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Case 1:
A Case of Corn on a Palm
Case 2:
A Case of Pedunculated Wart on a Finger

In both cases Patient's version was SAME. Version means what patient says about his disease. Both Patient used very similar language in the same tone.
Patient's Version with Doctor:
Patient: Doctor, look at this. I am having this (Corn/ Wart) since long time. Is it curable with Homoeopathy?
Doctor: Why don't you told me regarding this previously? ( As both the patients were under my Homoeopathic treatment since long time for some ailments)
Patient: Doctor, I felt it will be settled by it's own. I have tried some local measures & I felt it will disappear. That's why I never told regarding it to you. Why this appears?

That's all I have considered for Repertorisation.
1. Light, Desire for: As described earlier, Light has multiple meanings in the dictionary & you can use this rubric with respect to all of them.
For e.g. Light means really a light i.e. opposite to darkness. So, if a person doesn’t know regarding anything, he is in dark about the same thing. If he wants to know regarding the same i.e. he wants to throw light up on it, you can consider the same rubric as described in the above case. He was in dark regarding the cause of her illness & he casually asked the question which indicates he wants to throw a light on it. If you are using this rubric, always find it out the casual approach of the patient for asking this question. Even if you don’t answer his question, it doesn’t matter. Here it differs from the rubric Inquisitive in which there is no casual approach & person waits for perfect answer or he needs the complete answer of the question. He goes on asking till he gets satisfied answer. If a person desires light in the same sense of light, you can consider the same rubric. If a person likes comedy movies just to enjoy coming out of the heavy stress, you can use the same rubric. If a person is obese & he wants to reduce his weight, you can consider him same rubric. In the similar manner, you can use not only this rubric but the entire rubrics using proper logic.
2. Delusions, Sheep, Driving: Aconite is the Single Remedy under this rubric. What does it means exactly? It was the question for me since long time. But as I have started learning RH aspect, I got the detailed meaning of such difficult looking rubrics.
Sheep's are such animals which walks looking down behind the first one. They don't have the sense whatever is going around them. They go on walking. The person who takes them just makes only certain voice or noise & these sheeps follow that without looking anywhere. It is not so difficult. In the similar manner, Patient feels that his disease is not so difficult & he can manage it by some simple measures as if he can manage the sheep's. He feel regarding the disease as if the sheeps are walking, his disease is also going on & on. चल रहा है, चलने दो।
In short, Delusion, Sheep, Driving means the Patient feels his disease is like a Sheep & he can manage it by some local means. He takes it so lightly.

In both cases I have prescribed Aconite 30 three doses, followed by placebos & both cases cured completely within 10 days. This happened first time because previously such one sided cases were most difficult task for me to get cured in my practice.
Understanding the meaning of the difficult Rubrics & Perceiving them in Patient's versions always make Homoeopathic Practice easy.

Thank You!

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I made the decision to leave this conversation because all has been said. I cant be clearer with references point for point than already written. If logic, scientific objectivity and observing the life time of experimentation and results from Hahnemann are not enough....... what you will.

Nuff said

Dear Gary. Do you not think it important to state your beliefs clearly when explaining how and why you practice? These discussions provide an opportunity to voice a person's opinion and teach others personal philosophy of living, being and doing. People learn how others stand on an issue and learn from their experience through their words.

My opinion is that there are many people who practice in many ways, and all I can do is listen and learn. Take what I feel works for me, or toss aside what does not work. This is how people learn. It is training.

My responsibility to provide the best care possible will be based upon what information each person provides as an expert in homeopathy. On a personal note, I am more likely to listen to a loving father and one who understands human foibles, than one who threatens me. I will model myself after a person who shows me the way through demonstrating positive lessons and homeopathic cases.
Dear Debby

Without reference to the main discussion of this case, in answer to your points.

1/. How can you learn from homoeopaths who do not know homoeopathy?

2/. How can you take what works and toss aside what doesnt if it is not in line with homoeopathic principles and perhaps works through suppression or another none desirable and potentially dangerous route?

3/. How can you gauge who an "expert" in homoeopathy is?

Homoeopathy is a specific, defined, rational system of medical therapeutics. Either learn it properly, the methods, the applications, the pharmacy, the case taking, what to look for, how to deal with issues and case management, LEARN what the Organon really teaches, (and when done, this will dispel ANY notion of a spiritual side to homoeopathy from Hahnemann) etc etc.

In learning a subject, we have to leave aside our opinions, our beliefs, our leanings and learn the subject. Later on we see how some of our opinions beliefs and leanings were wrong, and how those that remain are altered somewhat by truth and reality.

Here is one unalterable FACT. Hahnemann and Boenninghausen were MASTER prescribers. They RARELY failed. The other students Hahnemann taught himself, and those that emulated his work had great success. They used at most 150 remedies and had far GREATER success with a permanent outcome for the patients.

