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Dear Friends

As we all know that Dr. D.P.Rastogi is now no longer with us, but his teachings will always be with us and will be showing the path of success. I am presenting a case of Hyperthyoidism treated by Dr Rastogi for you to read and comment .

A case of hyperthyroidism
Dd arg-n., puls.
Mrs. A.B., age 36 years, came to consult me on 10th April 1969. The trouble was of 3 years duration. I made the following noting in the history sheet.
Had dysentery with increasing weakness with rapid reduction in weight. There was no improvement with ordinary treatment, so she went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, where she was diagnosed a case of hyperthyroidism and treatment was started. She was told that she would be cured by medicines. Treatment continued for 3 years but very little relief was noted by the patient. On her last visit she was told that now operation would be necessary. Hence she came to consult me.

  • Patient was married in 1957. One son October 1958. No other issue. Trouble started 1966.
  • Husband has hot temper.
  • Feels insecure when she is alone.
  • Fears being alone.
  • Likes Company.
  • Consolation amel.
  • Impatient.
  • Is always in a hurry.
  • Is jealous depressed and weeps easily.
  • Lacks self confidence and is haunted by unpleasant thoughts.

Before this trouble started patient was of very submissive nature. She had three sisters all of them were fair and very beautiful. As she had slightly less fair complexion she was regarded ugly in the family and was brought up in an atmosphere where no importance was paid to her existence. After she was married things did not improve as her husband had a hot temper. She used to fear and tremble before him. She lacked courage to speak, to explain etc.

Exophthalmos was found of marked degree. B.P. was recorded as 110/70, wt. Was 74.5 Kg. Enlarged thyroid was visible. I asked the patient to come after a week for medicine as this would give me sufficient time to think about the case. I repertorized the case in Kent's Repertory as follows:

  • Fear of being alone: Act. S., all S, Ant. T, Apis, arg n ARS, Asaf, bell, bism, brom, bry, bufo, cal, CAMPHOR, Clem, Con, CROCUS, dros elaps, gels, hep, HYOS, Kali ars Kali br, KALI CARB, Kali ph, lacc, LYCO, lyss, merc, mez, nux v, PHOS, plb, puls, ran-b, rat, sep, stram, tub, tarent.
  • Note : In the subsequent rubrics only those medicines were considered which appeared under the first rubric.
  • Impatient - act S, all S, Apis, ars, bell, bry, bufo, dros, gels, hep, hyos, Kali c, Kal ph, Lyco, lyss, merc, plb, SEPIA.
  • HURRY - apis, arg nit ars, bell, bry, Camphor, con, hep, hyos, Kali C, puls, stram.
  • Desire for Company - Act S, apis, ARG N, ARS, Cal, Camphor, clem, Con, elaps, gels, hep, HYOS, Kaliar, KALI CARB, Kali ph, LAC CAN, LYCO, PHOS, PULS, Sepia, Stram.
  • Likes Salt - ARG N, Cal C, Con, Lys, Phos.
  • Want of self confidence: arg n., bell, bry, lyco, puls.

Value calculated came out to be.
Phos 7, Apis 7, ARG Nit 12, Kali Carb 8, Lyco 10, Pulsatilla 11.

On 17.4.69. Arg, Nit 1000 1 dose was given followed by Sac Lac for 15 days. The patient came on 30.4.69 and told that she was gaining confidence. I noticed slight diminishing of swelling in neck. The patient could not notice this. One dose more of Arg. Nit 1000 was repeated and again on 15.5.69. The weight on 15.5.69 was 76 Kg. i.e.  it increased 1.5 Kg.

The patient in the beginning itself was told to give up all allopathic medicines. The patient was worried lest she got dysentery again but it did not come. On 31st May, 1969 patient reported diminished swelling of the neck and felt convinced that her trouble is getting better. Palpitation and breathlessness was under control by allopathic medicines when the patient came to me. These did not develop after the medicines were stopped. Little change in exophthalmos was also noticed.

On subsequent visits patient reported continued improvement but complained of slight indigestion.

At this stage No. 2 medicine Pulsatilla was considered and it was decided to give it in alternation with Arg. Nit. So 1 dose of each in 1000 potency was given in alternate weeks with the result that indigestion ceased and patient had all round improvement. The exophthalmos was almost gone and so the neck swelling. It is important to note here that under the allopathic treatment although all other symptoms of hyperthyroidism go away in various degrees as long as treatment continues, there is no improvement in exophthalmos.

The wt. and B.P.  of this patient was carefully recorded. It varied from 76 kg to 78 kg and B.P.  from 115/80 to 120/80. Tests for Thyroid activity like PBI were several times recommended but as the patient felt absolute relief, she did not go in for these tests. She is on Sac Lac since 27.10.69 and is cheerful and enjoying good health.

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These cases will be in our mind and He will be in our Heart always. Thanks Dr.Vikas for sharing.

Dear Verma,

You have chosen good case report of Respected Dr Rastogi.Often Dr Rastogi asked me about new books on Homeopathy by foreign based authors.I have presented him books by Robin Murphy, Vermeulen and many other modern authors at his request. He also visited my Homeopathic Library in 1998 at Jhansi with some other Homeopathic authorities.

May his soul rest in peace.

Yse Dr. Srivastava It was his intutive brain and eagerness to learn new things that had made him out standing teacher


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