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What's the point of this Discussion? The importance of social media marketing and twitter in our economic, political and social world today. The environment has changed drastically over the past year. Millions more people are utilizing these valuable and powerful tools to create a brand, visibility in the market place, keep abreast of news, create buzz about events and get involved in activities.

At the time of this post April 3, 2009 President Obama has 691,510 followers and is following 585,236. Just think, you can send him (or his office) a direct message instantaneously.

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See Obama's Tweets In Real Time Now

Obama has another Twitter ID [and you could have more than one also] that is his NEWS FEED so far with 5,839 updates or tweets.

Blog: How Twitter Elected President Obama

People switched from watching news on CNN, NPR to checking Twitter. Twitter had up-to-date information that was easy to locate. Like one huge party, millions of people could have their say in 140 characters per tweet. If you are part of the conversation, you will easily gain followers and begin following leaders and experts. In fact, Barack Obama (or his assistants) were sending updates from the campaign trail.

He used to be Twitter’s most popular user but hasn’t posted a tweet since the 19th of January, or since he entered the White House. What would he say if he did tweet, though? The cartoon above imagines what's going on in Obama's mind.

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