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Homoeopathic medicines are dynamic in nature after being potentised. They cross the Avagadro number as not a single molecule of original substance is present in them. Dr.Hahnemann suggested traditional mode of administration –oral, olfaction and tactual mode as he was still to find out the most natural mode. Controversy prevails how these dynamic medicines are working. Exploring on the subject Dr.B.Sahni discovered that Homoeopathic medicines need not be digested. They start working as soon as they come under the influence of person. Medicines are chanalised. Thus they can be transmitted from a distance through natural belonging of the Patient. It works. At Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy Drug transmission is the only mode of administration of Medicine. Hundreds are following.

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Hi Chiong,

Emoto proved that if you consciously put some energy in water that this is carried forward, so to speak. Nothing more and nothing less. So not all water has an energetic structure - it needs conscious intent to become the carrier of that intent.

Water is like a RW-CD - you can "write" information onto it. Simple distillation renders it neutral again - the CD has been wiped clean and other info can be written.
So if you take an empty CD, what can be read from it? Nothing.
Similarly, if you have neutral water, which energetic signature is passed on? Nothing.
First we need to put the remedy in - write the info. Then we can use it for transmission. For if you were right, then drinking water from the tap - anywhere in the world - would have the same energetic structure and then people would become sick from drinking it.
In the western countries like the US, we find traces of drugs - prozac, viagra, pesticides, antibiotics, etc. - in the tapwater of the major cities like New York and thus nobody drinks tapwater. It would make you sick.
In 3rd world countries there often is not even tap water - they drink from sources or from wells, which may also be contaminated - in India Arsenicum is a common component.
Therefore, Hahnemann recommended the use of distilled water, from which such contaminants have been removed by distillation.
I never think about my intentions when applying remedies like that. I also don't think about that when i dispense orally. I do agree that even unconsciously we may have our motivation to heal. But this intention and motivation is of no help whatsoever when we apply the wrong remedy. In such cases nothing happens - no cure and no symptoms from the wrong remedy will occur. So therefore i think that the intention has no influence whatsoever.
A lovely analogy Kaviraj. I wonder whether anything is 'blank'. The tape, CD, water everything is a composition of something and make have influence to a susceptible vehicle of that agent to pass on and communicate a message.

May be an esoteric thought.
Well Debby,

water is a "neutral carrier" according to Hahnemann, when it is distilled. Of course it has its own structure, but since it is on the border between alkaline and acidic, it is neutral.

I wonder if we could potentise water in alcohol and what would come out of that - you would need water from a source that does not contain minerals and is "pure" H2O. Would certainly be interesting to try at least. And i bet there would be symptoms from it too. But because of its qualities as the universal reagent, i have also my doubt if it would do anything at all.
Hi Kaviraj,

With all the slushing and agitation the water somehow get's imprinted with the "signature content" of all the contamination. Emoto's work on looking at the various crystal structure of water from various sources revealed that much.

This is why I always boil my drinking water eventhough I had filtered it.
I agree, Chiong.

Dirty water wil produce something at least. Emoto's work has certainly proven that. So we do not use tapwater to make our remedies.

I am talking of pure water - which produces pure chrystals in Emoto's work. Water from sources often contains minerals and is not "pure" water in the strict sense of the word. Distilled water is devoid of contaminants and this is what Hahnemann recommends we use.
Dear Dr.M.K.Sahani

During proving of the homeopathic medicines, the proving sympotms were produced. Please guide me, how those proving symptoms were produced (recorded in materia medica)? Either due to the energy of the crude substance? or the chemical reaction took place in the body between the molecular interaction of the crude substance and body?

Let me elaborate my question more...........

Arsenic Album produced the following symptoms during proving.... (it is just an example and nothing else)

RBC of the blood rupture and oozing of the blood from body orifice start. That results in

Reduces the refractive index of blood serum
Great weakness dryness burning Thirst
Septic infection and low vitality.... result in restlessness and fear of death
Thinks going to die

Now please guide me how these proving symptoms were produced?
During proving of the homeopathic medicines, the proving sympotms were produced. Please guide me, how those proving symptoms were produced (recorded in materia medica)? Either due to the energy of the crude substance? or the chemical reaction took place in the body between the molecular interaction of the crude substance and body?