The truly motivate homoeopaths today, put aside opinion, feelings and conjecture, and will sit down and STUDY STUDY STUDY and see first of all what they need to cure. Then they will see what information they are directed to ascertain in order to do so. Then they will sift through the Materia Medica to find the closest match based on those important symptoms. Then they will manage the case, and when the important symptoms are altered or eradicated, they will look for the next medicine indicated.

A practitioner needs to know what an important symptom is. Needs to understand what constitution is. A practitioner needs to know disease, not personality. A practitioner needs to know what is different in a patient that is causing disorder and TREAT THAT AS THE WHOLE EXTENT OF THE OBSERVABLE DISEASE. (aph 6)

The rest is opinion, speculation and frankly of no benefit to the profession or the patient.

A homoepathically ignorant kind well intentioned person will kill just as dead as a course in suppressive palliative allopathic treatment will. Either way, the patient loses.

My mother taught me to bake one special cake. I loved the taste of this cake, so did everyone else. One day I made it for a party, and it was Ok, so so, and not just right. I used all the correct ingredients. So I asked her what went wrong. She looked at me and simply said. "I taught you how to make the cake, I showed you exactly how to do it. If you want to make my cake, you have to make it exactly as I did it."

If we want the taste of success for our patients, we need to emulate the process exactly. Not Kent, Not Scholten, Not Sehgal, not Vermoylen, not Sankaran, not anyone who alters the recipe or the process.

Interesting reply. I'm wondering how people can be a replica of someone else? We are living in a time space continuum.

Could it be that mommy's cake tasted so delish because it was from mommy's heart? I can put out the dish on everyone's plate all from the same pot, and yet, the one on mommy's plate tastes best.

I personally feel that no one is unbiased. Everyone comes to the table with their history, experience, heredity, leanings and beliefs. No one is an island, and no one is an empty shell that can wipe away what they are and have learned in the past. To relearn and retrain is a huge undertaking.

If someone instructs, demonstrates and blazes a path for others to follow, then those who follow can step down that path a little easier. If you are following Hahnemann, then how can others follow you?
"If you are following Hahnemann, then how can others follow you?"

Debby why would I ask them to follow me? If someone wanted my mothers cake, I would give them HER recipe.

The claim is that they are HAHNEMANNIAN, yet the concepts, ideas and speculations are their own. A quick look within the writings of Hahnemann will confirm that.

You can bring what you want to the classroom but there is no room for self in the learning... the information is what it is...

If there is no willingness to unlearn faulty teachings, and relearn truth then.... then forever that lack of knowledge and truth will be evident, and will result in lifelong insecurity or conversely life long surety in prescribing a certain unscientific way that only brings stimulation to the prescribers cerebral cortex because he or she had to jump hoops and mental configurations making the case far more interesting and mentally challenging than required.

Everything has been discussed in this thread except the willingness to go back and read and apply the basics. No one wants to do that. Its too hard or too boring.. or not exciting enough.

Homoeopathy is a medical practice. Its not a cozy adjunct or alternative to medicine.. IT IS medicine.

If it is not applied properly there are consequences for the patient.
Vera said;"Hahnemann set up his experiment and it worked. Again and again. As with any experiment, to achieve the same results you need to follow the exact method, using the same protocols and parameters used by the originator."

That is the main reason of our failure in clinical practice and homeopathy is criticized all over the world and is said to be :sac lac"
Religion has nothing to do with Homeopathy. God has provided us opportunity and wisdom. It is our duty to exhibit our abilities.
Dear all the members of this Group Discussion,
First of all, I have not denied the Hahnemannian Teaching & Cardinal Principles of Homoeopathy right from the start of the discussion. In fact I have explained regarding my practice of Homoeopathy is based on the same path. I never made an attempt to argue on those statements but I have shared what I experienced after trying something new. Even I have not explained that this thing should be followed as a rule but one can make an experiment.
Second thing, I have not applied relation of Homoeopathy with the Religion & God at all but I tried to explain regarding the concepts of Dynamics thro' different examples. It doesn't mean that Homoeopathy is not a Science but a Spiritual Entity only. It only explains that Homoeopathy is the medical science not only based on the Material aspect of the Human being but also on the Mental-Emotional, Psychological, Spiritual Dynamic aspect & we should study both the aspects of the Human Life in order to bring him out of his suffering.
Whatever I put is taken all away off the track & unnecessary disputes & argument happened.
Sorry for the same & if by mistake I hurt anyone, I am really SORRY.
Please, please forgive me.
Thank You!
Dr Prasad...
My friend.No problem with you.
Gary wrote what he think is right and best for homeopathy.His only mission is to tell and teach Hahnemann's homeopathy which is the best and shall remain best and accurate..
Dear Dr.Prasad
I appreciate yr gentleness and Dr.Gary's hold-fast view of Hahnemannian Homeopathy.
Please try to understand our intention.
Jai Hahnemann
The end. All is forgiven. No harm intended.


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