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This is our first HWC teleconference. I know everyone will have questions. This teleconference is free except the cost of the phone call.

There is a way to use SKYPE, VOIP or another internet service for free.
I don't have instructions for that.

Social Media: Twitter micro-blogging hosted by Debby Bruck.

If you missed the Mother’s Day May 10, 2009
Special Free Teleconference
There will be a free download recording coming soon.

Note: This is not a how-to training session for twitter. We will learn how twitter can be used to promote homeopathy around the world.

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The is a team effort to make Homeopathy A Household Word
We cannot let other people define homeopathy for us
We are the experts.

Update from Ashton Kutcher about Twitter Challenge. The Key to the Message is near the end. For one person to broadcast to as many people as a major media outlet through our video cameras, cellphone, twittering, facebook, blogging, we become the source of the news, the broadcasters and consumers of the news. We have the potential and ability to turn the tide. Social media become as powerful as the major news outlets. With the help of YOU! Together we can!


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