Let me elaborate my question more...........

Arsenic Album produced the following symptoms during proving.... (it is just an example and nothing else)

RBC of the blood rupture and oozing of the blood from body orifice start. That results in

Reduces the refractive index of blood serum
Great weakness dryness burning Thirst
Septic infection and low vitality.... result in restlessness and fear of death
Thinks going to die
Dear Dr. Mas,
Thank you very much for your beautiful citation on proving of Arsenic where you have related the Material action along with the mental counterpart. It reminds me of Philosopher Aurbindo “Consciousness is latent even in the stone” It is the essence of our life. Philosophy of Homoeopathy speaks of material substratum as well as life as dynamic reflection.
Regarding the Action of drug during proving three fold actions are observed:
1. Chemical. It depends on chemical affinity which exists between drugs and the tissues of the body and independent of vitality.
E.G. The burning of the skin by strong Nitric Acid.
2. Mechanical (or Revolutionary). It consists chiefly in violent efforts on the part of the organism to eject from its cavities the offending substance.
3. Dynamic. It is contingent upon vitality and resulting from the relations of the peculiar properties of drugs to the susceptibilities of the living, healthy organism.
Action of drugs also has the following dimension:
A. Generic: Such as are common to all the members of a certain class of drugs and which serve to distinguish this class from others, but do not furnish means of distinguishing between different individuals of the same class.
E.G. Vomiting and diarrhoea of Arsenic, Cuprum, Veratrum etc.
B. Specific: Such as results from the dynamic action of the drug and peculiar to it. They serve to distinguish a given drug from all others.
(i)Central symptoms: Appears especially after the drugs are taken, are generally the result of comparatively large the doses and in the case of many drugs, are confined to the alimentary canal and to the organs immediately connected with it.
(ii)Peripheral symptoms: Appear more tardily, are generally the result of comparatively small doses, taken repeatedly or allowed to act without interruption for a long period and appear in the bones, skin glands etc., and in the co-coordinated phenomena of life-often manifestations of a dyscrasia or cachexy.
Doses which produce central symptoms do not generally produce the peripheral (or at least not until after a long period has elapsed) and vice versa.
Some guidelines noted for an Exhaustive Proving of Drug:
1. We must prove the drug both in dilutions and in massive doses.
2. The provings should be commenced with dilutions; and high dilutions should be employed until satisfactory evidence is obtained that the prover is not susceptible to their action. We thus obtain one of the unknown quantities of our problem viz., the measure of the susceptibility of the prover.
3. Where a keen susceptibility is found to exist, the greatest care must be exercised to avoid blunting or perverting it. With this view repeated experiments should be made at long intervals, with high potencies until no new variety of symptoms are evoked. Then after a long period of non-medication, the prover should take lower potencies and then small doses of the crude substance repeated at intervals, and finally after another long period of repose, large doses of crude medicine.
A thorough proving after this fashion may require years for its completion-but it will have an advantage over most of our recent provings, in the fact that it will be thorough and that it will be of permanent and certain use to the practitioner.
4. In proving with dilutions, as well as with massive doses, a long period of time should be occupied in testing each preparation in order that the full effect may be seen in the production of dyscrasias etc.
5. The greatest care should be exercised in verifying symptoms by repeated experiments, in order that "imaginary" symptoms on the one hand and chemical and mechanical symptoms on the other may be excluded.

Among the above consideration our observation on Homoeopathic Materia Medica right from the Hahnemann’s Materia Medica Pura to till dates publication we find varied presentation simply following the observed facts. Although definitive protocol has been drawn yet not being adopted on all the medicines. Thus we can assume that available Homoeopathic Materia Medica are individual protocol as they observed themselves or by their team.
5000 years ago, ancient spiritual tradition of India spoke of a universal energy called prana. This universal energy is the source of all life. The breath of life moves through all forms to give them life. Yogis work with this energy with breathing techniques, meditation, and physical exercise to produce altered states of consciousness and longevity.

