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Case 1:
A Case of Corn on a Palm
Case 2:
A Case of Pedunculated Wart on a Finger

In both cases Patient's version was SAME. Version means what patient says about his disease. Both Patient used very similar language in the same tone.
Patient's Version with Doctor:
Patient: Doctor, look at this. I am having this (Corn/ Wart) since long time. Is it curable with Homoeopathy?
Doctor: Why don't you told me regarding this previously? ( As both the patients were under my Homoeopathic treatment since long time for some ailments)
Patient: Doctor, I felt it will be settled by it's own. I have tried some local measures & I felt it will disappear. That's why I never told regarding it to you. Why this appears?

That's all I have considered for Repertorisation.
1. Light, Desire for: As described earlier, Light has multiple meanings in the dictionary & you can use this rubric with respect to all of them.
For e.g. Light means really a light i.e. opposite to darkness. So, if a person doesn’t know regarding anything, he is in dark about the same thing. If he wants to know regarding the same i.e. he wants to throw light up on it, you can consider the same rubric as described in the above case. He was in dark regarding the cause of her illness & he casually asked the question which indicates he wants to throw a light on it. If you are using this rubric, always find it out the casual approach of the patient for asking this question. Even if you don’t answer his question, it doesn’t matter. Here it differs from the rubric Inquisitive in which there is no casual approach & person waits for perfect answer or he needs the complete answer of the question. He goes on asking till he gets satisfied answer. If a person desires light in the same sense of light, you can consider the same rubric. If a person likes comedy movies just to enjoy coming out of the heavy stress, you can use the same rubric. If a person is obese & he wants to reduce his weight, you can consider him same rubric. In the similar manner, you can use not only this rubric but the entire rubrics using proper logic.
2. Delusions, Sheep, Driving: Aconite is the Single Remedy under this rubric. What does it means exactly? It was the question for me since long time. But as I have started learning RH aspect, I got the detailed meaning of such difficult looking rubrics.
Sheep's are such animals which walks looking down behind the first one. They don't have the sense whatever is going around them. They go on walking. The person who takes them just makes only certain voice or noise & these sheeps follow that without looking anywhere. It is not so difficult. In the similar manner, Patient feels that his disease is not so difficult & he can manage it by some simple measures as if he can manage the sheep's. He feel regarding the disease as if the sheeps are walking, his disease is also going on & on. चल रहा है, चलने दो।
In short, Delusion, Sheep, Driving means the Patient feels his disease is like a Sheep & he can manage it by some local means. He takes it so lightly.

In both cases I have prescribed Aconite 30 three doses, followed by placebos & both cases cured completely within 10 days. This happened first time because previously such one sided cases were most difficult task for me to get cured in my practice.
Understanding the meaning of the difficult Rubrics & Perceiving them in Patient's versions always make Homoeopathic Practice easy.

Thank You!

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Dr. Prasad Arvind Rasal, Rubric- Light Desire For--If a person want to urinate[a severe urge] & after urination he feels light. Will you apply this rubric???????
If A husband feels light, when his wife taken out money from his pocket. Will you again apply this rubric???? & the remedy will same--------
"if the patient comes and says he wants to get relief, use Light desire for, Why not?"

And so begins the descent into the end of accurate truthful and provings based homoeopathy.

Congratulations to you all. YOU are the reason that homoeopathy is becoming diluted as an effective means of applied medical science.

There is no Justification for what is being done. Where will you stop in your interpretations?

Some times I feel the rubrics in mind section are some times like cryptic verses in our Vedas

This is an indictment on your lack of reading and knowledge of the Materia Medica from the sources.

Shame on you all.
"I gave her a single dose of Thuja 6. The remedy cured her problem and to this day she had no return of the pain. The remedy selected was based on MINDsection of repertory Delusion- glass, she is made of. She did not tell me she is made of glass. She only told she feels that some thing is going to break when she tries to get up."

Fixed ideas : as if a strange person were at his side; as if soul and body were separated; that body, particularly limbs, are made of glass and will readily break; as if a living animal were in abdomen; talks about being under the influence of a superior power.

Dilated pupils (immediately).
80. His eyes are staring (immediately).
Desire for light, longing to look into the bright light (aft. 3 h.).
Black spots hovering before the sight.
Misty before the eyes; she does not see distinctly, with giddy feeling. [Stf. Gss.]

The sensation (feeling) of "breaking easily" is a symptom that Hering placed in the Materia Medica. (Although Hahnemann did not)

The desire for light has NOTHING to do with a mental symptom. It was misplaced by Kent.

sensation of breaking easily or made of glass.... was interpolation of a real symptom.

Desire for light was interpretation and translation of location and physical effect.

HUGE difference.

dear sir, fine u have explained well everything,
i also practised classical homeopathy for 7 years and when i turned towards ROH/RH, i can see miraculous improvements in the cases which i could not make improvement in classical method ;[ i agree that i may be lacking in knowledge, ]
but when ROH was introduced to me by my friend i criticised him like anything ,
but when i happened to prescribe accidently [ROH] just astonished to see the rapid results....
since then i used to tell my friends about it[ as a well wisher], some accepts and try it and some advice me that u r wrong[ they are well wishers of me,so only they are directing me or cautioning me ]
similarly u r sharing ur cases and results here, as a well wisher ....." U R NOT THE LOSER"
from the begining of ur posts, u r gentle and did not hurt anyone , THERE IS NO NEED TO ASK SORRY,
thanku very much sir
Dr. Anand, To write these rubrics, I want to convey a massage that Do'nt interpretate the rubrics.Interpretation of provings is not a good thing. It diminishes the Materia Medica as a scientific work and destroys the whole ethos and protocol.

It reduces homoeopathic case analysis to a psychological evaluation and not a clearly defined matching of observable phenomena...
If a person got relief after urination[ Natural desire] can be used as Light desire for, Please mentioned the medicine for both rubrics, perhaps medicine should be similar? I have a poor knowledge about rubrics & M.M. because after twenty five years practice I want to learn homoeopathy by discussions--------


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