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One of our young horses came up with a swollen submandibular gland Nov. 16th, no fever, no nasal discharge, no decrease in appetite and normal energy level. The other gland felt slightly enlarged. I quarantined the horse and began giving hepar sulf. calc. 3x a day. As of today the gland has shrunk slightly. I am wondering if i should continue with the hepar, or change up remedies. From what I have read, if this is strangles it is a very mild case. And if it is not, i am not sure what it is - any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Dear Ricki,
what potency did you give?
I would give Hepar Sulph 30 even every 1/2 hour until symptoms subside or change. If the horse becomes irritable, aggressive and aloof due to pain, I would give a higher potency of 200 or 1M once only.
Hello Ayesha,

I gave 200c for three days and then ran out of it, so I have been giving 30x. both were given three times a day. What has me stumped is that there are no other symptoms other than the swelling. Her behavior and appetite have been fine, and no fever or discharges. I have even palpated the glands and she indicates mild discomfort, but not pain. I did initially call the vet and he recommended penicillin right away - doctors in our area, both animal and human are not progressive at all.

You think that I should be dosing more often then?

Thank you for your input any other ideas would be welcome,

Update on Kate - as of this evening the more swollen gland has shrunk almost to the size of the other gland, which is still slightly swollen. I am pleased that there is progress.
Kate's glands are now back to normal. I spoke with a very knowledgeable friend about her condition and we think that it was not strangles, that she just was fighting a bug of some sort.


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