3,000 years ago, the ancient Qigong masters in China were practicing their meditative discipline to balance and invigorate the human energy field. They called this vital energy that pervades all forms, both animate and inanimate, Qi The Qi is the vital energy of the body; while gong means the skill of moving this Qi and working with it. Practitioners use mind control to move and control the Qi to not only improve health and longevity, but also to enhance awareness, psychic powers, and spiritual development.

The ancient Qigong masters also developed Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and the martial arts. In addition, they made the first model for acupuncture. Acupuncturists insert needles, or use moxa, or put magnets at specific acupuncture points to balance the yin and yang of the human energy field. When the Qi is balanced, the entity has good health. When the Qi is unbalanced, the entity has poor or impaired health.

The Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical teachings written about 538 B.C., calls these energies the astral light. Later on, Christian paintings and sculptures show a halo around the head of Christ and other spiritual leaders. Similarly, we see this halo on statues and paintings of Buddha, and also see energy or light coming from the fingers of many of the gods of India. In fact, there are references made to the phenomenon of the human energy field (HEF) or the aura of the body, in 97 different cultures, according to John White in his book "Future Science."

The history of medicine similarly reflects a fascination with the observation of the HEF and its study. Back in 500 B.C., the Pythagoreans believed that there is a universal energy pervading all of nature. They taught that its light could effect cures in sick patients.

In the 1100's, Liebault said that humans have an energy that can react on someone else's energy, either at a distance or close by. According to Liebault, a person can have either an unhealthy or a healthy effect on someone else -- just by being present. The HEF of one person may be harmonious, or it maye be discordant with another. The HEF of one person may be nurturing, or it may be draining to the HEF of another.

In the 1800's, Mesmer, the father of modern hypnotism, suggested that a field similar to an electromagnetic field might exist around the human body. Mesmer suggested that the power of this electromagnetic field, which he believed behaved as a fluid, might also be able to exert influence on the field of another.

In the mid-1800's, Count Von Reichenbach spent 30 years experimenting with the human energy field, whcih he called the odic field. He found that this field showed many properties which were similar to the electromagnetic field described by James Clark Maxwell in the early 1880's.

However, Von Reichenbach also showed that with the odic force, like poles attract. In other words, like attracts like. In his work, "Physico-physiological Researches on the Dynamics of Magnetism, Electricity, Heat, Light, Crystallization, and Chemism, In Their Relation to Vital Force", printed in New York in 1851, Von Reichenbach showed that electropositive elements gave his subjects feelings of warmth, and that this produced unpleasant feelings. In the reverse, electronegative elements produced cool and agreeable feelings.

He also found that the odic field could be conducted through a wire. It traveled slowly at 13 feet per second. This speed depended on the density of the wire rather than its conductivity. He showed that part of this odic field could be focused like a light through a lens, while another part of this odic field would flow around the lens, like a candle flame flows around something placed in its path. Air currents would also move this part of the odic field. This suggests a composition similar to a gas. Von Reichenbach's experiments suggest the odic or auric field is energetic, like a light wave, and also particulate, like a fluid. Also, he showed the right side of the body as being a positive pole, and the left as negative. This agrees with the ancient Chinese principles of yin and yang.


HEF Photography

Walter Kilner - Interest in the HEF was mounting in the medical community in the 1900's. In 1911. Walter Kilner, M.D., from St. Thomas Hospital in London, reported on seeing the HEF, or aura, as he called it. Looking through glass screens stained with dicyanin dye, he saw a glowing mist around the body in three distinct zones:

1. A 1/4 inch layer closest to skin;

2. A more vaporous layer, 1 inch wide, streaming perpendicularly from the body;

3. A delicate exterior luminosity with indefinite contours, about 6 inches wide.

In his work "The Human Aur" published in New York, 1965, he states that the appearance of the aura differs from person to person, depending on their physical, mental, and emotional states. Kilner actually developed a system of diagnosis based on the consistent differences he found in persons suffering a particular disease. He successfully treated many conditions, including epilepsy, liver disease, tumors, appendicitis, and hysteria. Research based on his work continues to this day in Europe.

