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Trituration is a process of potentisation by which preparations of each medicine takes place using a solid vehicle, like sugar of milk, and grinding in definite order according to Pharmacopoeia. Drug substances are triturated up to 3C or 6X. These are then converted to a liquid potency and further potentisation is carried out by the process of succussion.

Substances that are insoluble in a liquid vehicle like alcohol and water are triturated. These drugs belong to Class VII, Class VIII and Class IX of the Old method.

Vehicle for Trituration
Sugar of milk is used for the process of trituration because the preservative properties of sugar of milk are superior to cane sugar and most other substances. Its crystalline particles are very hard and gritty and hence are of great use in grinding down the particles of drugs during trituration.


  • In triturating Plumbum, the pestle has to be used softly.
  • In making the first trituration of Mercury, Graphites and Plumbum, double time is required.
  • In triturating Ferrum metallicum, moisture is driven out by keeping the mortar warm.
  • Argentum nitricum and hygroscopic salts cannot be kept well in trituration.
  • Sugar of milk cannot triturate substances that are harder than it, like metals.
  • Sugar of milk has some aldehyde properties and hence reduces some substances like mercury compounds.
  • It is observed that some triturated substances, when they meet with water medium may have some ionic changes.

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We can not triturate unstable compounds. e.g. alkali metals -- Sodium metallicum (Na), rubidium (Rb), cesium (Cs), and francium (Fr) etc.
Dr Sharma,
Thanks for this information.


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