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The doctor who prescribes correctly turns the vital state into order. He cures the patient, and the patient, being in a state of order, commences to repair his body, and the tissues go through a general house cleaning, and such things as are not needed are dispensed with; and the physician is considered a wonderful man. (Kent – under Baryta carb).”


In this case you will see that some people are either very careless about their health or take homoeopathy very lightly even after getting great relief from the homoeopthic treatment that too in incurable case. It is a case of a 65 years’ old lady who was suffering from a GIST tumor of stomach un-resectable with intestinal obstruction. On 29th June, 2014 I visited the patient at a distance of about 15 kilometers on the request of one of my friends as she was bed ridden. She was too weak and was suffering from all the symptoms come up after Chemotherapy. She had much flatulent distension. Homoeopathic treatment was given by which improved a lot. But she took the treatment so long the friend could send the medicine neither she nor any one from her family approached me for the medicine. Unless the family of the patient takes pain, how long a third person could help?

The history of the patient was as follows:

About three years ago the patient had papular eruption with itching. The papules assumed the form of blisters, which left black spot on drying up. This followed by ulcers in mouth. After the treatment of the ulcers she developed:

  1. loss of appetite,
  2. anaemia,
  3. persistent loss of weight,
  4. heaviness in stomach
  5. she did not used to feel any pain,
  6. constipation.

She started feeling hardness and swelling in left side of stomach; along with this dropsical swelling in left lower limb.

Finally the complaint was diagnosed as cancer of stomach.

She was taken to a Multi-specialty Hospital on 16th May, 2014, where after exploratory laportomy the trouble in stomach was diagnosed as – GIST Tumor of stomach un-resectable with Intestinal obstruction; she was also found to be suffering from Pleurisy and Thrombosis. She was discharged from the Multi-specialty Hospital after the diagnosis.

After this she was taken to the Cancer Research Institute of a state level Hospital, where she was remained admitted for a week, only supportive treatment was given there.

The copy of the Discharge Summary of the Cancer Research Institute of a state level Hospital is given below:


Copy of the Discharge Summary Page 1




During 2014 when the patient was examined she was on Chemotherapy. As previously stated she was totally bed ridden. Homoeopathic treatment was started after examining her and taking her history on 29th June, 2014 she was given Carcinocinum 1M one dose once in fifteen days and Carbo Vegetabilis 200 bi-weekly. In this way medicine was continued for four months. The patient was improved beyond expectation during this period. After this no one approached for further treatment, though all the treatment was given free of cost.

After two years in 2016 the same friend rang me and told that the condition of the same patient is serious again. I told him that I shall not go to visit her rather she must come to my clinic. Because she did not took my effort seriously inspite of lot of improvement.

So, on 6th March, 2016 she was bought to my clinic, her condition was as follows:

  • complete loss of appetite for the past about 25 days,
  • she was vomiting after taking anything even water per mouth,
  • the vomitus was foul smelling sour matter with blood,
  • there was no any pain in stomach,
  • the tongue was clean in the middle and coated at sides,
  • she was looking almost bloodless,
  • she was feeling almost prostrated.

On the basis of Cancer and the above stated symptoms she was given Bismuthum 30 to be taken thrice. Report received after fifteen days that the patient is feeling some improvement, but feeling some difficulty in swallowing food, though can swallow liquids easily. Now Carcinocinum 200, one dose after every two days and Crotalus horridus 30, thrice daily was given, except the day on which Carcinocinum was given.

Gradual improvement set in. Slowly her appetite improved and she started feeling strength and cheerfulness. On 3rd March, 2016 report received that she had started taking one chapatti or some rice and daal with immunity. She has started cooking food and attending some of the house cores. This time she is taking the medicines regularly therefore continuous improvement in her health is going on.

This is an example of the efficacy of the minute doses of medicines prescribed on homoeopathic principle. When the patient starts proceeding towards CURE he/she becomes cheerful mentally and physically. Hahnemann truly defined the word CURE in Aphorism 2 of his Organon thus:

The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.”

Video interview of this case:

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the Discharge summery says it is "CARCINOMA CERVIX" ?

Thank you for pointing out the mistake. I am sorry, by mistake the report of another patient was uploaded in the aboe video I am again uploading the report of the concerned patient h/w. I regeret for the mistake. I thank you once again.


By mistake the report of another patient was uploaded in the aboe video I am again uploading the report of the concerned patient h/w. I regeret for the mistake.



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