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian - In 1939 in Krasnodar, near the Black Sea in Russia, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, an electrician, and his wife, Valentina Kirlian, a teacher and journalist, became fascinated by the sight of a tiny flash of light which ocurred between the electrodes of an electrotherapy machine and the skin of a patient. Other Russian scientists had also noted this energy, but ignored it.

The equipment and procedures they finally developed were to record on film this luminous energy emanating from the physical body -- the HEF. They invented a new type of photography, and had more than fourteen patents. The original system photographed static images of fingers or leaves. Next, they developed a special optical instrument to observe the motion of this luminous phenomenon. Now they saw the hand as either flashing, sparkling, steadily glowing, or as diminishing particles of light. They also showed the difference in the HEF of a human being harboring a disease that had not yet manifested symptoms!

Radionics - Dr. George De La Warr & Dr. Ruth Drown built instruments to detect radiation from living tissues, and developed Radionics, a system of detection, diagnosis & healing from a distance, using the human energy field. They took photographs using the patient's hair as an antenna. These photographs showed internal diseasees, like tumors and cysts inside the liver, and cancers within the brain. The study of Radionics continues today in England. Reference "Biomagnetism" and "Using Sound Waves To Probe Matter" by De La Warr in England 1965 and 1967.

HEF Microscopic Studies

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, colleague of Freud, in the early 1900's, studied the universal energy field which he called "orgone" in his 1942 book, "The Discovery of the Orgone." He studied the changes or imbalances in the orgone flow in relation to physical and psychological disease. As a psychiatrist, he used traditional methods of analysis in combination with methods of releasing these blockages of the orgone energy, or Qi as Easterners would call it.

Reich built an "accumulator" to concentrate this orgone or energy. With the accumulator, he charged a vacuum discharge tube. This tube then conducted a current of electricity at a potential lower than its normal discharge potential. Reich claimed to increase the nuclear decay rate of a radioisotope by placing it in his orgone accumulator.

During the 1930's to 1950's, Reich experimented with these energies using the latest instrumentation of that time to observe the energy fields of animate and inanimate objects. He used a high power microscope to observe the energy field of microorganisms and human blood cells in the laboratory.

Gaston Naessens - Another more current development to consider is the work of the French microbiologist, Gustave Naessens, now continuing his research with his wife Francisise in Canada. In his hematology studies, Naessens observed in the blood, tiny particles too small to identify with conventional microscopic equipment. He invented a microscope which he called the somatascope. It has a magnification of 30,000 times, and a resolution of 150 angstroms to study these particles of dancing light.

His somatid theory states that cell division cannot take place without the presence of this tiny life force or energy particle that he calls the somatid. Naessens "believes that the somatid is the original spark of life, the pinpoint where energy condenses into matter." According to Naessens, the "somatid represents the manifestation of cosmic energy in a tiny, moving dot of physicality," as printed in "A New Answer to Cancer" in 'Well-Being', September/October ,1993.

