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• Mr. V.J.K., Pune, 53yrs.
• D.O.E.: 9/8/1997.
• Serviceman: Industrial worker doing machine work.
• Vegetarian.
• Education: 10th std.

Chief Complaint: Since 2yrs,
• Breathlessness on walking
• Sweating on exertion
• Diagnosed as a case of Post Gastrectomy Anaemia
• At present Hb: 4.6Gm%
• Till today, 15 bottles of blood transfusion given. Not responding to any Allopathic Medicines or Replacement Therapy & Iron Injections

Past History:
• 1973: Gastric Ulcer – Partial Gastrectomy done.
• 1975: Gastric Ulcer – Partial Gastrectomy done.
• At Present 1/4th Stomach is present.
• H/O: 15 bottles of Blood Transfusion.

Family History:
• Asthma: PGM & Brother
• Hypertension: Mother

Personal History:
• Diet & Daily Routine: Not Fixed due to shift duty
• Appetite: Cannot eat more than 1.5 chapatti
• Thirst: Large quantities of water at 2 hrs interval
• Desires: Alcohol+++ for working mania
• Coffee+++ as a stimulant for work
• Milk+++
• Perspiration: +++ After midnight over whole body
• Sleeplessness: +++ After midnight
• Hobbies: Work +++, Photography ++
• Thermal: Ambi - thermal

Life Space Investigation
• Patient came from poor Socio-economic condition. Father died early.
Therefore, he started working immediately after passing 10th std. as a turner on a Lathe Machine. As he was a very Hard Worker & very Meticulous in his work, he got a permanent job in KSB pump factory.
• He is so Enthusiastic, Hurried, Cheerful, Ambitious, Brilliant, Sympathetic that in his company all use to call him Young Old-Man.
• While giving case, even though he was suffering from severe Anaemia, he was quiet Vivacious.
• Once he worked continuously for 72hrs for completing the job.
• He used to drink Alcohol to concentrate & as a stimulant for work.
• He is Conscientious enough to blame himself & not the others, whenever anything goes wrong.
• He always expects that others also follow him about his Punctuality, Meticulousness, Workaholic attitude, otherwise he used to be severe Angry, Critical, Censorious, Quarrelsome.
• He is very Religious & used to follow all religious Customs.
• He likes to take difficult jobs as a Responsibility. He said that he always gets Challenging jobs.
• He works without Expectation.
• He likes Classical Music.
• He becomes Restless whenever there is no work.
• He never believes on others.
• Patient’s wife is very dominating. He has three daughters. He worked for overtime to give best teaching to all of them in Convent schools. All of them are graduates.
• He has done his elder daughters marriage in 1992 in a good socio-economical family.

Physical General Examination
• Pulse: 90/min.
• B.P.: 110/80 mm of Hg.
• Wt.: 55Kg.
• Tongue: Pale+++, Clear.

Investigations Done:
04/08/1997 (Sassoon General Hospital, Pune)
• Hb: 4.5Gm%
05/08/1997 (Golwilkar Lab, Pune)
• Hb: 4.6Gm%
Previous & Recent Treatment
• Iron, Vitamin B12 & Folic Acid Since last 20 Years off an on…

Repertorial Totality (Complete Repertory)
• Industrious
• Vivacious
• Hurry, Tendency, Occupation in
• Cheerful, Tendency
• Ambition, much ambitious
• Memory Active
• Sympathetic
• Alcoholism
• Food, Coffee desires
• Food, Milk desires
• Perspiration, Midnight after
• Sleeplessness, Midnight after

Repertorial Result:
• Aur Met: 23/12
• Nux Vom: 20/11
• Nat Mur: 15/11
• Lach: 20/10
• Phos: 18/10
• Ars Alb: 14/10
• Calc Carb: 14/10

Miasmatic Background:
As considering his Physical Disease i.e
• H/O Gastric Ulcer twice
• Suppression of Hb formation
As well as his Mental State i.e
• Extremist at every level Therefore, SYPHILITIC MIASM

Actual Prescription:
Aur Met 1M 1 Dose (9/8/1997)
Placebo tds for 1 Month
Auxiliary Measures:
Wheat grass therapy in a Soup form, which contains Chlorophyll & iron required for the production of Hb & Oxygen

Follow Up (13/09/97):
• Breathlessness much better
• Sweating after exertion decreased
• Sweating midnight after decreased
• Hb: 6Gm%
• Wt: 57Kg

Placebo tds for 1 Month
Along with Same Auxiliary Measures

Follow Up (18/10/97):
• Breathlessness absent
• Sweating absent
• Sweating absent
• Hb: 10Gm%
• Wt: 58Kg

Placebo tds for 1 Month
Along with Same Auxiliary Measures

Follow Up (24/03/98):
• No Complaints
• Hb: 13.5Gm%
• Wt: 58.5Kg

No Medicine or Placebo

Follow Up (08/02/99):
• No Complaints
• Hb: 13Gm%
• Wt: 58Kg

Treatment Stopped.

