticulous.

Important Drugs.Ars,Ign,Nat-c,Sil,Staph,Thuja.

Dr.Farokh j Master.

Thanks alot for the valuable addition.
As the rubric is Conscientious about trifles so please explain keeping trifles in mind.

Trifles: A thing of little value is given a lot of importance.
Cross reference.
Anxiety trifles about.
Conscientious about trifles.
Excitement trifles at
Fear trifles at.
Frightened easily trifles at
Grief trifles over.
Impatience trifles about.
Indecisive trifles about.
Irresolutions trifles about.`
Something unimportant or of very little value emotionally upset an oversensitive person.making him irritable or sad.Even a pen out of its place may excite these sort of people.

Combining above will clear the meanings.

Dr Farokh j Master.

Conscientious about Trifles.
The conscientious person is the self confessed perfectionist, meticulous in the extreme. A lover of pristine. He is way beyond the normal considerations of cleanliness, tidiness and order: these qualities are widely exaggerated in him. This is the baby who cannot bear to have dirty hands, or see a drawer or door stand open, or find a crumb on the floor. The symptom may be observed when children of this kind are at play.
Luis Detinis MD
That's it , what an explanation. Thanks once again Dr. Sajjad
I salute your Participation, Knowledge and Zeal.
An example:
Suppose you are late for a meeting, then the FASTIDIOUS- person will not tolerate or if you create disorder in a room the fastidious person will point out that you don’t do this or that. So seeing superficially he may appear censorious, finding fault, but when we go deep we’ll realize that his concerns are different. His problem is that he cannot be satisfied in respect to time, order, cleanliness or something which he consider important, as he has his own standards regarding his issues of life. It may be his behavior which may be adapted as in Carcinosin or it may be his temperament and it may or may not involve other person as fastidious is the same with himself. But CENSORIOUSNESS- is a attitude of person to be critical, fault finding in others and other people may or may not correct in that respect. The censorious or fault finding person is systematically critical of other people and does not pardon even the slightest faults. He loves to identify shortcomings in other people and to let them know of them. It is not at all for the improvement of the latter as a critic, but it is destructive and he is ready to criticize and never praise.
CONSCIENTIOUS-- is totally different from both of them, it is not an attitude of a person but it is from inside i.e., by virtue of the person. He only listens to his or her conscious and his decision does not depend upon a condition or who is standing in front of him. It is not related with another person, it is one's own personal understanding and comes with the teaching and conditioning of a person.
Nice explanation Dr. Saraswat. Thanks a lot.
Much appreciation of this explanation which differentiates "conscientious" from "fastidious." Thus, we are more precise when searching for rubrics.


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