HEF Light Emissions Studies

Bio-Energetics - Dr. John Pierrakas and Eva Pierrakas have developed a system of diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders based on visual and pendulum-derived observations of the HEF. The information from these observations combined with body psychotherapeutic methods eventually developed into Bio-Energetics. The process called Core Energetics was delineated in a publication "The Core Energetics Process", in 1977.
Recent Concepts and New Formulas in Medicine

Among progressive thinkers today, the Etiological concept of disease is vastly different than it was even a decade ago. Materialistic causation factors are largely replaced by a knowledge of the subtle forces producing distunement in the vital and physiologic processes of the organism, disturbed life force and changed polarity in the electro-magnetic currents of the body which renders the being out of harmony with the rhythm of the Cosmos.
Hence the patient’s inability to react in a normal way to his environment and the bringing about all the so-called infections and allergies that medical science has cleverly enumerated and classified, and more recently has devised for each new virus or germ (designated as a causative entity) a specific new wonder drug to destroy it. But alas, soon the germs and viruses become immune to their would be destroyer and new brain throbs conjure forth new wonder drugs to go the way of their predecessors leaving poor suffering humanity with an added load of toxemia to harass it and endanger life and comfort because of the so-called side effects which engraft on the hapless victims (or patients if you wish) a lingering debilitating drug disease not easy to cure.
One of the more logical medical concepts of recent years known as psychosomatic medicine states that sickness of all kinds for the most part has its origin in unrestrained and imbalanced emotions. Fear, anger, envy, hate, avarice, lust etc. are said to be the causative factors in such chronic diseases as arthritis and cancer and innumerable mental disorders. This line of thought is similar to the teaching of Hahnemann and is largely accepted by homeopaths everywhere.
For the removal of these causations wonder drugs would not only be useless but extremely detrimental. Mental and spiritual guidance, and adjustment together with the homeopathic remedy and an improved environment are the only procedures to help or cure such conditions. The body of man and animal are made up of and contain the chemical ingredients of the earth. This mass of chemistry however is activated, balanced and controlled by the same subtle force that illuminates and vivifys the sun and stars throughout the realms of space; keeps the planets in their ordered orbits without clash or friction; and gives us the changing seasons and all the natural phenomena about us. In generous profusion plants, shrubs, trees and flowers all evolve and grow because of this God-given life power. The chemical body of man is formed in the pattern of a huge storage battery comprised of twenty six trillion bipolar electric cells. Each cell is a separate unit yet all are wired together to perform work for the whole organism. Through oxidation processes electricity is manufactured and distributed from the deepest centers to the remotest extremities to maintain growth and all the activities of life and to repair injury or the ravages of disease in the body.
So much for the physical body of man, animal and plant corresponding to the crust of the earth of which they are a part existing in the phenomenal and seen aspect of nature. In the unseen and causative realm of nature there exists an etheric bond linking the physical body of man and nature with the creative and animating forces of life which proceed through the medium of the sun, stars, and innumerable other suns, from the fountainhead of all power: God, the Creator and Governor of the universe - mysterious, orderly, ever changing, yet eternal in cycles of perfection and beauty. The Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living soul. (Gen. II. 7)
From the above observations it is logical to conclude that causes exist in and proceed from the unseen realms of nature and manifest their effects in the phenomenal world of matter.
All chemical, all disease changes in the body of man manifest first in his etheric body by means of the life principle emanating from the fountainhead or source of life. Any disturbance or impairment of the etheric body which hinders the free and harmonious flow of the life force immediately renders the material body or its parts inert and lifeless and soon subjects it to the process of decay and disintegration. All remedial action must be directed to the causative plane in the etheric body to effect a cure.
