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Since I have started my homoeopathic practice and what I read in homoeopathic books no one has claim that homeopathic medicines cure (treat) TUBERCULOSIS in first line of treatment.

Only strategy is to start Allopathic drugs for 6 months, 9 months, 12 months.

Multi-drug Therapy treats the tuberculosis and develops more serious illnesses. Such as diabetes, uric acid collection in joints (gouty arthritis), hepatotoxicity, psycologocal effects and many more.

Do we cure Tuberculosis in first line of treatment?

Can homoeopathy cure tuberculosis  with the single medicine?



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This is very strange to me that there is no reply to my discussion. This is happening in homoeopathic practice, people write on any subject but will not write on such matter which is very useful to common person.
Busy people. Much to read, digest, consider. Do not expect comments immediately, if at all. "Patience is a virtue."
Ya! Debby Patience is everything in Homoeopathic practice.

Dear Dr.Bhapkar,

Maybe the discussion was missed earlier. I had a case of Tubercular lymphadenopathy few years ago. He was treated with single medicine Lachesis in Fifty millesimal potency. The tubercular lymph node on the neck was gone after three months. The pateint did not do a follow up mantoux test as the node was more important for him to go. It went so he left the treatment. I cannot claim that he was cured of the tubercular infection as I donot have any records. But, only single medicine helped me remove the tubercular node!

As regard your question, I doubt if many treat TB with homoeopathy as fisrt line of treatment. But there is no doubt if anyone want to do so. We treat the patient isn't it?

Please go through the work being done by CCRH for the multi-drug resistent TB.

Constitutional medicines are always be helpfull for treating tuberculosis.

Six yrs. ago one of my Pt. (a good sportsman) was suffering from severe knee joint pain .  After few days of treatment i send him for diagnosis to  AIIMS with a dought that he is suffering from any particular problem related with membranes. There  Doctors diagnosed & diclared that he is suffering from T B kneejoint ( Synovial membrane ) & advised one year ATT . He came to me with so many allopathic drugs & requested   not to stop Homoeopathy.

I fond Calc. & Lyco. for him but selected Calc. Carb 200 as constitutional medicine  & gave him Tuberculinum 1M ( one dose only) followed by  Cal.Carb.200C weekly along with nutritional suppliments . The pt. stop taking allopathic after three months , contd. Homoeopathy & after 6months  he was able to move freely .  


Thanking you for sharing this highly appreciable case. Was this case cure permanently?. Because relief of pain and moving freely is not sounds to cure we want something more.

Do we cure Tuberculosis in first line of treatment? Perticularly Lung TB or Brain TB..........?

Can homoeopathy cure tuberculosis  with the single medicine?


Dear Dr. Bhapkar, Kindly see the biography of

Baron Clemens Maria Franz von Boenninghausen (1785-1864)-------

In 1827 he suffered a derangement of health, which had hitherto been excelent. Two of the most celebrated physicians obtainable declared this to be purulent tuberculosis. His health continued to decline until the spring of 1828, when all hope of his recovery was given up. At this time he wrote a farewell letter to his close botanical friend, A. Weihe, M. D., who was the first homeopathic physician in the province of Rhineland and Westphalia, though Boenninghausen was ignorant of the fact, their whole correspondence having touched on botanical, not medical, subjects. Weihe was deeply moved by the news and answered Boenninghausen’s letter immediately, requesting a detailed account of his symptoms and expressing the hope that by means of the newly found curative method he might be able to save a friend whom he valued so highly. In response to the reply which Boenninghausen sent to this letter, Weihe sent some Pulsatilla which Boenninghausen took according to the directions, following also the course of advice which Weihe gave him regarding hygiene measures. Boenninghausen’s recovery was gradual but constant, so that by the end of the summer he wa considered to be cured.

Sir Plaese, can you share own experience?

I am talking in this era of time. No one is using as a first  line of treatment i.e homeopathy. That is big loss of our patient by fianancially and physically. Has homoeopathy some hope to cure T.B permanently?

We gives examples of our pioneer homoeopath but we do not dare to follow them.


From last 5 years Pt. is free from his Kneepain , moving freely & comes to me occationally for some common problem.
Finally i can only say that he is now in his best possible status of health .

Dr.chandrakant bhapkar many of the cases of tubercular constituition was well cure by the remedy of Pulsatilla and Tuberculinum.I saw a big result of these remedies.

I think homeopathy CAN treat ALL conditions WHEN and ONLY  the remedies have selected by RADIESTHESIA.  My 7 years of experience confirms it.

Sergey Pugach, PhD

Board Certified Naturopathic Physician and Registered Naturopath (USA).

Homeopathy And Radiesthesy


MUMBAI: Haffkine Institute, the 116-year-old historical research institute in Parel that has done cutting-edge research work in the field of infectious diseases, has worked out a homeopathic medication for tuberculosis.

At a time when several western nations, including Australia and the United Kingdom, have expressed their reservations against homeopathy, Haffkine Institute delved deep into the alternative medicine's sub-chapters on nosodes—better known as homeopathic vaccines—to prepare an anti-TB concoction. "We are not experts in homeopathy but, as microbiologists, we understand the principles of infectious diseases," said Haffkine Institute's director Dr Abhay Chowdhury. The institute also works on herbal and ayurvedic medication.

His team tied up with homeopath Dr Rajesh Shah for the project, which started in March-April 2014.

Anti-TB medicines are mainly allopathic and homeopathy has had little role so far, admitted Dr Shah. "But we believe that our new nosode can complement allopathic medicines given to TB patients, including those with multi-drug-resistant TB," he said.

In fact, a research paper published in Homeopathy Journal in 2014 said "add-on homeopathy in addition to standard therapy appears to improve outcome in MDR-TB".

"Nosodes are used against infectious diseases such as anthrax, tuberculosis etcetera. However, there have been no new nosodes in recent times," said Dr Shah. For the collaboration with Haffkine, he took an old nosode prepared using the sputum of a TB patient as well as other microbiological samples of patients suffering from MDR-TB, and decided to rework it.

After preparing a culture of these microorganisms, the Haffkine team worked on making the medicine using age-old homeopathic techniques but in modern settings. "Homeopathic medicines are prepared using the process of potentization or step-wise dilutions. We did the same but more scientifically by using molecular techniques," said Dr Sandeepan Chowdhary, a scientific officer with Haffkine who was a part of the study. He said that Haffkine-nosode, which now has a standardized formula, is undergoing animal trials.


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