Yearly Follow Up: Patient was all right in between without any complaint.

Same Patient in 9/7/2003:
• Extremely Opposite State of Same Individual
• Chief Complaint: Since 6months,
• Severe Depression/ Frustration
• Sadness with Suicidal thoughts & an attempt done 2 months back by consuming Sleeping Pills
• Consuming Alcohol daily
• Cannot concentrate for meditation
• Total loss of interest to do anything
• Wants either to suicide or to go to Himalaya for rest of his life
• Restless Mind
• Tremendous Forgetfulness since 2 Months
• What I earned in my life? Self contempt
• While expressing the state, using Abusive language about Family members
• Severe weakness, slight work fatigues him
• Absolute Violent Anger & Aversion towards all Family members

ODP: Patient’s wife is very dominating. He has three daughters. He worked for overtime to give best teaching to all of them in Convent schools. All of them are graduates. He has done his 2nd daughters marriage in Jan 2001. He was exhausted due to physical & mental overexertion. That’s why he retired voluntarily in Aug 2001. Since there were always quarrels between him & his wife; She never liked his voluntary retirement. She expects money from him every time. 6 Month’s back, there was a big quarrel between them & she went from home towards her elder daughter along with a youngest daughter. All of them stopped relations with him. Since then he is staying alone in a severe frustrated, depressed mood. He told that he was having tremendous value in his company due to his workaholic, meticulous, active, sympathetic nature but nothing in his own family. He has done everything for them but what he got in return? Since he became contemptuous of himself, dipsomaniac & dwells on suicidal thoughts & an attempt done 2 months back by consuming Sleeping Pills. Now he doesn’t have a interest in anything & a strength to work. There is a tremendous anxiety with suicidal disposition. In order to come out of this situation, he visits various temples, meditates but cannot concentrate. Now a day, he forgets everything.

Physical General Examination:
• Pulse: 90/min.
• B.P.: 130/80 mm of Hg.
• Wt.: 50Kg.
• Tongue: Clear.

Repertorial Totality (Complete Repertory):
• A/F Anger, indignation with
• A/F Anger, suppressed
• A/F Mortification
• Sadness, suicidal disposition with
• Despair, religious
• Memory, weakness of, loss of
• Indolence, aversion to work
• Aversion to family members
• Abusive
• Contemptuous, self
• Work, fatigues
• Anger, irascibility, Tendency, violent

Repertorial Result:
• Aur Met: 27/12
• Lyco: 21/10
• Nat Mur: 18/10
• Staph: 22/9
• Ign: 15/9
• Sep: 16/8
• Sulph: 13/8

Miasmatic Background:
As considering his Past H/O Physical Disease i.e
• H/O Gastric Ulcer twice
• Suppression of Hb formation
As well as his Present Mental State i.e.
• Extremist at every level

Actual Prescription:
Aur Met CM 1 Dose (9/7/2003)
Placebo tds for 1 month
Auxiliary Measures:

Follow Up (09/08/2003):
• Entered inside Clinic with very happy mood
• Stopped Alcohol
• Weakness much decreased
• Appetite Increased
• Sleep Normal
• Doing regular Meditation
• Wt: 54Kg

Therefore, Placebo tds for 2 Months

Follow Up (19/10/2003)
• Happy mood
• Enjoying the aloneness by helping & Playing with the small children from his area
• No weakness
• Appetite Normal
• Sleep Normal
• Doing regular Meditation
• Wt: 56Kg

Therefore,Placebo tds for 2 Months

Yearly Follow Up:
• Still, The Patient is Enjoying the same state of Aloneness but with Accepting the situation.
• He used to help those who are in trouble.
• In last workshop conducted by our institute, he came voluntarily to serve the delegates. Literally, he used to wake up at 3 am to fire the boiler.
• Unfortunately, 2 months back, he had a snake bite & neuro-muscular paralysis & was on ventilator. Luckily he survived from the same.

So, we can see two extremes of Aur Met as wll as of Syphilitic Miasm in the same case at two different times.

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Dear Prasad ~ Thank you for presenting this long-term case with such detail. I am interested to know what was done for the snake bite, any acutes? The end result is that this man was distanced from his family? His physical condition was improved and his mental state that he was no longer depressed or suicidal?
Dear Debby Bruck,
Many thanks for your kind reply to my case.
I used to practise Homoeopathy in Sangamner. He was admitted in Pune, his native place after snake bite in Sasoon General Hospital, a Allopathic Hospital. Pune is 150km away from Sangamner. So, no homoeopathic treatment was given at that time. His wife & daughters visited him during hospital stay. His depression is settled as well as his suicidal disposition. Today, he is enjoying his life at some religious places in India.
Thanks once again.


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