In recent years we have heard much of vibrations and vibratory rates and how the science of physics is contributing useful advances in medical technique of diagnosis and treatment for the sick. The phenomena of color, the speed of sound, the changing physical nature of water from ice to steam are all governed by the rate of the vibrating particles of these substances. Yet the phenomena of color and sound would be nil if the retina of the eye or the tympanic membrane of the ear did not exist to receive these vibrations. The changes in the state of water exists entirely on the physical plane and require no special medium to register its change in vibration. These things are mentioned in order to introduce the Hahnemannian discovery of the potentization of remedies - one of the outstanding advances in the annals of medicine and only faintly recognized by some medical investigators at the present time.
Science has proven that not only light and sound vibrate but every solid substance and element in nature vibrates at a rate consistent with its own form and existence. Also that temperature, friction, division and chemical action may all change the rate of vibration as well as the form and nature of the substance acted on. Hahnemann’s process of potentization reduced the crude drug to a state of ionization rendering it highly active and expansive and deeply penetrative which enables it to act on the deeper etheric planes of nature. The Law of Similars operates by a strong natural affinity to bring the delicate force of the ionized or potentized drug to the affected part of the etheric body to produce equalization, balance and cure from within out, from center to circumference; by releasing the vital force, harmony and health prevails throughout the whole organism.
Professor Einstein is said to have formulated a theory where all natural phenomena including gravitation and magnetism may be solved and measured in mathematical formulas and symbols. The progressive medicine of the near future will be based on and operated by proven mathematical equations in conjunction with the homeopathic Law of Similars within the broad scope of Homeopathic Philosophy, for that has been built on the solid rock of one hundred and fifty years of untiring work and effort from many minds, hearts, and hands of votaries from many lands.
Already the vibratory rates and polarities of remedies and diseases are known and used in the successful treatment of disease in its worst forms. For our present use in medicine there are four polarities always present throughout nature including man, animal and plant and even all inanimate things and substances.
When a patient’s blood registers a positive polarity he will require a remedy in the negative class. Not any or all negative remedies will restore the balance of health but only that negative remedy whose vibratory rate is similar to the sick patient’s; and that is found by placing the remedy in the circuit with the patient’s blood and noting the ensuing action. This action is measured by a rheostat or resistance box which records the findings in ohms of electrical resistance; in this case the blood is changed when the remedy is in the circuit with it, from positive which measures +.12 of an ohm resistance to negative -.12 ohms resistance.
When a sick patient is found over negative (less than -.12 ohms) he requires a positive remedy found in the same way as stated before. A patient whose blood is neutral, that is balanced neither negative nor positive requires a neutral remedy with a similar vibratory rate to the patient and this remedy is found by trying each individual neutral remedy in the circuit with the blood until the rheostat changes the readings of the blood from neutral to -.12 ohms of resistance. For all persons whose blood registers -.12 ohms are in approximate health, at least his life force is flowing in harmony with the rhythm of the Cosmos.
A patient registering a bi-polar reaction is recorded on the rheostat as -.04 +.12 (or 1/25 ohm negative resistance and 3/25 positive resistance). For this patient a bipolar remedy in the circuit that restores the blood polarity to negative .12 exactly, no more no less, will prove curative.
This vibratory and electro magnetic method of remedy finding is a boon to the hard working homeopathic prescriber because it combines accuracy with much time saving, providing the prescriber is well grounded in Homeopathic Philosophy and the Homeopathic Materia Medica. First he must take his case history carefully and completely as outlined in the Organon. Then the personal and family history together with the high grade generals with rare and peculiar symptoms by repertory study will reduce the vast Materia Medica to a dozen or so remedies. When the patient’s blood polarity is obtained or known three fourths of the remedies may be put aside as the similium will be found in the proper polarity group only. The few remedies needed for further study can yield the one most appropriate when placed in the circuit with the blood. It is a mistake to infer that one can successfully employ this method without a good knowledge of the Homeopathic Philosophy and an assiduous study of the Materia Medica. Without the coordination of these elements success will be infrequent and failure a common experience.
This work is only in its incipiency. There is a great deal more research needed together with more delicate instruments than those we now have. The vibratory rates of remedies are far from complete. When these factors are completed a much higher percentage of good prescriptions will obtain and the advance in Homeopathy will be marked and world recognition will be attained.

