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Cholera and a list of remedies with explanatory notes how they may be the correct selection based upon symptoms written by BY P.C. MAJUMDAR, M.D., CALCUTTA, INDIA.


Dr Majumdar says that doctors do not always see classic textbook cases with the sequence of stages for many diseases.

  • Premonitory stage when disease incubes
  • Evacuation or full development
  • Collapse stage
  • Reactionary stage


He states that Hahnemann basically used three remedies for cholera: Camphor, Veratrum and Cuprum

A further elaboration of the following remedies can be found | Camph / Verat / Cupr / Ric / Jatr / Euphor / Crot-t / Ant-t / Ars / Hydr-ac / Naja / Sec / Tab / Nicot / Carb-ac / Acon

Cholera Its Curative Treatment

Typhoid Fever| Leaders in Typhoid Fever by Dr Nash also addresses the stages of disease and first describes indications for Bryonia, Gelsemium and Baptisia. These three polychrests are well known for epidemic contagious disease.

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