From the works of Grimmer.
Importance of Electronic Reactions to Future Medicine

The discovery and development of the Electronic concept of disease and its cure, is destined to place the whole field of medicine on a really scientific basis in the near future. The kaleidoscopic aspects of empirical medicine with its so-called discoveries of new wonderful remedies (wonder drugs) for specific diseases will no longer be able to deceive and afflict suffering humanity. Many chronic disease conditions are caused from the abuse of coal-tar and other toxic drugs. Heartless commercialism in medicine will then be replaced by a sure benign service with an undreamed of economy and efficiency in cure.
Since each disease has an individual rate of vibration and a polarity or patron strictly its own, it follows that the remedical measures must have a similar vibratory and polarity energy to the disease conditions for which they are suited in order to effect a cure. Hence the various remedies present their electronic and polarity patrons which may be fitted to corresponding disease conditions. It need not surprise us if in the very near future the whole process cure may be reduced to a simple process of arithmetic; subtraction of the remedy vibrations to the disease vibrations.
Traditional medicine has been slow to advance with the pace of the physicist, and as a result it is still floundering in the mire of empiricism, wherin the process of trial and error is the measuring rod and the end product has been up to the present chiefly error.
All substances in nature have rates of vibration and polarity. There is a persistent feature concerning polarity when determined and measured in the Abram’s circuit that is basic. If the rate for magnetism is set and either end of the bar magnet is placed above the dynamizer the energy will measure(.12) of a unit, no less, no more.
An approximately healthy blood specimen in the dynamizer will measure when rate 35 is set justof a unit on the negative side. Anything less thanis abnormal (negative) and requires a positive remedy. Most positive bloods measurepositive, no more.
The bi-polars are irregular generallynegative andpositive.
When no polarity reaction is found on either side it is a neutral case.
Neutral and bi-polar cases require respectively neutral and bi-polar remedies to effect cures. The positive cases require negative remedies and over negative cases need positive remedies with similar vibratory rates to the disease to cure.
To ascertain the best remedy for a given case three requirements must be met: First, the polarity of the patient’s blood must be normalized - it must register negativeexactly. Second, all disease reactions must be eradicated. Third, the vital wave must be raised to the maximum. When these three requirements are met by placing the remedy in the circuit with the blood specimen the physician may be certain of obtaining certain curative action.
Sometimes due to drug, food and other toxins such as serums and vaccines one remedy is insufficient to take off all the toxins together and a complimentary remedy must soon follow - this remedy is obtained in the same manner as stated before.
Through this great concept of Abram’s, life and all nature unfolds before our vision in a beauteous and orderly process of universal law where vibrations, wave lengths, polarity and potentials are common terms expressing life’s complex phenomena.
One object we have in bringing this subject to you is to show the harmony and confirmatory relationship existing between Homeopathy and other very subtle forces in nature. If we pause and view the scientific world today as a whole we will be struck at the tremendous advance made by the physicist over that of modern medicine in general.
Polarities of Remedies in Relation to the Polarities of Diseases

Many electronists ignore the polarity of diseases, in spite of the fact, that the founder of Electronic Medicine spent much time and labor in working out the polarity of the various diseases, as a glance through the Atlas will prove.
The sciences of physics and chemistry are especially interested in polarity. Even the astronomers are beginning to recognize that polarity and gravitation, are one and the same; and lastly the great Einstein has reduced electro-magnetism to terms of mathematical formulas.
As our vision expands and we become aware of new and increasing varieties of cosmic forces we are impressed with the great importance of polarity in the scheme of all creation. Every particle of matter, every shade of energy in the universe is moved, controlled and directed by this mysterious and ubiquitous agent.
Polarity: From the infinitely small to the infinitely great, organic and inorganic substances alike, are moved, attracted, or repelled by this unseen but ever potent eternal power.
Whence it comes or whither it goes we know not, only its ever dominating presence and manifestation, co-existing with eternity and boundless space, is sensed, the "Alpha And The Omega" encompassed in the enchanted circles of life and knowledge, where the interchange of matter and energy is ever going on in unending cycles, evolving new forms and species, in uncountable myriads. Vivifying forms, or reducing them to ultimates, thus changing or sustaining established orders throughout the universe this amazing imponderable force reigns as the supreme attribute of Diety. Constellations and solar systems and their whirling retinues of planets, with all the fiery cometary wanderers of the unfathomed heavens, move in orderly procession under the certain sway of this Divine emanation. Matter from its most gross forms to its finest divisions and forms - molecules, atoms, electrons, elemental substances, light, electricity, radiant energy and the cosmic rays generated beyond the realm of the fixed stars - are obedient to the universal law of polarity.
Reflecting on these facts makes it easy to visualize the relation existing between disease energy and the substances or energies called remedies, when these forces meet and manifest in the economy of man. Man has been truly called an epitome of the universe. Every substance of Earth and sky is found in the body of man, and every energy of the Cosmos vivifys and sustains him through his predestined cycle of life. In his evolutionary march from birth to death he is subjected to many conflicting forces and disturbances resulting in a certain peculiar, individual development and growth and form, and in the crystalization of certain personal characteristics. This individual form and character with its inherited proclivities and acquired susceptibilities resulting from environment, habits of living and etc., constitutes a miniature replica of the universe.
While the life energy of this wonderous organism of man is flowing harmoniously, that is, polarized correctly, for the maintainance of the electro-chemical processes of metabolism, health is present. Anything interferring with this life force, i.e. reversing its normal polarity, results in disease. And order can only be restored by recovering the normal polarity of the vital force. If a reversed polarity exists for too long a time changes begin in the chemistry of metabolism which are soon followed throughout the cellular elements of the body by a change in structure ultimating in some pathologic process. After all disease is only a change of the electro-magnetic state of the body organism and health is the harmonious flow and play of vital processes.
A review of Dr. Abrams polarity findings relating to diseases reveals the cause of sickness in the animal organism. To illustrate we will recall only a few of the disease condition listed: Carcinoma is listed as a positive electro-magnetic energy and every step forward in the march of scientific advancement confirms these observations. Photography now is able to capture the energy emanating from a malignant tumor on a photographic plate, and no such energy comes from a benign growth.
The experiments of Crile so ably set forth in his Bi-polar Theory of Living Processes prove that the carcinoma cell has changed from the bi-polar energy of the normal cell to a positively charged cell (has lost its negative end).
Our observations have gone a little farther, by using Abrams technique, vibratory rate 35 for magnetism, and stroking over the positive area, in every case of developed and active carcinoma, we have found the blood of such patients, registering a positive reaction with all negative reactions absent.
In every case of developed and active tuberculosis the bloods of such patients are neutral; Abrams also found tuberculosis neutral. Abrams observed that syphilis and sarcoma gave out a bipolar energy and when either of these diseases predominate in a patient his blood will register bipolar.
Streptotoxemia in the early and inflammatory stages gives a negative reaction to the blood, this is also consistant with Abrams findings of a negative polarity in the streptococcus.
As every particle of matter or energy in the universe contains some form of polarity it follows that remedies for the cure of sickness must also have a specific polarity. And they fall into four classes of polarity energy as follows: positive, negative, neutral and bi-polar, corresponding to the four classes of energy found in disease producing causes, infections and toxines of all kinds.
Clinical experience and observation has taught us the proper remedial energy to employ against every case of disease energy to effect an equilibrium and obtain the processes of health. Against disease polarity of a positive nature only negative energy can neutralize or cure. The negative diseases require positive remedies, while the neutral and bipolar diseases will only yield to the neutral agents for the neutral diseases, and the bipolar forces for the bipolar sicknesses.
We have been taught that in order to annihilate disease cause, we must employ an energy of a similar rate of vibration or wave length; but we must have added to the similar vibratory rate the correct polarity energy as well. Polarity is the direction taken by the lines of force, vibratory rate the wave frequency.
We only partly cure or even suppress disease conditions, unless both these forces, polarity and vibratory rate, are used in the treatment of the sick. Remedies not consistent with the required laws of both polarity and vibratory rate can never be ideal or produce the best results in sickness.
These hastily gathered facts and observations are presented to you with the object of aiding in the construction a more proficient treating machine than any now existing. The perfected treating machine will deliver energy of both the required vibratory rate and the necessary polarity to produce results that will prove amazing in terms of cure.


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